Nephthys Skill Ups


With 1.5x normal drops being preempted by 1.5x EXP, now’s a good time as any to work on Nephthys skill ups.

Monster Tries Success Rate
Nephthys 10 5 50.00%
Dark Xuanzang 29 6 20.69%
Creuse 9 1 11.11%

That was an amazing skill up rate for Nephthys, saving me tons of stamina and time. Usually I’d want to finish off the other skill ups, but Dark Xuanzang and Creuse seem so worthless that I don’t think it’s worth the stones.

My drop rates were not bad, either:

Dark Cat Dragon Mythical – 25 Runs (1250 Stamina) – 2x Drop/3x Invade
Monster Drops Rate Stam / Drop
Black DeviNyan 9 36.00% 138.89
Sukibowl 9 36.00% 138.89

It’s funny how I’ve grown accustomed to the DeviNyan drop rate. 140 stamina per drop is horrendous in the big picture, but I’m actually thankful that the dungeon was so “generous”. Well, I have at least one of all the Egypt 2s max skilled now. Here’s hoping Hathor and Nephthys get nice uevos.

3 thoughts on “Nephthys Skill Ups

  1. Congrats for pushing through and getting these skilled up. I’ll be waiting for the canivals that these are in since I don’t have the patience or time to deal with them. In my opinion Insect Dragons were the best mix of drops for skilling up monsters.


    • Just make sure the carnival has the drop you want. Like the light one currently on NA doesn’t have Hathor skill ups (I think the dungeon came out before that was a thing), but I’m pretty sure the wood and water ones have Osiris and Nut skill ups.


  2. I don’t know how I’m so unlucky with skill ups, It usually takes 25-35 feeds for a single skill up for me, I have done 55 feeds on my ROdin and gotten two skill ups. The problem you had skilling up one of your Ares is a regular occurence for me haha.


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