Farmable Monster Analysis: Jord

2320 - Awoken JordJord has the standard attributes that put her in the same class as other farmables such as Kaguya or Zhou Yu, all of which have an orb manipulator and three relevant awakenings. In this case Jord has an orb change, which is more powerful than a three-orb spawner, but it also has the excruciatingly slow eight-turn cooldown that is the incomprehensible standard for 2:2 orb changes. She’s intriguing as a farmable orb change sub, but she doesn’t play a critical role for any teams. She’s fairly respectable as a row leader as ~13x ATK and 1.44x RCV multipliers are not bad at all; the rub is having GOdin on your team, but still, not bad. Overall, she doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, but she doesn’t have anything she’s particularly strong at, either.

Uses as a Sub

2015 - Discipline Committee Chair, Athena2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida Mitsunari
Her obvious role is “farmable, wood orb changer” and she’s not bad at it, but she doesn’t have many specific applications outside of that. She’s good on School Athena because she’s an attacker and doubly good on Ishida Mitsunari because she also interacts well with his board change, but she isn’t a critical sub for any teams.

Her main weakness is that 2:2 orb changes are generally poor when considering their cooldown. While the Heroes and Archangels are somewhat justified as they generate valuable hearts, the secondary orb change of the Riders or Jord are essentially useless and add unnecessary turns to the cooldown. In most cases Jord will function like an eight-turn ninja; certainly usable, but not very appealing.

Her stats are also a weakness considering her element. While her ATK is quite high, that just means that her HP and RCV are correspondingly poor; the two stats that wood struggles with the most.

Worth Skilling Up?

841 - Amitaka & Kanon & Cecil
It was easy for me to recommend skilling up an Amitaka since the stamina investment was so low considering what you got in return. He only needed five skill ups and his dungeon was quite easy to clear. While Jord Descended doesn’t look all that difficult, it is a descended so not every will be able to clear it. Combine that with 10 skill ups and she’s priced out of the range of players that could use her the most. I wouldn’t go out of my way to skill one up unless you had a very specific need for her.

Any Uses for Orb Lock?


Well, not yet, anyways. There’s the cute interaction of of setting up perfect two-color boards by locking the correct number of light orbs then using a Hera-Beorc or Zeus-Dios full-wood board change, but it’s not very practical. Hopefully there will be more relevant applications in the future. I’d like to see more monsters use the mechanic so orb refreshes increase in value. I’d also like to see increased skyfall chance actives that also make the orbs of that element fall locked, in particular for hearts. This way you have some way to prevent trolling by rampant orb changers like Hera-Ur and -Is.

Orb Change Combinations

1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
Combine her with RSonia to get the poor man’s Avalon Drake.

2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida Mitsunari1629 - Chivalric Demon Prince, Cauchemar1267 - Doumyou Guardian Genbu, Meimei
Seriously, though, Jord provides a nice dark to wood orb change. While wood also has farmables in GED and Zhang Fei that do the same, Jord is by far the best of the lot. This allows her to create two-thirds wood boards when combined with Ishida, Cauchemar or Meimei board changes. This doesn’t mean much currently, but if wood rows ever become a thing in the future these interactions will be an important consideration when building teams.

Leader Applications

2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida Mitsunari1267 - Doumyou Guardian Genbu, Meimei1131 - Guardian Dragon, Avalon Drake2237 - 月華の狩猟神, Artemis1556 - Demon Slayer, Susano no Mikoto1730 - Thorned Goddess, Valkyrie Elize1734 - Green Star Vanquishing Deity, Perseus2081 - Divine Creator of Order, Vishnu
Jord has one of the better, if not the best, require-a-sub leader skills, but that’s not saying much when her competition is something like Aamir. The full 13x ATK and 1.44x RCV requires a GOdin on the team which is basically a wasted sub slot, but this sub requirement is much more forgiving than something like Zhu Bajie. The team would be much more appealing if you could run Odin Dragon instead; at least he brings some utility to the table instead of being a simple stat stick.

She’s also one of the few effective wood row leaders. Which is more a reflection of the poor state of wood rows than a credit to Jord, but if you were just dying to run a wood row team and didn’t have something like Perseus or Ishida or don’t want to run a 2/4/2 team, then Jord isn’t an embarrassing substitute. While her subs are limited to wood-gods, most of wood’s good row subs are also gods which makes team building easy. Sadly, wood-gods are also fairly dated which means they generally lack the skill bind resists and hastes that we’ve grown accustomed to. As such, Ishida, Perseus and Artemis are the best choices, but if you had the first two you should probably lead with them instead.

As for what she’s capable of, here’s an example of her tackling God Rush:

As you can see, even with a fully hypermaxed team and her RCV leader bonus the team still doesn’t heal much from a single heart match. Also, it seems like if you have an Ishida then you’re probably better off leading with him.


I think Jord is a nice farmable option for wood, but likely won’t see much use. While orb changers are always useful, being what is essentially a bad ninja isn’t very appealing; especially now that ninjas aren’t considered great subs anymore. As a leader she’s surprisingly effective, but in the end not much more than a novelty. I may eventually skill one up because she’s cute and in wood (and I really love Suzuki Kaori’s art), but I don’t have any grand plans for her. This is where I’d usually say: have fun using her for your evos, but considering she’s material for Odin Dragon and Awoken Thor, I don’t think she’ll see a lot of use in that regard, either.


4 thoughts on “Farmable Monster Analysis: Jord

  1. I find myself checking your blog like 10 times a day just to see if you have posted anything new. I don’t know if you do or if you even can make money from this site but I wish you did so you could post more stuff. I am not saying that you don’t post a lot already, I am just saying I want more because I love reading what you have to say! 😀

    Not related but how long does it take for evolutions to come to NA? I really want the new Izanagi ult. and it sucks knowing he’s out there but we don’t have access to him. 😦

    As always great post and keep up the good work. 🙂


    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I never thought I’d ever get this many visitors, but I’m happy most seem to like it.

      I’ve thought about monetizing before, but I’m going to keep things as they are for now. The main reason is that it takes money to make money and outside of something like Patreon (which I’m no expert on) I’d actually have to invest money into another host the site since doesn’t allow you to monetize through ads… other than their own, of course, but I’d prefer to use AdSense as it isn’t quite as much of an eyesore as other options tend to be. And even if I did monetize or was directly incentivized to make content like through Patreon, I’m quite comfortable with the current pace that I make posts (read: whenever I feel like it) and don’t want to feel obligated to improve upon it. I’m open to it in the future, but things will stay the same for now.

      NA is really closing the gap on new uevos. The most recent wave of Hermes/Susano/Orochi came in under the two month mark, somewhere we haven’t been in ages, if ever. To be safe I’d say you’ll probably have to wait 2-3 months for Izanagi, but at this rate it could possibly be only 1-2 months.


  2. I was actually planning to pair her up with Athena for farming those dark coin dungeons with no dupes.. other than that, she doesnt really belong in any good teams…

    when you say 8 turns is really long cool down.. what did you expect it to be for a double orb change.. what would be considered a good CD?


    • Isn’t LValk better than Jord for that purpose? Unless you actually intend to run GOdin, I guess. I guess you do save on jewels, too.

      Considering the Greek, Heroes and Archangels’ orb changes are all 8 turns and vastly superior, it should be lower than that. I’m thinking 6 turns. When you think about it, the secondary orb change is hardly a benefit so if you take that away you’re left with a 1:1 orb change which is usually at 5 turns. So 6 seems reasonable to me, but it’ll never happen. I feel the same way about the Archdemons, too.


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