Preparing for 10x Descendeds: Goemon Dry Runs

Since we had The Thief Descended yesterday I took the opportunity to get a few things done all at once: skill up an evo Goemon, farm some much needed dark jewels and record some footage and clear times on Goemon push button farming:

Most of the assumptions made from my initial 10x post held true, including those made about +eggs and clear times. The runs across all teams took about 55 seconds on average. This time takes into account the time for the run itself, the loot screen and the menu traversal to start the dungeon again. Variations in load times, skyfall combos and user error made it difficult to distinguish times between each team due to the small sample size (10s of runs). Although evo Goemon is clearly faster than using the uevo Goemon pair with both being faster than Shiva Dragon. I believe this distinction will be obvious over time.

Optimizations range in the order of seconds, so you’re really looking at about 5% more time efficiency at most. However, if you’re farming +eggs on the order of the thousands, small optimizations like that can make a big difference. For simplicity, let’s say a run takes a minute each. If you farm Goemon for 8 hours in a day, that’s 480 runs or 1920 +eggs. Let’s be generous and say optimizations make you 5% more efficient. So instead, each run takes 57 seconds, leading to 505 runs or 2020 +eggs. That’s 100 more +eggs. Maybe that’s not a huge difference on paper, but for the player that has everything except time, that essentially amounts to free +eggs.

On the other side of the coin, the slower Shiva Dragon team could easily deal with Haku invades. That alone may make the Shiva Dragon team better for overall efficiency, but I guess if all you’re after are +eggs then the faster evo Goemon team is better (although I have a hard time believing any player couldn’t use more jewels, latents or angel/devil invades).

A bit off topic, but I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on the invades for Goemon and Valkyrie. Push button farming was just so efficient that I’ll farm those dungeons even if I don’t have a pressing need for the invades. Latents are always useful — although I’ll pass on auto-heals — and all the new awoken uevos have really depleted my jewel supplies so it will always be a good idea to stock up some more. At worst they can be used for skill ups.


6 thoughts on “Preparing for 10x Descendeds: Goemon Dry Runs

  1. That’s very impressive farming you have there. And many impressive teams. Plus a very informative blog. I’m an IAP light 300 rank player on EU server, and I’ve learnt a lot form your blog. Thanks.


    • Everything needs to be max skilled, this is just a basic assumption for all push button teams unless stated otherwise. For +eggs, I think just having a friend with 99 ATK eggs if fine, but you’ll need to run it through a calculator to be sure depending on the rest of your team.


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