Hypermax Susano


Technically, I had his light version hypermaxed for quite a while now, but he actually feels complete now that he has his awoken form.

Susano is the last piece I wanted to fill out my Bastet roster. With this, she should be able to take down just about every dungeon. She had damage shield options before, but Susano is something you want to be running all the time instead of just being that silly thing you use to deal with that one stupid DQ Hera floor. Speaking of which, he’s just in time to trivialize the next Challenge Dungeon Lv10 which, to no surprise, has that stupid DQ Hera floor.


6 thoughts on “Hypermax Susano

  1. How do you manage to farm Tengu and other restriction dungeons? I’m near 350 rank and is hard as hell to assemble a team (time consuming mostly) not to mention finding people leaders that met those restriction 😦 (Haku Is collecting dust in a corner until those descended carnival arrives…)


    • The rushes are good for getting bosses whose restriction dungeons might be too hard. Can you beat yamato rush?


    • Cost-restricted dungeons are terrible. I bit the bullet and invested in two Kiriko-based teams, one for Tengu and one for Xuanzang, but I realize that very few people even have a single Kiriko. I do believe Guan Yinping works well for both, though, and I’ve beaten both with said team as well. To be honest, I’d just keep waiting for the Descended Carnival and if you can’t, then just drop a few stones in continues. As long as you aren’t going too crazy with continues, most of the awoken uevos that require those mats are well worth it.


  2. Hey Setsu,

    What is your ‘ideal’ Bastet team? I cleared the entire devil challenge using my Bastet team and am about to start the next set of challenges. After clearing Tengu, I’ll have awoken Susano soon and my team will look like :
    Verd, Susano, AMeimei, LB.

    On a side note for those looking for help on Tengu:

    I just finished Tengu with this team – all farmable and 0 stone clear:

    Important to note that combos are way better than tpas or rows since you don’t have any awokens. Totally changes your play style but you should focus on at least 5 combos (remember you have no time extends)

    L48 Guan yiping, L43 Fire Sprite, Max Ice Samurai Ogre, L60 Gigas, Max Echidna, Max Guan Yiping
    Floor 1: Focus fire on ninja, then goblin, then ogre
    Floor 2: Kill hama first, then mane, then eat the bind from the far left guy but prep your board with hearts. then when he hits you, heal up from it (you heal about 2.5k a turn) and you should be able to kill him before he hits you again.
    Floor 3: match 5 of red and kill them all. Blue will probably be left, match 3 to kill him.
    Floor 4: Use Ogre to OHKO
    Floor 5:Echi, use fire sprite/gigas/gyp for a big nuke when the board is good. try to make as many combos as possible. Use your second gyp and nuke again when there are a lot of reds on the board.


    • There is no ideal Bastet team. What makes her truly powerful is the wide range of quality subs that can be used to fit the situation.

      That being said, I have a few preferences: (1) Vishnu is significantly better than Liu Bei, but I don’t particularly like having two, (2) try to pack as many hastes and time extends as possible and (3) I like to one-shot as much as possible, so I don’t consider Susano a regular, although he’s still quite good.


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