Hypermax Satsuki


She’s been +297 for a while, but I decided to wait for her skill up fodder instead of wasting Pys. I’m glad the wait was short.

I’m also glad to have somewhere to dump all those blue trifruits sitting in my box, although I’ll probably never use Sumire.


8 thoughts on “Hypermax Satsuki

  1. I’ve got a Sumire on my main account and another on an alt account, but they seem sort of weak to me. She doesn’t seem to lend herself towards rows or prongs, but stacking orb enhance awakenings and bringing a bubblie feels inefficient. My instincts aren’t always great in this game, though…maybe if I had a better blue box? Who are her good subs, anyway?


    • I think your assessment of her being weak is correct. Good subs are your typical water subs (Skuld, Andromeda, Karin), but also Nut and dupe Sumires. Awilda is a good damage shield.


  2. Hey Setsu! Quick question. Why is Satsuki rated so highly as a sub? I don’t see her used in any big-name teams as of now and it kind of confuses me. She seems really strong, but I don’t see how I could use her in a lot of team compositions. Dumb question I know…


    • She goes on any dark team that can use her like Yomi or Anubis. She has an SBR and orb change + haste so she’s pretty much universally good. Her TPAs are somewhat wasted since those teams have high enough multipliers and it’s difficult to set up TPAs due to the combo count needed. There are still places where the damage is useful like on Awoken Meimei or Extreme King. And of course lower multiplier leads like Okuni or Nephthys love her. Like you said, she’s great on Zaerog, too.


      • Thank you so much for your reply. Makes sense. You’re great on the upkeep of your website, I’m astonished how fast you are. 🙂 I hope your website gets way more recognition.


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