Preparing for 10x +Eggs for Descendeds

Chivalrous Thief - MythicalNA has always lagged far behind JP in terms of +egg accessibility. It took us seemingly forever to get 3x normals and coin Star Vault, but we eventually did get it. On deck is 10x descendeds and now that JP has gotten it twice — meaning the they didn’t regret doing it the first time — there’s a good chance that it will eventually come to NA. Considering that it’s by far the best method for farming +eggs by almost every metric, it’s in your best interests to be prepared for whenever it hits NA.

Supplemental Posts: Goemon Dry Runs | Valkyrie Dry Runs

What’s the Hype About?

A 10x +egg rate in descendeds means that any non-evo, non-enhance material that drops will be plussed. This is particularly lucrative as many trash floors and the boss floors (for Mythicals) are guaranteed drops. Considering that every type of player needs +eggs, this is important for two reasons:

It’s Stamina Efficient: A descended like Aamir has five floors of guaranteed drops, meaning you’ll get five +eggs for every 50 stamina run. 10 stamina per +egg is better than any other method currently in the game and Aamir isn’t even the best descended in terms of stamina efficiency.

It’s Time Efficient: The dream of any hardcore farmer is to make use of their push button teams for mindless, time-efficient farming. This is why Star Vault and Sky Dragons are favored over more stamina-efficient methods. 10x descendeds is the pinnacle of time-efficiency. You can take a push button team into something like Goemon Descended and come away with four +eggs in about about a minute. I’ve heard accounts of getting full 297s in an hour. By comparison, an hour of Star Vault yields about 120 +eggs, so 10x can potentially be 2.5 times as efficient. Even a pessimistic estimate of 1.25 minutes per run brings in almost 200 +eggs an hour!

What’s the Catch?

Well, nothing, really. Assuming NA gets it — which may be the biggest hurdle — there are a few things you should be aware of, though. For newer or casual players, 3x may still be the better choice as normals don’t require a descended-worthy team to clear and generally have better rank exp rewards.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the descendeds that are available during 10x probably won’t match what JP got. Descendeds made available through Challenges and coin dungeons and even some collabs (PAD Z) and guerrilla dungeons (Descended Carnivals) also qualify; since NA’s dungeon and coin schedule is so unpredictable, that may also affect availability. Basically, this means if you do try to prepare you may have to wait a long time and if/when it finally comes, your preparations may have been for naught as the available dungeons could be less efficient or not possible to push button. I’d argue that the risk is worth it, though, especially if you plan on speedfarming.

For Stamina Efficiency

Shining Death Queen - MythicalHonorable Dragon - MythicalThe Lady General - LegendHedonistic Demon - Mythical

I was going to make my own table listing +egg drops per descended, but luckily the work has already been done. It looks like Hera-Sowilo and Kanetsugu are best for stamina efficiency. Guan Yinping and Aamir are also good options. Sowilo and Kanetsugu also have respectable rank exp rates, making then attractive for low-rankers as they can reap the benefits of rank up stamina refreshes to be even more efficient; those dungeons weigh in at about 500 exp per stamina (for comparison, KoG is about 800).

Sadly, YouTube doesn’t bring up much variation on team composition for clearing these dungeons. Most of the teams I found were Gon or Shiva Dragon which is really no surprise. Unconditional leaders work best since you don’t have to waste brain cycles on high combos, but if you’re not stoning stamina then your most consistent team is best. If you’re not approaching a 100% clear rate then your stamina is probably better used elsewhere.

For Time Efficiency

Now, on to the real point of this post: exploring possible time-efficient, mindless push button teams and which descendeds they can clear.

The Teams

Unlike Star Vault, there are no set teams as it really depends on which descendeds are available for farming and the resources available to you. The good news is most of the core members are farmable. The bad news is you still need at least one ROdin, but at least you don’t need multiples.

10x Push Button Core Members
Monster Notes
2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon Probably the most important, irreplaceable monster and will be the leader of most teams. He’s essentially used to clear two floors: a trash floor with his nuke and a higher HP boss or sub-boss floor by swiping his board change. His biggest weakness is his long cooldown paired with only a single skill boost; most team comps are essentially solutions to the problem of having his active ready on the first turn. Considering that he’s farmable, there’s little excuse not having at least one. Some teams use two, but it looks like you should be able to get by with one in most cases.
2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin A pillar of Star Vault push button teams, ROdin is still important, but there isn’t as great a need for dupes. With Tengu bringing four skill boosts and Shiva Dragon bringing a virtual four, there are more options in hitting skill boost thresholds than in the past. That being said, you’re still going to want at least one as the nuke + three skill boosts combination is almost impossible to replace for push button teams. If you don’t have a ROdin you might be able to use an orb change instead, but then you wouldn’t have a push button team.
2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu The only four skill boost monster in the game, Tengu is critical in reaching enough skill boosts for Goemon’s active. Compared to Goemon, Tengu is a very low cost farmable investment so there’s no reason not to have two ready for 10x. Granted, Tengu Descended is annoying, but it’s worth suffering through it. There’s also a chance that we get the Descended Carnival which makes him much easier to farm (coincidentally, the Descended Carnival is also good for farming 10x +eggs when under 2x drop bonus).
2253 - Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon Fire has always been the king of farming and its MP dragon is no exception. His two-turn haste acts like two additional skill boosts if you already have 12 on the team. His advantage over Tengu is that he actually does damage with a Goemon board. It’s worth noting that, as a dragon, he qualifies for Goemon’s leader skill if you’re searching for extra damage. He’s also a good alternative leader to Goemon. For all his positives, 300k MP is out of the reach of most players, but luckily he’s the least essential of the monsters listed in this table.
566 - Goemon, the Thief Why is the evo version of Goemon here? Well, considering we are trying to find the absolute fastest teams here, evo Goemon is technically faster than uevo Goemon if you only need the board change since you don’t have to sit through the nuke animation. If you’re considering farming for several hours, the time saved definitely adds up. Just be aware that evo Goemon is inferior in almost every way outside of this obscure advantage.
2398 - Awoken Surtr Added 10/7/15: Surtr is one of the latest descended monsters to land on JP and has an identical board change to the original Goemon. His main advantage over uevo Goemon is also the same: since he doesn’t have the nuke component for his active he’s a bit faster. He also has a skill boost, relaxing the need for Tengus on any team you’d otherwise use an evo Goemon on. Perhaps the most relevant advantage is that he’s much easier to skill up than uevo Goemon who requires dupe uevos or Flampys. Considering how NA is fast tracking descended evo materials and has always lagged on delivering +egg bonuses, we’ll probably get him before we get 10x. If we do get him and you were waffling on the stamina commitment to a Goemon, I’d give Surtr strong consideration.

Orb changers that bring skill boosts are also decent substitutes, but they should be a last resort as who wants to match when you can push buttons?
1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia

Push Button Descendeds

Almighty God - MythicalChivalrous Thief - MythicalHoly Goddess - Mythical

The best push button dungeons are Zeus via Zeus Challenge, Goemon and Valkyrie. If we aren’t fortunate enough to get any of these, then we’re shit out of luck for push button goodness. This is a very real concern as any preparation could be for naught, but I’d like to think GungHo would give us at least one of them as they’d be missing out on whales spending tons of stones. Otherwise, I guess farming normally with Shiva Dragon or whatever isn’t a terrible consolation prize; at the very least that means we got 10x at all.

All these descends have basically the same hurdles: a few trash floors, one or two sub-boss floors, then a boss with about four million HP. That last condition is the most important as you many need some ATK eggs to guarantee a boss kill in the worst case scenario.

Sample Teams

There’s no single way to do speedfarm these descendeds, so even if you only have one ROdin or don’t have a Shiva Dragon, there’s still a good chance you can put a team together. Goemon and Tengu being farmable really helps. These may not be optimal teams, but hopefully you can get some ideas on how to make your own.

Almighty God - MythicalZeus

Zeus Challenge – Almighty God Mythical YouTube
2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin450 - Ultimate Berserker2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon
Unfortunately, this one doesn’t work on NA since we don’t have Berserker. Swapping in Vritra doesn’t work since you need Berserker’s fire damage. You also need your Goemon and ROdin +egged. What this does serve as is an example that you don’t solely need the core members to make a team.
Zeus Challenge – Almighty God Mythical YouTube
1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon
This is a somewhat strange set up, using Yamato as a lead instead of Goemon. You’ll need all the fire monsters at +99 ATK to guarantee a Zeus kill. If you lead with Goemon instead, you don’t need any +eggs.

Chivalrous Thief - MythicalGoemon

Goemon – The Thief Descended Mythical YouTube
2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin566 - Goemon, the Thief
This video demonstrates the time saved by using a max skill evo Goemon instead of a uevo one. The team needs about 400 total ATK eggs to make it work, though, and wants to avoid as many RCV eggs as possible. Dual evo Goemons don’t work as you’ll miss the skill boost threshold and even if you did you couldn’t quickly reach the required HP threshold. If you use a uevo Goemon instead, you just need a +99ed friend, but then you aren’t truly min-maxing. Surtr could also be used in place of evo Goemon and the skill boost will allow you to swap out a Tengu for something else with three skill boosts like Yamato or ROdin, alleviating the reliance on ATK eggs.
Goemon – The Thief Descended Mythical YouTube
2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon
This team only has 14 skill boosts, meaning you’ll have to match once, but it’s an option if you don’t have a second ROdin. I’m guessing a Yamato Takeru or RSonia could be subbed in to work as well. One strength this team does demonstrate is that it can consistently take out the Grizal invade since it has access to a third Goemon board. This team needs about 300 ATK eggs to kill the boss and maybe more to take out Grizal.

Holy Goddess - MythicalValkyrie

Valkyrie – The Goddess Descended Mythical YouTube
2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon
This team demonstrates using RSonia as a sub, making it non-push button but also not requiring a second ROdin. You’ll need about 250 ATK eggs to consistently kill Valk.
Valkyrie – The Goddess Descended Mythical YouTube
2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2253 - Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon
This is another crazy non-push button team. Again, it doesn’t require a second ROdin. The team doesn’t need any +eggs.

ROdin Replacements

1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru

Sadly, I couldn’t find any examples of ROdin-less push button teams on YouTube. The combination of skill boosts, nuke, poison, and fire rows are irreplaceable for a push button team. The most direct replacement is Yamato Takeru who would make you match instead and he doesn’t address high defense monsters (the highest DEF in Zeus, Goemon or Valkyrie is 100,000 which is fairly easy to break, though). Of course you’ll have to make sure you have enough damage, but Yamato does qualify for both uevo Goemon and Shiva Dragon, which is nice. There may be other configurations you can run with a two-skill boost monster like RSonia and another Tengu, but the main limitation there is probably damage.

Things to Think About

  • Invades – The risk of farming descendeds is the chance of running into the various invades. Latent tamas and their cooldown increase can be very annoying as they’re close to certain death if you already used a Goemon active. I already found a video that can take care of Grizal, but since I can’t find stats on Iria I can’t say if it’s possible to deal with her with the same team. Suffice to say, they can be dangerous for unprepared teams. The Chinese can also be a big problem with their skill bind resist, although you do have a chance of resisting via Tengu or Shiva Dragon. Karin is a particular problem for fire teams due to elemental weakness. It may be worth stoning for them though, if you need the drop and can guarantee the kill after doing so.
  • Reaching Damage Thresholds and ATK +Eggs – To no surprise, +eggs play a huge role in push button teams. This is mainly because Tengu contributes no damage. If you have a hyper Goemon and ROdin you should be good for most things, but you should definitely run your team through a damage calculator to make sure you have enough.
  • Saving Coins – There is the possibility that the best dungeons may only be available as a coin dungeon. Goemon, for example, is 500,000 coins to purchase. Certainly not a huge number, but considering you’ll also be spending many coins to combine your +eggs it’s probably a good idea to have a decent amount saved up.

System Teams

2226 - 制約と誓約, Gon Freecss

I guess something has to be said about system teams as they may be relevant if NA doesn’t get a push button descended. I’m not talking about Chinese systems either, I’m talking about something more like the Cloud System; a team where you don’t have to use any effort in matching. The best that I saw in a cursory search of YouTube was Gon a video with a LeezaAlnair System taking on Hera-Is. NA doesn’t have Gon — sigh… — but this means that you could probably get results with a similar Batman or Shiva Dragon lead CyberBeast system team.


The team I’ll likely use will be:

2253 - Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2253 - Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon

The good thing about this team is I won’t need to invest any extra +eggs to kill Zeus, Goemon or Valk (my Shiva Dragon is +297, the rest have no +eggs).

Need be, I could switch to something like:

2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2179 - God of the Destroying Lance, Odin2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2129 - Relentless Destroyer, Grand Tengu2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon

This team also doesn’t require any +eggs.

If you want to find more examples of +egg farming teams, I found that the the YouTube search term “パズドラ プラマラ” sorted by most recent produces good results. “+10倍” is the term for 10x and can help narrow your search.

Also, there’s no way what I gathered here is comprehensive. If I missed anything, got anything wrong or you just have questions, I encourage you to let me know in the comments.


41 thoughts on “Preparing for 10x +Eggs for Descendeds

  1. I think the biggest omission is a substitute for Rodin. You mentioned that there were work arounds, and that’s one thing I’d like to see, as an extra match or two is easier than getting a Rodin lol.


    • If you were looking for specific examples, I couldn’t find any videos without a ROdin. Otherwise you can just use a Yamato Takeru. RSonia works sometimes. These were covered briefly. If it’s a high defense monster, then I guess you’re screwed.


  2. Sadly if 10x comes around and there’s something like Hera-Sol I’m going to be relegated to using the more difficult team of LMetatron x Awoken Venus. It works but it requires a lot of brainpower and takes roughly 15 minutes for me to clear. But better than nothing, I can skill up Hera-Sol along the way! ….er Hera-Sowilo. idk why GH localized her to “Sowilo”, Sol sounds much better to me.


    • I see. Sowilo really is great value under 10x so it should be worth the effort to clear the dungeon. It only becomes a problem if you’re short on time or are planning to stone stamina. Also, you may not want to skill up a Hera as there are probably better uses for those +eggs.


    • “Sowilo” is from the proto-germanic versus “sol” from the old norse. “Beorc” is from the old english versus berkanan or bjarken. I’m not sure why they decided to mix and match – maybe they picked the words that would be easiest to represent in katakana, and “Sol” doesn’t really work with the trailing consonant?
      Anyways, can I ask what team you normally use that you can’t use for Hera-Sowilo? I had a heck of a time beating that dungeon for the longest time with my Juggler team, until I realized I could just stall out for 10 turns on Venus and then easily clear the rest…


      • @setsu Oh will Hera-Sol drop as a +egg as well? Nevermind :V She’s gonna be used to + up my things. Should I + Da Qiao in my LMeta team or Awoken Leilan for my WIP Awoken Leilan team? My LMeta team is currently LMeta / chibi valk / Da Qiao / Shynee or Sandal / Echidna or God Valk (I don’t own Venus and she would make this team so perfect *sigh…*) and my Awoken Leilan team will be Leilan / FL Ares / Awoken Amaterasu / Nim / Laila / Leilan for a more row-y build. I love both teams but I have so many things to plus and finite stamina >_>

        @Azrael I usually use Lmeta x Lmeta for everything, but it’s a bit shaky with Hera-Sol unless I switch in Awoken Venus. Downside is I lose a lot of burst, HOWEVER I just +99/+99ed my chibi valk which has lately been more than compensating for that as 3 TPA matches plus 1/2 more combos and she’s spitting out damage well over 500,000 by herself XD Not really so much a “team I normally use that doesn’t work for Hera-Sol” so much as “switch partner leader and grind more for less time efficiency”. But even then if I get orb trolled hard enough on the floor with the harpy demons it’s possible to die hahaha.


        • Yes, all non-evo or enhance material drops with a plus under 10x.

          Since Leilan is fairly narrow as a leader I’d go with DQ. It’s really up to you, though, I don’t see a huge difference.


  3. This is a good breakdown, thanks for the write-up! It is a bit depressing that rodin is basically required, and I agree he his, Oh well. I suppose I’ll just be shivadra farming unless RNGesus smiles on me and grants me Rodin.


    • Yeah, it’s a bit annoying that ROdin is still so critical for the most efficient farming, but it seems intentional on GungHo’s part. At least 10x doesn’t require multiples to be optimal like many other dungeons.

      Shiva Dragon should be fine to use outside the most hardcore of farming. The mental wear really adds up over several hours when you have to match. If you’re doing something like that, hopefully you can fit a Goemon or two on your team to help alleviate some of the wear.


      • yeah I pulled 3 bludin’s during 4x, but still no rodin QQ… Shivadra, Goemon, Ares, Yamato, A. Ra Shivadra is my tentative plan. It has to match more than i’d like.. but it’s probably acceptable.


    • Almost any team with 3 Goemons is no longer push button. I guess 3 Tengus would work, but then you’d be really short on damage.

      Besides that technicality, if you don’t want to fail some/most of the time on non-latent invades, you’ll need to bring a back up plan of some kind. A third Goemon seems to take care of Grizal, at least, but I’m assuming something else could work. I haven’t done the math on the rest of them.


  4. hey Setsu! I know this is catered to NA, but you may want to include Surtr as an option for the button press teams – it’s faster due to not having the self-nuke button, plus it’s a lot easier to skill. And skill boosts!


    • Good point. I think he came out around when I wrote the post, but I don’t know why I didn’t consider him. Just tunnel visioned on the YouTube videos, I guess. I’ll try to update it sometime soon. Thanks!


      • Just thought I would drop in a question on this one. I have not actually tried replacing Goemon with Surtr, but using it as described above (as a replacement for evo Goemon) does not make sense to me. Surtr’s LS is 2x attack etc, which is far from 5x. Suspect it does not matter how many plus eggs you have on the team with a total of a 10x multiplier on the boss. Perhaps I am wrong though, I have not done the math.


          • That makes perfect sense. Thanks. I think I was confused by the reference to Surtr as a replacement for evo Goemon in either the portion of this post related to Goemon farming teams, and / or the (great) post you did on goemon dry runs. I may have just misread, of course.


  5. With the Final Fantasy Collab hitting NA, some of the farmable monsters look like they might have potential for building a Devil push button team. Notably, Chaos nukes for 78k and hastes, but has 15CD. Kefka nukes a single target for 380k, hastes and has a Skill Boost, but has 20CD. Each of these has a Dark Row awakening.

    Off the top of my head, Satan could lead these since he has three rows and his own nuke, but his 3.5x is much less than Goemon’s 5x and the rows don’t quite make up for it. Two of him also guarantee a dark row.

    It looks like the biggest problems with this combination would be hitting the 15 skill boosts for Chaos on turn one and getting a high enough multiplier to burst the final boss. Lu Bu comes to mind with two SBR, two dark rows, a small nuke, and a damage boost, but I don’t think he’s enough.

    Do you think I might be missing anything any potential cards? It looks like this sort of team won’t work out, but I wanted to share it before writing it off.


    • To be honest, I’m not sure. My initial thought is that there isn’t anything there, but I can’t say for sure. I’ll try looking into it if I have time tomorrow.


      • Any luck? The collab ends in a few days.

        It also looks like the Eva collab might have some potential coming up. Shinji&Kaworu gets a Morning Star active, the Tenth Angel deals 15k piercing, and the Sixth Angel can nuke all light enemies for 150k.


        • Nope couldn’t find anything for FF. I don’t think anything for Eva is usable either. Shinji&Kaworu and Tenth Angel are only single target. Sixth is a Lucifer skill up and his farming abilities are already known. Neither of the farmables have skill boosts, pretty much excluding them from push button teams.


  6. TIME TO FARM ZEUS CHALLENGE WOOOOOOO. I’m trying to hyper my Awoken Hinokagu but I also want to hyper Thor for my Thor x Saria arena-prep-dream-goal. I probably won’t be able to hyper either since I don’t stone for stamina often but hopefully I can gather at least +100.

    If the New Year’s REM comes, is it worth rolling on for the 4* Sandalphon? He’s far superior to farmable Sandalphon and will greatly improve my Awoken Amaterasu team, which is currently my main team (1,500+ +eggs on it). And my chances aren’t necessarily low either. I don’t know how much mileage I’m going to get out of 4x GFEs since I really only want the Dragoncallers 2.0 and Saria or Ryune. My box as it is doesn’t have a use for either Kali which is usually the biggest attraction of 4x GFE.

    Sorry to bombard you with questions, but you’ve been very helpful to me in the past months with both your responses to my previous questions and this blog overall!


    • Even assuming there are no additional filler rolls in the final lineup, you still have a less than 25% chance to hit Sandalphon. He’s better, but how much better considering the stone cost? I was actually surprised to see that he had lower weighted stats. I guess considering you don’t have a desperate need for anything else it may be worth the risk. I haven’t done the math but those 2 dark resists could be important in the future.

      No problem, your questions are always welcome!


      • Now that the New Year’s godfest has been officially announced I’m suffering from a serious case of indecision. Ignoring any of my personal opinions because they’re probably not as rational as they should be, which days would be most beneficial for me? I don’t particularly care if I get the Kalis or not since as you can tell my box obviously needs DKali /sarcasm\. I was planning on chasing Venus but the recent influx of power creep has diminished how much I want her somewhat, and 4x GFEs IS a big deal (additionally I have begun to diversify the number of teams I am using),0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;element,0

        padherder above.

        My fire box is pretty well-developed for a nonIAP box due to Kagu/Shiva existing, my water box is also surprisingly good although missing Idunn&Idunna and Andro hurts more than it should. My wood box is in a rather sorry state but can be worked with using farmable substitutes, my light box is the most developed and most invested in, and my dark box doesn’t exist although I hope Awoken FA Lucifer changes that (buff to 1.5x HP/RCV pls GH)

        Again thanks for all of your help thus far 🙂


        • Pretty much impossible to advise, especially since you risk dupes from just about every pantheon. I’d pick a team you’d want to improve/play the most and stick with that. I personally like day 2 since just about everything there is a great sub. I’m also a fan of the Constellations so I also like day 3. None of the days are that amazing, though, especially since it’ll be hard to land any specific roll. The active gala will also influence things a lot.


          • I see, thank you 🙂 I’m thinking I might pass then, I’d like to stone on 10x descends to hypermax Kagu and my Amaterasu team. I feel like that will be a more worthy investment of my stones!


  7. Yay it is coming! Although we’re also getting 3x normal which I’m going to end up doing since I get rank up and with just 150 stam I don’t think it’s worth it for me to stone for 4 +eggs via Goddess. We had a 3x normal last time, but I was busy farming for skill-ups so I didn’t do it until the last hours. KotG gave me at least 1-2 +egg on average. Looks like I will be farming KotG all week.

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  8. I’m having a difficult time finding an answer to my question. I think I’m missing something or just not understanding this clearly.

    What’s the best way to go about this if I don’t plan on stoning for stamina? Do I just run Zeus dungeon in the Zeus Challenge for the duration of the event? Thank you for clearing this up?


      • Thank you for providing this! A shame NA isn’t bringing Hera-Sowilo during 10x descends. But I am glad they are bringing 10x at all and the Zeus Challenge is a great place to start. What’s better, Zeus Merc or regular Zeus?


        • For time, regular Zeus and Goemon are by far the best, as they are push-buttonable. (Regular Zeus is almost identical to thief descended, if you’re using this chart, it is slightly better, by like 1k exp/run, but you can assume it’s basically the same as Thief, since the difference isn’t largely noticeable).

          Zeus Merc is MUCH better EXP, so stone-wise you’ll hit a lot more rank ups, but it’s enough harder that you’ll likely still earn less exp/hour.

          If you’re not pushing buttons, this gap bridges a lot, and you’re probably best off running Zues Merc, if you can push buttons, and don’t care much about the 30% extra stones you’re spending, you’ll get ALOT more plus eggs/hour from Zeus.


          • I think I’ll probably farm Zeus-merc then–if I can. I think Awoken Amaterasu can do it? I am nonIAP and do not have a push-button team so I weigh exp/stamina over time efficiency. Thank you for the information! I was going to farm regular Zeus but I think I’ll do Zeus Mercury instead.


      • This chart is amazing, thanks for posting it!

        I was originally planning on running 3x almost exclusively, but it looks like Zeus Mercury is considerably better, even on weekends, for anyone not stoning for stamina and over rank 300.

        @foxwaffles: Zeus isn’t on the chart, but that dungeon is 5 floors where F2 is all masks, so maximum of 4 drops, or 12.5 stam/+. Since this is the same base rate as Zeus Mercury, but ZM gives nearly 3.5x the rank xp, Zeus Mercury is superior, assuming you aren’t stoning for stamina, don’t care about time efficiency, and can run it 100% reliably.


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