Rating the Godfest: 10/10-10/11

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Chinese & Indian 2 10/10, Japanese 1 & Sengoku 10/11
Day 1 Day 2
Chinese Indian 2 Japanese 1 Sengoku
Individual B+ B B B
Combined B+ B
Individual A C+ A B
Combined B+ A-
Individual A B- A- B
Combined B+ B+

Well, I wasn’t expecting another godfest quite so soon (I am glad, however, that I have no need to roll). Neither day is a slam dunk, but there’s good value in both.

Day 1 features what is likely the best overall pantheon in the Chinese, but it also has one of the pantheons I dislike the most in the Indian 2. With Sakuya getting her awoken uevo, there’s no longer any weakness in the entire pantheon. The Indian 2, on the other hand, are a bit of a mixed bag, but at least the pantheon now includes arguably the best wood sub in Vishnu. Speaking of which, this day should be particularly tempting for wood users to roll as it includes the two best wood subs in Meimei and Vishnu.

I like day 2 better overall than day 1. The Japanese 1 are one of the few pantheons than can compare to the Chinese in overall value and I feel that the Sengoku are overall more useful than the Indian 2s. If you didn’t get the Sengokus you wanted from the previous godfest — and you still have money in your wallet — this is a fine day to roll.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 10/10
Name Lead Sub Overall
2073 - Awoken LeilanLeilan B A- A-
2074 - Awoken KarinKarin B A- A-
2075 - Awoken MeimeiMeimei B A A-
2389 - Awoken SakuyaSakuya A B+ A
2076 - Awoken HakuHaku B+ A+ A
Indian 2
2079 - Divine General of the Sun, KrishnaKrishna B+ C B-
2080 - Wise and Moral Goddess, SarasvatiSarasvati A- C- B
2081 - Divine Creator of Order, VishnuVishnu B+ A A-
2082 - Scholarly God of Fortune, GaneshaGanesha D C- D
2083 - Magic Hand Slayer Goddess, DurgaDurga B+ C+ B-

In my opinion, the Chinese are the overall best pantheon in the game which was only cemented when Sakuya became one of the best leaders in the game and also a fine sub. They will form the basis for many elite teams for a very long time. In most cases it doesn’t matter which pantheon accompanies them in the godfest; if you want them, roll for them. Even if you don’t get the one you want, they’ll certainly be valuable in future teams.

The reasons I dislike the Indian 2 pantheon remains the same: they aren’t particularly great in any role and are poor in dupes. Krishna, Sarasvati and Durga are all fine leaders, but there are significantly better options with all the awoken uevos. I can’t see anyone rolling specifically for anything in this pantheon.

Well, I lied, because now the Indian 2 has Vishnu. If not the most powerful wood sub, then he’s certainly the most useful overall. This presents a dilemma to wood users: do you risk the duds in the rest of the pantheon to get Vishnu or do you make due with what you have? Considering that the Chinese are the other pantheon and that Vishnu is just that good, I’d say it’s worth the risk.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 10/11
Name Lead Sub Overall
Japanese 1
1726 - Awoken HinokagutsuchiKagutsuchi D A C+
2322 - Awoken OrochiOrochi B- B+ B
2323 - Awoken Susano no MikotoSusano B+ A- A-
2324 - Awoken Amaterasu OhkamiAmaterasu B+ A- A
2325 - Awoken YomiYomi A B+ A
2265 - Fierce Warrior, Sanada YukimuraSanada Yukimura B- B B-
2267 - Peerless Strategist, Mori MotonariMori Motonari B- B+ B
2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida MitsunariIshida Mitsunari B B+ B
2271 - Dashing Dandy, Maeda KeijiMaeda Keiji B C+ B-
2273 - Deliberate Rebel, Akechi MitsuhideAkechi Mitsuhide B- B+ B

It’s hard to write anything of substance when we keep getting the same pantheons over and over and nothing really changes in between. The Japanese 1 are all great — the closest pantheon to the Chinese in quality if you ignore Kagutsuchi’s poor leader grade — with Yomi being one of the best leaders and Kagutsuchi being one of the best subs. I just went over how I felt about the Sengoku. So, should you roll? I think there’s a lot of value in the Japanese 1 and I also put a lot of stock in the Sengoku being amazing when they get their uevos (someday). So if you want something in particular, I’d say it’s safe to roll, especially since most won’t be risking dupes from the Sengoku.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


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  1. I really just want Isis. It’s really the only thing I need. Would it be okay to roll outside godfest. If not I would have rolled in day one or would you recommend waiting till Egypt 1 comes to godfest?


    • I don’t know the effect that galas have on godfests or vice versa. Even with the seeming improvements to galas I’d still say it’s sketchy to roll outside a godfest. If you’re non-IAP I would wait until the next Egypt 1 godfest or at least roll during any godfest, but there’s no data to back up that claim.


    • I think Bastet is your best leader currently, but Sakuya and Yomi also have a lot of potential should we get them. I’m curious why you chose Bastet since you don’t have any of her major subs. As such, a wood gala would be ideal, but day 1 having both Meimei and Vishnu in the same godfest again is not likely. Although I guess they’ll probably both be in the next PCGF which should actually be happening in the next month or two.

      In other words, it’s very difficult to recommend what to do. Although my hunch is to wait for a wood gala overlapping with a decent godfest since at this point you just want any good wood subs, not anything specifically.


      • I chose Bastet because, despite using Marine rider and Sasuke, she still…
        – seems to be the strongest, most consistent lead I have for harder content
        – is the only leader I have 0-stoned challenge dungeons (up to lvl 7 consistently)
        – is my only 100% sbr team….
        and it’s really easy to find a hypermax Bestcat friend leader.

        If you see better teams in my box, let me know because I either Bestcat or Pandora everything at this point. I feel like I should be able to make some more decent teams, but I’m missing pieces here and there.

        My only reservation about rolling in day 1 is that there are no Kalis. And I need those too.

        Thanks for your advice!


        • I think Bastet is a great choice as she’s so flexible, it’s just most people have “that one sub” that encourages them to go down that path, but now that Verdandi got her uevo she pretty much qualifies for that now. All those reasons you listed are good reasons to go Bastet.

          Yeah, day 1 not having the Kalis is unfortunate. They’re so critical to so many good teams that it’s ridiculous.

          Outside Bastet, I think you have a decent Yomi team. Pandora is a great option and Typhon or Zuoh are decent Haku substitutes (and don’t need Pys/Jewels). You can then fill out the rest of the team slots with Dark Izanami and Zaerog. Whether that’s better than Bastet is subjective, though, and it definitely won’t help you in the short term.


  2. Think I’ll roll on day 2 just once. I’d love to have Kagu, Yomi, or Susano and any of Sengoku is OK. Sad that there’s no chance of getting BOdin but even when he’s featured its still a slim chance, and he might show up in players choice later anyways… The main draw for me is the water gala as my water box is sorely lacking yet I really want to play around with Nut and AOrochi.


      • Rolled Ama #2 (sold off) and an Avalon Drake. Yet another godfest goes by where my luck doesn’t seem to want to cooperate 😦 The last time I rolled something truly useful was back in May I believe. Kinda stinks especially when the only things featured I owned excluding special gods were Ama and Orochi >_< What are the chances? Oh well!


  3. I realllllly wish that it was Chinese + Sengoku. I really like the new Sengoku and think they’ll be some of the best subs once they get evos, but I have 3/5 of the Japanese 1 pantheon so think I’ll skip this go around myself.


    • Yeah, I really feel that the Sengoku are going to be absolute beasts. I mean, they’re already quite good, but getting a uevo is going to make them insane. They may not come for a very long time, but I’m excited for when they do.


  4. I just can’t decide what to do. My janky Gadius team really needs some new life as I am making no progress in the game and losing motivation. I’ve barely made it through a bunch of legend descends and a couple of mythical ones. My current team is Gadius/Uriel/Echidna/Parvati/Pandora. Pretty bad I know. I have tried to pull Yamato so many times now and failed so now I’m wondering if I should try for Sanada. Yamato I think is a bit better but the Sengoku will probably get Ultimates in the future.

    My current box and teams although not much has changed since I last posted, just got a few more descend cards.

    I’m looking at day 2 where in addition to Sanada, Mitsuhide would be a great addition to my Pandora team and I think Susano is good for Osiris? (Not that familiar with wood cards in general). Problem is I only have enough stones for 7 pulls and I’m getting to the point in the game where free stones are starting to dry up. Do you think I should go for it?

    Again, many thanks for all the advice you’ve given so far Setsu, been really helpful to me.


    • I think Sanada is a fine sub, but I think there’s a lot you could do to improve your team outside a godfest. Strawberry Dragon is a fine sub. Drall is farmable from Diagoldos descended and is easily skilled up through red Pengdras. Hurricane Volcano Dragon and Homura are also nice farmable choices. I think any of these are better than the off-color subs you’re currently using. I also think you should concentrate on skilling up what you have. I’m not sure if you can reliably farm Gadius skill ups, but Mystic Fire Dragon for Uriel skill ups should be doable through coin dungeons (I think the drop is guaranteed on floor 5 legendary, but it’s been so long since I did it I’m not 100% sure).

      If you’re still looking to roll in a godfest, I’d recommend waiting. You still have nice pieces, but you should be looking to roll in a godfest with better overall value. This will allow you to branch into other teams naturally. That being said, day 2 is pretty good for you. In addition to the monsters you mentioned, I think Yomi is a really good fit for you. You could possibly run Yomi / Haku / Pandora / Dark Izanami / Zaerog / Yomi. Heck, even Anubis is a fine sub if you could spare the Badpys. I’d still wait, but I wouldn’t blame you if you rolled now.


      • Thanks for the advice Setsu. I decided to roll a few times just to try my luck. Got mostly garbage with the only noteworthy pull being Kagutsuchi. No use for him now but can’t complain having him in my box.

        Strawberry dragon I’ll definitely use, only just got him a few days ago from that heavenly garden dungeon. Drall I would totally use if my luck in drops was better. I recall doing Diagoldos a few times but never getting anything from it.

        To be honest I may take a break from the game. I know I really need to skill up my cards to make progress but I find it such a demoralizing experience. I was quite motivated to do it at first and decided that I would start by skilling up somebody easy, Vampire Duke. I think I counted about 35 Big Baddies fed to that damn card before I gave up keeping track but I think it was approaching close to 50 before he finally levelled up. And this was during a 2.5x skill up event. I remember looking at all my other cards and thinking whether I had to go through this kind of thing with every single one. The thought just killed any motivation I had.

        Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions, really appreciate it.


        • The game is rough sometimes. I totally understand if the skill up grind not for you. There’s no point in forcing yourself to play. Enjoy the break, I hope you come back, but it’s easily understandable if you don’t.


  5. Skipping this ‘fest to save up stones/see what they’ll reveal for the Halloween thing. Sure, it’ll be a trap as usual, but who can resist the marginally useful 6/7(/8?) star rolls with appealing artwork?

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  6. Hey Setsu, me again. Here’s my most recently updated padherder:


    My main team continues to be Beelze/Haku/Hanzo/Panda/Lilith/Ronia, which is now sporting 3 297s and Hanzo at +122. I don’t see a lot of improvement for that team, except finishing Hanzo and acquiring a Loki/Batman/Vritra to replace Lilith, but as 100% non-IAP I don’t see myself ever rolling in a GF that includes Norse or in the Batman collab, so that team is about to hit its ceiling unless I’m willing to put another 297 onto Lilith. I’m able to handle everything up to challenge 8s and I’m considering attempting 9 and 10 this go-round, but would like to have something to make 9/10s and Rushes rely a little less on RNG.

    I currently field a Ra/LKali/Okuni/Muse/flex team for no-RCV dungeons, but am not really good enough to play Ra in normal dungeons. I’m also thinking maybe Kali/LValk/Fuma/Sun Quan/Okuni might be good, but haven’t played around with it much yet.

    So, a few questions:

    1. What team(s) should I be targeting to get to the next level? I’m thinking the viable endgame leads in my box are Kali, Ra, Lakshmi, and eventually Yomi, but of those I think I’m only good enough to play Kali and Lakshmi.

    2. Is further investment in Beelzebub a dead end? I’m inclined to put my +s from this 3x event into Kali instead of Hanzo, but it’s not clear whether a 297 Kali makes the team is good enough for, say, Devil Rush, or whether I need more subs. OTOH, it’s also not clear whether a 297 Hanzo makes enough of a difference to enable any new content. And if I rolled an Akechi I’m pretty sure I’d have to abandon Hanzo for him, which would be sad.

    3. Should I roll in this godfest? I think my biggest needs are, roughly in order: a second Kali (for either Ra or Kali teams), DKali (same), and Karin/Skuld (to pair with Amberjack/Kamui for a Lakshmi team). I’d love to roll for anyone in the Chinese pantheon, but with no Kali and no Norns, plus already having Vishnu and Krishna, I think I have to pass on day 1. Day 2 seems like high value, as only Yomi is a dupe, but the big hits aren’t quite perfect:

    – Hino is great for Krishna, but I already have Set and really need a 2 S+ guy, plus I’m not even really sure Krishna is better than my current options.
    – Susano is great, but I don’t have an endgame wood lead.
    – Amaterasu is a great lead, but I’m not sure she is better than what I’ve already got (easier for sure though).
    – Mori seems like he’d be a great fit for Lakshmi, although I’d still need a Karin, and I’d drop him for Skuld, so potentially could wind up not being used at all.
    – Akechi would definitely replace Hanzo, but the upgrade is not huge and the team is potentially a dead end anyway.

    I’m kind of leaning towards being patient and waiting for a 4x GFE event that also has decent pantheons, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


    • 1. Ra and Yomi obviously have the highest ceilings. There’s advantages and disadvantages to choosing either:

      – Ra: You can start with a LKali team, hypermax the LKali(s), then transition to a Ra team. You also have the option of using Hathor if you want to be tankier. You’re fairly far from the ideal team, though.
      – Yomi: You’re pretty close to the ideal team with Haku and Pandora. Just gotta add Dark Izanami and Zaerog who are farmable; skilling up Zaerog is rough, but so is getting the exact REM roll you want. The team doesn’t have the weakness to cooldown increase preemptives like Ra does.

      I don’t think it’s worth investing in LKali (outside of being a precursor to Ra) or Lakshmi.

      As far as playing more difficult leads, you just have to put in the practice and it will eventually come to you. One thing you can do is input your current boards into a board simulator to practice before doing the real thing. I used to use PaDTestBoard for iOS which would read my current board from the last screenshot. I didn’t really think Bastet was within my skill level when she came out, but you gradually get better the more you play with them.

      2. Yeah, I think Beelzebub is dead. There’s a chance Awoken Loki could save the team, but I don’t think there’s enough depth in dark devils. The team is just too susceptible to heart troll in Lv10 and is useless in the no-RCV challenge dungeons, meaning it’s really only good for Lv9. I’m thinking a Summer GSonia version of RSonia, a board change that interacts with Grizal or a board change with hearts would be good steps toward saving the archetype. Either way, the subs are still solid and will easily transition to other teams.

      3. If I was you I’d hold off on rolling for all the reasons you stated. As the Kalis are probably you most wanted monsters, I’d wait for a godfest with the most value that also includes them. I’m not sure when we’ll get 4x GFEs again, but hopefully it becomes a semi-regular thing, especially with all the new GFEs they’re pushing lately.


      • I think the same with Beelz and Ronia. When you go up in the ranks and get better pulls at the rem they become irrelevant in the meta. Z8 is amazing but I have a conflict in feed him my hypermax ronia (row devil teams are dead to me anyways since I roll more bastet in everything and I dont have useful fire cards to make a niche for ronia in a team). Any suggestion with my ronia dilemma?


        • It’s always hard to recommend feeding something away, especially at the rate GungHo pumps out improvements. Some take the recent buffs to the Sonia board changes and blue and green leader skills as a portent of improvements soon to come. I’m not that optimistic, but I’d still recommend holding on to her as long as you can. +Eggs are only getting easier to get, but red fruits and the REM are still bitches.


      • As usual, thanks for the timely and helpful advice! I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable playing Ra in no-RCV dungeons, so perhaps some practice in normal dungeons is what I need (although I probably need a second Kali for warding off orb troll before I get serious about it). I do have a Diza that I’ve been working on as a side project, so will keep an eye out for her descend to come around again to farm some skillups. Playing Hathor is a good idea too, and hopefully she’ll get a strong uevo before too long.

        I think I’m going to need to invest some in a Kali team, if for no other reason than to have a team to do Z8 with in the first place.


  7. Hi Setsu,

    Here’s my padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/pinkt4pe
    I’m non-IAP and looking to create a descend-capable team.

    I have lakshmi, andromeda, isis, and amberjack, so I was thinking about rolling day 1 to aim for karin or blodin or any of the blue gods from the gala to make a nice awoken lakshmi team.
    I could also use a meimei or vishnu because I have verdandi+gzl.

    However, I have almost literally no use for any of the other indian 2 gods, and since I’m non-IAP, I’m ok with being patient. Do you think it’s worth rolling?

    Also, do you think karin or blodin would show up in the PCGF (since they didn’t show up in jp’s most recent one)? Because if so, I’d probably be better off waiting til then.


    • I think day 1 lines up amazingly well for you. As you stated, the water gala is very good for you and Karin and BOdin would also be good for you. Sumire is also good and Sarasvati is a nice complement to Lakshmi as her higher multiplier is just better under certain situations. Unfortunately there’s no chance for Skuld, but you can’t always get everything. So, yeah, I do think it’s worth rolling. It will be unfortunate to roll any of the other Indian 2s, but there’s always some kind of risk when rolling.

      I’m actually not sure if Karin and BOdin will make the PCGF. It’s very competitive at the top and there are just so many more popular monsters. BOdin didn’t make the last JP PCGF, but I think he’s still likely to make NA because, well, it’s NA. Karin probably won’t though.


      • I ended up getting a 2nd andromeda and a gabriel. Do you think that a team of a.lakshmi/andro/andro/urd (not summer)/amberjack/a.lakshmi would be worth investing in to clear mythicals (my current team can only clear a few legends)? Also, would a max skilled amberjack be better, or a skill lvl 1 gabriel?


        • That sounds like a fairly good Lakshmi team that should get you through most mythicals. I’d definitely run a max skilled Amberjack over Gabriel, but if Gabe was also max skilled, I’d run him instead since you don’t have Karin. Although Amberjack is good for her extra HP which is what Lakshmi needs the most, so I guess it’s not an obvious choice.

          I’d also consider running Gabriel over fire Urd for dungeons you don’t need the full board change.


  8. I know the GFE restrictions are no kalis / no norns for day 1, does anyone know what they are for day 2? As a non IAP who already has everything he needs from Chinese (Kirin and Meimei) and everything he needs from Indian 2 (Sarasvati and Vishnu), day 1 is atrocious, especially since my main target right now is LKali / DKali.

    Im kind of at the point in the game where I have generally everything I need, and now all I need are GFEs. Setsu do you have any advice for players like me? The last godfest with x4 rates was pretty nice, but all I got from 5 rolls was trash, Bonia number 2, and Skuld.

    Im gonna dump in four rolls day 2 and hope for the best. Kalis, Dragon callers, Ilm / Zuoh / Typhon / Gadius come to meeeeee


    • I believe day 2 is no Odins, no Metatrons.

      I don’t really have any advice except you just have to keep rolling. I don’t know how much you spend, if anything, but once you’re down to having only one or two things you want, you just gotta roll as much as you can while still trying to maximize value. I basically tried to focus on godfests where dupes were good or there was a nice gala overlapping it. Of course the MP Shop makes this not quite as important anymore, but it’s still good to be as efficient as possible.

      The other option is to not roll at all and just buy stamina refreshes, but that’s not nearly as exciting.


  9. Hey Setsu,


    Non IAP.. did up to challenge 9 once due to lucky skyfalls, can go up to 8 consistently… can clear most of the descends aside from the ones with lots of binds/skill binds.. or well it just takes more effort… I can only do God Rush..

    After rolling Sakuya several weeks ago, the game has opened up a lot for me as I’m able to tackle harder content, but now I feel like I’m stuck again… I was able to max skilled Diza which has helped a lot with her active allowing me to try to get an “proc-able” board, but Rushes and Bosses that constantly change orbs really mess with me, especially ones that I can only take a single hit. Essentially, I feel like I can’t break through this wall without rolling a Kali/Dkali… maybe that Maeji guy but hes essentially a buffed up Mastering..

    I tried Devil Rush in the current challenge but always failed at the last couple of stages. The closest time I got was getting into Beelzebub and using my Mastering.. only to get a board filled with green orbs and end up dying..

    Anyhow… the last time I rolled was the previous Godfest because it had great value but not only did i get nothing from the pantheons… i got a lot of crap rolls like Anima (only 1/6 from fire gala sigh) and grape dragon… the only ones worth mentioning were the green and dark cyberdragon you told me to keep cause they could have good uses…

    So what should I do with my team in general and in this godfest… Looking at my teams.. I’m almost able to max skill my sandalphon which should help buff up my Lmeta team… I have the mats for Awoken Haku but only have Diza as my ideal sub.. i may try leading with Awoken Haku cause of her tankiness/resist which may help with those rushes since they are more dark attribute based…but outside of that, I don’t really see much I can do…

    Day 2 seems like an ok time to roll trying to get any of the JP pantheons or the Sengoku, but the water gala isn’t really kind to my box.. only possible lead is sumire lol. and in the water pantheons the only ones I may want are Sun Quan, Isis, Karin? and Orochi but aside from Sun Quan, not much will help. I wouldn’t mind the JP Pantheons as I love Ama, Yomi, Hino, Susano.. but yeah

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give you a little bit of whats on my mind to allow you to better help me.

    But any advice in general would be great.. I feel like I’m stuck right now


    • Since I brute forced my way past every wall I encountered in the game with my wallet, I can’t say that I can give you pertinent advice in this area. I’ll share what I think, though.

      Just looking at your box, it looks like you’re really lacking +eggs. Things like Rushes and higher Challenge Dungeons almost require 1,200+ +eggs, including your friend. The boost they give you really adds up. Not everyone likes to hear it, but PAD is a farming game at its core and +eggs and skill ups equate to results.

      As for which teams you should use going forward, I can’t see it getting much better than the Sakuya or LMeta teams you already use. I include LMeta since your Sakuya team will always struggle without LKali. I feel it’s really unfortunate that not only are the Kalis so critical for rainbow teams, but that NA doesn’t have access to Fat Chocobo as a viable free alternative (JP has gotten two of them now, btw). I feel like your LMeta team should be able to take on Lv9 fully plussed out, but I wonder if that’s a worthwhile investment. I definitely think Amaterasu makes a better lead for the team, but targeting a single REM monster in your situation isn’t realistic.

      I guess I’m saying you just have to grind it out and hopefully the REM blesses you along the way. I really do think +eggs and skill ups will help you out.


      • Alrighty, thanks for the reply… my Lmeta is already 297.. should my next target be my Sakuya? I think she has the highest potential especially with the Awoken Version coming out.

        I feel my Verdandi might also have potential if I ever get a GzL/Bastet/Vishnuuuu but perhaps I should wait on PCGF for those.

        Also, should I roll in any of these godfests?


        • You probably want to just focus on a single team. You can split the difference for now and do LValk since she goes on both teams. After that, well you can cross that bridge after you know what the REM gave you (or didn’t).

          Neither of these godfests really help you that much. I think there’s some merit in rolling day 2 since it has the Kalis, Amaterasu can take over your LMeta team and you can use your Haku on Yomi, but the Sengoku do almost nothing for you. The best is probably Maeda who is marginal at best, especially since he has no skill up fodder. I’d definitely hold off from rolling this godfest and hope the stars align at a later date.


  10. Hi Setsu,

    I have 2 colors that are in good shape but missing a key sub IMO. My A Bastet/Verdandi team is A Bastet / Verdandi / Verdandi / Liu Bei / Perseus, and my A Shiva/Urd team is A Shiva / Cao Cao / Yamato / Ares / Urd. I feel like day 1 would be great for a mei mei and day 2 would be great for A Hino. Any advice?

    I am moderate IAP, about 1 pack every 1-2 months


    • Don’t forget Vishnu is day 1 as well. You don’t need him as much since you have Liu Bei as your main damage dealer, but imo he’s a significant upgrade. Well, day 2 also has Susano who may be more important to your team if you need the damage shield. I guess as far as value for your two teams, there isn’t a huge difference between the days.

      As for which day to roll, it’s impossible for me to say. It looks like you have two teams that are endgame viable that just need a small upgrade or two to become ideal or close to it. It’s hard rolling for one specific monster, but that’s unavoidable when you’re at the endgame. The reason I like Bastet better for the future is the higher multiplier. The reason I like Shiva better for the future is not having a reliance on actives and not getting screwed by cooldown increases. I guess it really comes down to which you like playing better.

      If you were asking for advice on whether to roll at all, I think either day is fine. I don’t know what else is in your box, but if you really want to finish off your teams you’re going to have to roll sometime. This godfest may not be the very best value, but it’s not bad either.


      • Yeah I was trying to decide which day would be preferable to roll. Day 1 does have both vishnu and mei mei with the risk of dupe indian gods, while day 2 has hino and less risk of dupes but nothing else I need right now for the team. Was hoping there was something else to help with the decision, but thanks for the comments!


  11. I caved and rolled on the JP Godfest as Saria is just that good on Ilm, at the end I ended up with two of them (!) and some Chinese dupes (sadly no Leilans). Talk about crazy luck…. I guess that whenever I manage to awake my Leilan it will give me some nice versatility in team building. Indra can take care of the missing SBRs, fortunately.

    So well, I’m pretty pleased with my results and needed to share the happiness somewhere!


  12. This is kind of a goofy question setsu, but would it be a totally retarded move to buy NepDra if I only have Motonari, BLOdin and Andromeda rn? (Id have hermes last slot…and every other slot eventually). I rolled at todays godfest for a Vishnu and Meimei, but I got 2 Krishnas and 2 Motonaris ohboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I feel like Nepdra is the only dragon I am close to being able to use, I dont have any Ares for Shivadra and nothing even close to Radra or Yomidra

    Thanks man, I love your blog honestly


    • I think running Mori / Mori / Andromeda / BValk is a pretty good lineup. I don’t think BOdin is very good; I think I&I is a better damage enhancer and it looks like they’re necessary for Arena farming anyways.

      MP dragons are a luxury. If you want it and can afford it, just get it. But I wouldn’t feel obliged to get Neptune Dragon just because you don’t have teams for the others.


      • True, good advice, thanks man. I do have almost 500,000 MP from whaling hard recently, so I think I’ll get him.

        GO TO DMC, GO TO DMC


  13. Hey Setsu,
    Forgive the noob question, but why did PAD label the GF as “Japanese1 and SENGOKU”? Shouldn’t it be “Japanese1 and SAMURAI”?
    In PAD’s categorization, Sengoku is a completely different set, right? Am I being too literal?

    I was really bummed because I’ve been desperately trying to roll a Fuma Kotaro for my Kali team, only to find that (I think) he’s not even in this godfest.



    • There’s three factors at play here: the original JP naming, the NA localization and the fan naming. For the pantheon (Sanada Yukimuri, Mori Motonari, et al), the JP name is Sengoku and the NA localization is Samurai. I believe most dedicated PAD players refer to the pantheon as Sengoku because that’s the JP name. It was probably localized as Samurai because they didn’t think many people know that the term Sengoku refers to a popular period of Japanese history. I personally refer to them as Sengoku since I’m a weeb.

      As for the non-pantheon monsters (Hattori Hanzo, Fuma Kotaro, et al), I’m not aware if there’s an official labeling for them. PADGuide refers to them as Ninjas where PDX refers to them as Sengoku. Ignoring a possible official name, they’re both right because they’re ninjas originating from the Sengoku era. This is probably where the confusion stems from. I personally refer to them as ninjas.

      As with most things, you have to be diligent and verify things yourself. It’s unfortunate that you wasted rolls, but the ninjas aren’t a pantheon so they would never be featured in a godfest, only a carnival. You can verify things through the official NA Facebook page: the godfest is listed as “Samurai” and has a nice graphic listing all the featured monsters. If you’re relying on unofficial sites like PDX, then there’s always room for confusion if you don’t keep up with all the fan terminology.


      • Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate the effort PAD puts into the game to allude to the different mythologies. Fortunately, I didn’t waste any rolls. It was clear enough from the post which gods were available. In truth, I’m wondering how a non-IAP player like me will ever score non-featured REM cards like Fuma Kotaro.


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