Mythical Jewel Farming and Other Stuff

I took some time away from +eggs this event to farm jewels to restock for upcoming uevos (I still don’t have enough for a Scarlet System, though). I thought that the results might be useful for those that were interested in my previous jewel farming posts.

Spirit Jewel Mythical Farming – No Bonuses
Date Dungeon Jewel Runs Stamina Jewels Jewel / Run Stam / Jewel
10/9/2015 Goemon Dark 63 3150 7 0.11 450.00
10/11/2015 Medjedra Fire 30 1500 4 0.13 375.00
10/15/2015 Cauchemar Fire 43 2150 5 0.12 430.00
10/18/2015 Hera-Is Light 62 3100 13 0.21 238.46
Total   198 15246 29 0.15 341.38

It’s unfortunate that my drop rate was best for the jewel I wanted the least, but now I have a decent amount for Awoken Sakuya skill ups. The cumulative rate was around 15%, exactly what most people believe it to be. I’m personally leaning toward 15% being correct, but a few thousand more samples would be needed to approach any result with confidence.

I’ve stated before that I preferred Rushes with 1.5x invade bonus to farming alt technicals for Pys for awoken Chinese skill ups. After this farming session, I definitely prefer Mythicals to Rushes for jewels. Drop rates aside, it’s just much easier to farm the easier descendeds than Rushes. This means there’s almost no risk of losing stamina to failed runs and you don’t have to waste as much brainpower on puzzling. The easier the descended, the better it becomes for farming. Goemon was particularly lucrative as as I farmed him with a push button team. I’ll definitely be farming Goemon and Valkyrie for jewels and latents whenever I can.

As a side-benefit, I got to skill  up some monsters that had been on my to-do list for a long time:

  • Goemon – I may use him for speedfarming 10x descendeds. If we get Surtr before 10x, I’ll probably use him instead.
  • Medjedra & Cauchemar – I don’t have any big plans for them, but I’d like to make some videos of clearing content with non-IAP subs. As damage shields, these two are fairly critical to those plans.
  • Santa Hera – Also not something I plan on using very often, but she could be useful to Shiva Dragon someday.
  • Chaos Blizzard Dragon – Just found it amusing that he’s finally max skilled solely from Hera-Is runs.

5 thoughts on “Mythical Jewel Farming and Other Stuff

    • There’s a decent chance we’ll get Surtr by the end of the year. He’s a mat for Awoken Freyr and they aren’t shy about fast tracking evo mats. Although I’d hope we get 10x before that, if not for Christmas (when many people will have the time off to farm the heck out of it).


  1. Oh! I’d love to see your take on goofy non-IAP clears.

    I have enough on my plate to work on but I wanna hyper some dumb stuff eventually.


  2. Hopefully they bring invades in a descended dungeon series like they recently did in JP. The top 5 (hardest ones) had a very very good invade rate but scarlet was too difficult to farm dark gems (nordis is also very difficult and not at all consistent for me). I think I got 10 green gems max skilling a zaerog, though and enough red gems to complete a shivadra team.


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