Latents for the Ra Dragon Arena Farming Team

(12/18/2015) There was recently a stat buff to Isis that can change this math a bit, check out the implications here.

2259 - 太陽神, Ra DragonFor those few looking to run Ra Dragon to farm the Ultimate Arena, you should start planning out your latents now. While the easiest path is seven dark latents and five light latents to survive either Kali’s nuke, not everyone can afford all those, especially after just dropping 300k MP on Ra Dragon. Outside of NA someday being able to farm resist latents, the only alternative to conserve MP is farming HP latents. However, when HP latents are brought into the picture, the calculations get complicated since the amount of HP gained depends on the monster you give the latents to. Things get further complicated when factor surviving other large hits like DQ Hera or Parvati. This post will look into possible latent set ups for a Ra Dragon team.

Thank You, Dacho

Luckily, dacho has done the work of figuring which latent setups we can use for us. Unfortunately, his chart doesn’t mean anything for those that can’t read Japanese:


My Japanese is poor, but here’s what I can decipher:

  • The assumed party is the standard Ra Dragon / DKali / DKali / God Indra / Isis / Ra Dragon. Of course, they’re hypermaxed.
  • The goals of the given latent set ups are to survive specific attacks under certain conditions at full HP:
    • DKali’s nuke with Indra’s 75% damage shield
    • LKali’s nuke with Indra’s 75% damage shield
    • DQ Hera’s preemptive with Isis’s 15% damage shield
    • Parvati’s nuke with no damage shield
  • The table shows how many latents you need of each type to survive the above listed attacks. The columns left to right are: Party HP, # HP latents, # wood resist latents, # light resist latents, and # dark resist latents.
  • HP latents are first applied to you and your friend’s Ra Dragons then to Indra, as they provide the biggest HP bonuses.
  • Since resist latents are a flat bonus, it doesn’t matter where they are put as long as the total latent count is under 30.
  • Thanks to glue for this info:
    • No matter how you divide the latents there should be no problem.
    • The easiest way to split them is 15/3/2/10.
    • For extra latent slots you can use 10/4/3/10 (3 slots left) or 0/6/5/13 (6 slots left).

I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s all I could make out myself. If you can read Japanese and I missed anything important, please let me know in the comments.

Taking a quick look at the chart, adding the ability to survive DQ Hera and Parvati attacks in addition to the Kalis adds a hefty amount to the overall MP cost, bringing the total amount to ranges that can even surpass the 300k cost for Ra Dragon himself. Consistency comes at no small price, but you can save a significant amount of MP if you’re willing to sacrifice some.

Well, this is good and all, but to double check my understanding of dacho’s image, I decided to recreate the table myself.

My Spreadsheet

The disclaimer is right there in the embedded sheet, but I’ll reiterate to be clear: I don’t guarantee the calculations in this sheet, so only use it as a guideline. MP is extremely valuable so be sure to do your own calculations to double check or just use dacho’s numbers.

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet so you can make a copy and play with it yourself. If you find any errors, please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to fix it ASAP.

I created the spreadsheet using the same criteria as dacho (I’m just going to defer to his wisdom and assume that he has most important points of the dungeon covered) and I verified it by comparing the results. I’m still a bit unsure how PAD does its rounding — searching popular PAD sites and Google resulted in nothing definite — so there’s definitely room for error. I feel the numbers pass superficial sanity checks and generally make sense though. Disclaimers out of the way, here are the significant benchmarks:

If Your Friend Has Five Dark Resist Latents

  • Ignoring DQ Hera and Parvati:
    • The lowest overall MP cost is 130,000: 3 HP, 6 dark resists and 4 light resists.
    • The fewest latent slots you can use is 12: 7 dark resists and 5 light resists.
    • The most HP latents you can use is 25. You don’t need to provide any resist latents. If you farm all your HP latents, you don’t have to spend any MP. The drawback is you have no latent slots to use on anything else.
  • Including both DQ Hera and Parvati:
    • The lowest overall MP cost is 350,000: 5 HP, 11 dark resists, 4 light resists, and 5 wood resists and four other configurations that I won’t list.
    • The fewest latent slots you can use is 24: 13 dark resists, 5 light resists and 6 wood resists or 1 HP, 12 dark resists, 5 light resists, and 6 wood resists.
    • The most HP latents you can use is 14: 10 dark resists, 2 light resists and 4 wood resists are still required. If you farm all your HP latents, you still have to spend 220,000 MP. The drawback is you have no latent slots to use on anything else.

If Your Friend has Five HP Latents

  • Ignoring DQ Hera and Parvati:
    • The lowest overall MP cost is 180,000: 2 HP, 5 dark resists and 3 light resists.
    • The fewest latent slots you can use is 12: 7 dark resists and 5 light resists.
    • The most HP latents you can use is 28: 2 dark resists are still required. If you farm all your HP latents, you only have to spend 40,000 MP. The drawback is you have no latent slots to use on anything else.
  • Including both DQ Hera and Parvati:
    • The lowest overall MP cost is 380,000: 6 HP, 10 dark resists, 2 light resists, and 4 wood resists or 12 HP, 9 dark resists, 1 light resist, and 3 wood resists.
    • The fewest latent slots you can use is 24: 13 dark resist, 5 light resist and 6 wood resist.
    • The most HP latents you can use is 17: 9 dark resist, 1 light resist and 3 wood resists are still required. If you farm all your HP latents, you still have to spend 260,000 MP. The drawback is you have no latent slots to use on anything else.

What Is the Best Latent Setup?

Who knows, there’s way too many variables at play. I’m guessing whales would want to use the fewest latents slots possible while also keeping relevant latents on the monsters they would use the most elsewhere. Those looking to be more conservative in their MP use would want to farm as may HP latents as possible.

Coordinate with Your Friends

It looks like it’s a good idea to put either five HP or five dark resist latents on your Ra Dragon, but some people may not know better and do something else. It’s probably a good idea to coordinate with some of your friends so you both can have usable setups for whenever the Ultimate Arena comes around. This will also give you and your friends time to farm HP latents, should you chose to go that route.

My Plans

Even after all that research, I’m probably just going to copy what dacho has in this video. I think the distribution makes a lot of sense as it isolates the less useful latents to the subs that are least likely to be used elsewhere. I was thinking that I might like to put a few time extend latents in the mix, but considering that the team has Ra Dragon’s active in addition to 10 time extend awakenings there’s really no need.

Ra Dragon Arena Farming Latent Setup
Monster Latents MP
2259 - 太陽神, Ra Dragon Improved HPImproved HPImproved HPImproved HPImproved HP 0
2078 - Blazing Goddess of Power, Kali Dark Damage ReductionDark Damage ReductionDark Damage ReductionDark Damage ReductionDark Damage Reduction 100,000
2078 - Blazing Goddess of Power, Kali Wood Damage ReductionWood Damage ReductionWood Damage ReductionLight Damage ReductionLight Damage Reduction 100,000
657 - Holy Thunderdragon Indra Fire Damage ReductionWater Damage ReductionWood Damage ReductionLight Damage ReductionDark Damage Reduction 100,000
2010 - Awoken Isis Dark Damage ReductionDark Damage ReductionDark Damage ReductionDark Damage ReductionDark Damage Reduction 100,000
2259 - 太陽神, Ra Dragon Improved HPImproved HPImproved HPImproved HPImproved HP 100,000
Total MP (not including friend) 400,000

This setup is banking on having a friend with an HP Ra Dragon. I’m going to have to take my own advice and look into making sure I have a compatible friend.

Ugh, including Ra Dragon that’s 700,000 MP for an arena farming team. That’s rough. There’s still Yomi Dragon that I’m almost certainly buying and I wouldn’t mind a Courage Machina either. I’m not too keen on getting Halloween Kali, but there’s still Christmas to worry about. So, I’m thinking I’ll start off the team with the bare minimum latents to survive the Kalis and I’ll take the next step if I feel it’s worth it to do so.

Well, at least I’m done with one part the equation:


All the subs are hypermaxed, of course. I also have the Shynpys for Ra Dragon and I already farmed his five HP latents. I’m praying that they introduce the 5×4 coin dungeons soon; these MP costs are devastating otherwise.

Skill Delay Resist Latents

This is something I didn’t really consider while writing this post. I’m not sure how relevant they are for Ra Dragon as his RCV multiplier allows him to stall out most skill delays and he can still reach his full multiplier without an active use, but it’s certainly worth considering. As an extension, there is the possibility of other powerful latents being released which makes minimizing the amount of latent slots you occupy a greater consideration. Playing on NA gives us an advantage in being able to better prepare for such things, but there will certainly come a point where you’ll have to start overwriting latents. Which will be painful, for sure.


36 thoughts on “Latents for the Ra Dragon Arena Farming Team

  1. Hi,
    You got most of the image right, but I think you missed out the summary that dacho wrote out.
    Basically states that no matter how you divide the latents there should be no problem.
    He then recommends the 3 ways in setting up the latents:
    The first the easiest way to setup which is 15/3/2/10.
    If you don’t want to waste any latents, dacho recommends:
    Doing 10/4/3/10 (3 slots left), or
    Doing 0/6/5/13 (6 slots left)

    Perhaps you could also list some subs that would be good as an alternate to DKali #2, since myself (and other unfortunate souls) only have 1 DKali.
    Personally, I’m looking at stuff like izanami, okuni, izanagi’s new uvo and kanna.

    EU also appears to have gotten FF collab in the new update; so here’s hoping to us getting fat chocobo!


    • Yeah I didn’t really want to touch that part of the image lest I get something wrong. Thank you for clarifying that, I’ll add that to the post.

      This post was more concerned with the latent composition for the “ideal” team. I actually don’t know what would make one alternative better than the others since I know so little about how the dungeon plays. Like I’m personally not a fan of Izanagi, but there could be some strange quirk that makes him better than Kanna in certain situations.

      I’m pretty excited about news of the FF Collab. The most exciting thing would certainly be Fat Chocobo as the REM is pretty lackluster by today’s standards. Still, it’s FF and if we actually get it we should rejoice that they were able to work through any licensing issues.


      • Thanks for making this wonderful post. I was wondering if Fat Chocobo would be an acceptable alternative to a second dark kali? idk if the math works out the same with him over the second dkali. he certainly doesn’t do as much damage but does meet the hp threshold if i recall correctly.


    • That’s certainly an option, but the more HP latents you use, the less free latent slots you have to play with afterward. Now that we know that GungHo is willing to add new types of latents with significant effect, those latent slots are becoming more valuable.


  2. “I’m not too keen on getting Halloween Kali”

    Had not seen the news. Holy f-ing shit. I don’t swear online, but this has utterly blown me away. Like, I’m speechless.

    Ok, I’m back. Kaliween is interesting. Not OP, but useful. No plans on buying her, but rolling her would be OK, as she’d be pretty good instead of DKali on A.Ra since the REM hates me recently. (Yolo pulled my FIFTH Orochi today.)

    Now, I’m STUPIDLY happy for Halloween DIza. 5 OE is obscene. I did some quick math, and if she’s the only OE on a team, she basically adds the same damage as a TPA to every card in your team, PLUS actual TPA damage. I’m not crazy thinking she might be the best card in the REM, right? Yomi dragon and Awoken Yomi will have a field day. Now, I did notice the active “nerf,” but I really doubt it will make too much of a difference in deciding to run her over regular DIza. With how much haste is flying around these days, you’ve got her up every two turns, or as frequently as nowmal DIza, just not consecutively. All in all, Yomidra is looking pretty good right now lol. Makes up for the OEs he lost compared to A. Yomi.

    HBonia is interesting. DBonia,as I’ll be calling her, is pretty unique. My immediate thought was Neptune dragon, then I saw her main color was dark. Still thinking ND is a solid choice if you don’t knve Mori but have her. HP is beautiful as always, active is crazy good, awakenings are nice. All in all, worth the damage loss from the main color swap. My next thought was how many dark teams could use her well? I thought Pandora. Maybe, but not quite steady enough IMO since orbs are random. Still, Haste 2 will generally get a fast CD back into play should all else fail. My next thought was the Yomis. Not a great fit on either really, as far as I can tell at least. Haku is still the better choice IMO. Lastly, I turned to Lakshmi. Better than Mori, worse than Bonia. Which is sad. Still, I want her more than I should. If I had money to blow, I would be afraid lol.

    Alraune is interesting. A Dark, unbindable bind clear with haste and 2 (!!) SBR??? Surprisingly good actually, as dark is probably the worst team for SBRs IMO. Not incredible, and I won’t be rolling looking for her, but she’s a card I wouldn’t be too mad about rolling.

    D Laila is… meh.

    Werewolf/Vampire is actually pretty good. A troll still, but good. I might actually use him over Claire on some teams for his SBR. Hard to argue with a fast heartbreaker.

    Thoth is interesting. I feel like he’ll see use to cheese Hera, but I think he has some decent potential. a 6 turn heartmaker can see use, especially with awokens like that lol.

    All in all, I HOPE they stop adding more cards, as we’re pretty saturated with good-ish cards as is lol, don’t want any bad ones to clutter it up more. Every card has a use so far, which is pretty stinking great TBH.

    Also, as for FF Collab, the art was in the update, but we’ve had crystal defenders art since it came out, so don’t get your hopes up too much. Would LOVE sephiroth though. Because… reasons… No way I’m whaling for a cloud system though, not when scarlet system’s almost here lol.


    • I think the best monsters in the REM are either Izanami or Thoth & Sopdet. The rest don’t really bring anything interesting that current options don’t already. It’s not like Summer GSonia, Pandora or Urd were amazing, but they had an added dimension that made them valuable.

      Halloween Kali is an interesting option for those that don’t have a DKali, but that’s just about it. I’m waffling on whether to get her since MP is going to be tight after Ra Dragon. I’m waiting for someone to come up with a convincing argument as to why I should, but I haven’t run across anything yet. Hopefully some vids out of JP will have some cool uses for her.

      I think BSonia is worse than Mori for water row teams. Her biggest advantage is her HP, but Mori is on-color and brings an extra row. It’s close, though. For dark rows I can’t think of a relevant team she’d fit on. For a 7-star from a premium REM, I expect more. I don’t see why they couldn’t just add another awakening: water row, dark row, SBR, time extend… anything really.

      Overall a pretty garbage REM. I’ll be getting Izanami and T&S and stopping there (I hope). I can’t even get into any of the art. Outside maybe Laila they’re all so busy and the costumes are uninspired. When you add the filler (the usual 6- and 5-star chibis, Archdemons, Wizards, and the Fairy Tale girls) it goes from bad to worse. But I’m actually pretty thankful that I only want 4-stars from this REM. I hoping to save my money for what is hopefully a better Christmas REM.

      Like many collabs, I don’t actually care all that much if FF comes or not since there are very few things that are actually usable. However, I do think it’s good for the NA playerbase in general if FF does come so I am getting my hopes up just for that.

      Scarlet System seems fun, but with Shiva Dragon pretty much taking over all non-push button farming for me, I don’t see myself taking the effort to max skill 5 of them. It may be worth it for the thighs, though.


      • Yeah, I don’t plan on spending in this REM, so hopefully it doesn’t come TOO soon so I can hoard some stones first! Need that DIza, then anything else is a bonus.

        HKali is a crd that will be very good… but never as good as DKali lol. Money on the table, for Christmas we get an L/D DKali in the MP shop. The world will flip.

        As for art, Thoth is wearing a Medjedra hoodie, which ispure win. Kagu is dressed up in DIza’s art. HAlraune has pretty good art IMO. Laila has good art. DBonia’s art is garbage though, which is a bummer.

        As for HKali… this is the first card where the boobs have been detrimental to the art IMO. Kanna was close, but this is just too much. The art itself is gorgeous, but those… balloons… just distract too much from it. And not in a good way. Someone on PADX said, “its barely breasts…basically a butt in the front” And I sadly have to agree lol.

        Someone else on PADX had a really good summary of the art as a whole, “I like the art. It’s busy and playful. The artist/s must have had fun with the assignment. The concept of each one of the cards looks like a child’s “hunt and find” picture: find a patchwork crescent moon, find a green pumpkin, find a belt, find an umbrella, find a swing, find a black and orange top hat, find a reflection in a mirror.”


        • On second look, Alraune’s art is fine. That makes two, including Laila, that I’m at least okay with. I feel like if you can’t immediately identify what’s going on in the picture it’s not very good game art. Most of these I have a hard time distinguishing what is part of a costume and what is part of the background. Easter eggs and other treats are nice, but if they take away from the focus of the art I only see it as a detriment. Maybe they’re not as perplexing as the original uuevo Sakuya, but that’s kinda the feeling I get. It’s like the artists drew their characters normally, ate a few bags of Halloween candy corn, then barfed all over their art. PAD downscaling the art so much doesn’t help much, either. I’m sure the originals look way better. Just my opinion, though.

          I’m actually not much of a fan of Raita Kazama’s art. I get the feeling he never took classes on basic anatomy or composition. His attention to detail is amazing and I love the colors he uses, but I can’t get over those fundamental flaws. I do like the Machinas, though, and I do feel like he’s improving drastically over time.


    • Raita Kazama is the artist of the ultimate Kalis, right? If so, I LOVE their work. Likeyou said, attention to detail man. I absolutely LOVE DLKali’s art. The more I look, the better it gets… aside from the boob balloons and scrawny arm lol. Like, the mirror on the card? Dkali staring at LKali through it. Bipolar goddess indeed.

      As a side note, I’m legit weighing the pros and cons of hypermaxing a Halloween Cocatrice. I just might do it too, the active is that good. Awakenings are meh, stats are meh, but that active…

      In the end, I’ll be max skilling 2 of them. One to dump plus eggs onto until I realize I’m stupid and feed him to someone good, and one for when I eventually feed the first one lol. Good fodder cards though. Like, REALLY good actives for farmable cards… As a side note, blue now has TWO farmable full board changes with haste 2 on them XD.

      This REM is SO BAD though. Since they added the option to buy the best card, GH decided to not even try to include decent filler. Demons and fairy tales? They knew that whales would whale for D/LKali no matter what… Glad I only want her for the art lol.

      As another side note, I had been considering purchasing Yomi dragon once I get the points to do so. But now, having already bought Shivagon and Nepdra, I think I’ll just not buy anything until they release a Christmas MP L/DKali…


  3. If only it was halloween DKali instead. Dunno, four stars are the only ones worth getting, Alarune might be nice but not with her star rating, REM will likely be a nightmare chibifest and there isn’t a point to chasing for her or anything else. Which I’m actually grateful for.


    • The REM is absolute garbage. I’m hoping the sales on JP reflect that and they decide to throw out some buffs. Or maybe it’s better if they don’t, for the sake of everyone’s wallets.


  4. Haha, lets just hope they don’t on this one. And they make christmas REM extra special instead. They can buff the halloween stuff next time around!


    • Well, at least there are decent alternatives for Indra. Kanna, Izanagi and Zeus & Hera come to mind. If you have the DKalis then you have the hard part down.


      • Indra is valuable because of relevant active and 2 skill lock resist awakenings. Ra Chicken doesn’t come with a skill lock resist awakening so you have to make up the 5 on subs alone. The alternatives right now are awoken amaterasu and awoken thor. But half of awoken ama’s active is useless because the entire team is unbindable and thor’s active is overkill.


        • This is true, but if you don’t have the ideal team some sacrifices are going to have to be made somewhere. Maybe this means you shouldn’t even run the team at all, but at the very least there are decent options, if not ideal.


  5. Ultimate Arena is hard enough as it is. I feel there’s no point in handicapping yourself further by not bringing an optimal team composition.


    • That’s true, but that’s not the point. Some people simply don’t have the subs for an ideal team. They probably shouldn’t be running the Arena with Ra Dragon if they don’t as the MP/resources are probably better spent elsewhere, but it’s at least worth exploring alternatives even if they are suboptimal. Maybe a suboptimal team is their best chance.


      • What I’m trying to say is, if you don’t have Indra, consider using awoken amaterasu or awoken Thor above the other alternatives because of the extra skill lock resist awakenings needed to achieve 100% skill lock. That’s probably more important than a dmg boost or gravity active for arena since Ra chicken already has a 144x multiplier.


        • Gotcha, but those aren’t out on NA yet so I didn’t consider them. Although at least Amaterasu should be out before or around Ra Dragon’s release. Also, without Indra if you don’t bring some way to deal with the Kalis then you’re conceding a good portion of your runs anyways. At least you can stall the shorter skill binds with the RCV multiplier.


  6. “This setup is banking on having a friend with an HP Ra Dragon. I’m going to have to take my own advice and look into making sure I have a compatible friend.”

    Just to put your mind at ease a bit, my Ra Dragon will be hypermax with 5 HP latents. =)


  7. now that skill delay is a thing, the optimal is probably:
    6x skill delay, 6x wood resist, 5x light, and 13x dark? obviously the skill delay on the leaders so that their haste can be used


    • To be honest I haven’t looked because I don’t really care. I’m not sure why you’d need 6 delay latents, though, unless you’re referring to 1x on each team member. Probably the only thing you’d want delay resists in the arena for are the Kalis who only do 0-1 turns (which admittedly would be nice and people will probably find a way to fit them in on their Ra Dragons for that). The only delays — besides Kagutsuchi’s perseverance one — are easy to work around, especially for Ra Dragon. Outside the Arena is a different story, but this post is only about the Arena.


  8. Late coming to this post, with a bizarre question…. How do Fat Chocobo’s crazy HP and 10% light/dark resist awakenings change this picture?

    He’s obviously not ideal for many other reasons (no SBR, no God typing). But….


    • If you’re referring to the latent setup, that’s something you’ll need to calculate yourself for the team you have. It’s not something I can calculate off the top of my head as HP latents make it fairly complex.


      • Alright, so I’ve done the homework on this one, and my finding is that you can make a very strong argument that, if you don’t have unlimited MP for Latents, your best bet is to use Fat Chocobo over a second DKali on this Arena farming team.

        The downsides are a dip in damage (Chocobo is pathetic in atk and lacks God typing, but he’s just one monster out of 6), a dip to 80% SBR, and a 3-round longer cooldown compared to DKali. The RCV dip is irrelevant once he’s +297’d and you count on RaDra’s built-in x2.25 RCV on your other five cards.

        The upside is that you can pass all three HP gates with a single Green resist latent awakening, without spending any latents on other Resists or even on +HP. And if you *do* spend them on +HP, stack them on Chocobo because he’ll give you your best bang for the buck, leaving your valuable RaDra to pick up skill delay resistance.


        • These numbers make sense since Fatty basically provides all the latents himself. Thanks for reporting your findings, this should be useful for those planning to run that team.


  9. I’m currently farming Dark latents in JP 5×4 Diza and missed the Lights. Hopefully this will come to NA. Being that I can at worst get a latent at the cost of 1 stone because 5×4 isn’t easy without a perfect team vs a latent tama (running God cao cao and 2x max skill Ares), I’m halfway to 13 dark resists after about 10-12 stones (lost a lot learning the instance and should have stoned the first couple tamas that I saw but didn’t).

    My point is, they ought be farmable in the future and after looking at your vid of the current c10 where you almost lost but pulled it out due to a heal where you would have saved yourself with 2 skill delay latents on your Radra, I’m thinking of going 12-13 darks with 2x skill resist on Radra. I think it leaves me with HP latents to replace in the future if ever I need to put resists for some other thing they throw in the arena.


    • A dark resist per stone is a bargain. I can’t wait until the 5x4s come to NA, but I’m guessing they want to milk the whales’ MP a bit longer.

      I don’t intend to change my Ra Dragon’s latent setup unless all my friends do. That team is basically only for Arena and I’d like to not touch the latent setup if I can avoid it. For uses outside the Arena, I have some spare DKalis, Isises and Indras that I can throw skill delay resists on if I really need it. Heck, I’d consider buying another Ra Dragon if it turns out skill delay resists become all that important.


  10. I actually thought to put skill delay resists on Indra. This doesn’t limit RaDra’s usefulness to only UA. He will now have an easier time doing some (not all) descends that have skill delays.

    Basically, pop Indra for 3 turns and stall till skills are up again.


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