Why You Should Reconsider Buying HKali

Well, I guess playing better would’ve helped. Still a good sub, though.


16 thoughts on “Why You Should Reconsider Buying HKali

  1. It’s scary that 5x rainbow teams with multiple tpa’s just aren’t good enough anymore. The creep is real.


  2. I have a dilemma that I think you can help me with Setsu. I am floating at just over 200k MP and am planning to get up to 300k by selling off some stuff and rolling in either Halloween or next Godfest. I have been saving up for Ra Dragon since it is just dabes. I am running Awoken Ra as my endgame team right now (with LKali x2, DKali, and Isis/SQ). However the release of HKali makes me drool a little bit. However since I am not a super spender I have to choose between HKali and Ra Dragon. So here are my questions:

    1. Do you think I should be patient and wait for Ra Dragon? (I think the answer here is yes)
    2. What will be the best way to finish farming my MP, Halloween REM or Godfest? (I think the answer here is Godfest, though in Halloween there is a chance for HKali right?)


    • It’s a hard decision. She seems more like a luxury than anything, as most special REM rolls tend to be. If you have the Ra Dragon Arena team, I’d definitely wait, especially since you already have the normal Kalis. If you don’t then you have a harder decision.

      As for where to get the MP, a godfest is obviously going to have more value. Not only will it have better rolls, but I’m pretty sure collab eggs are worth less MP than normal ones. I guess end the end, MP is MP, so if that chance to get HKali is important to you, I wouldn’t blame you going for the Halloween REM.


      • Thanks for the reply. I think that I will wait for Ra Dragon and work on that arena team. I do not have an Indra and only have 1 DKali, so I don’t have quite the same build that you are planning. I think I will have to run a LKali over DKali and look for a replacement for Indra. Toki might be the closest thing I have to it.


  3. but i can type halloween kali’s jp name into google and find 2 videos of her clearing challenge 10 as well, i don’t get this post


    • Huh? You don’t think a 300k leader having a few glaring weaknesses isn’t reason to reconsider buying her? I’m not saying don’t buy her, or that she’s bad. Whatever works for you.


    • To be fair, this is a pretty extreme case. The play was poor and the team wasn’t that great. But it’s worth considering that fact that HKali’s tankiness can’t always make up for the low ATK multiplier.


  4. So should we RE-reconsider her now? 😛

    JK, still agree that her multiplier is just too low to be competitive for S tier. I have her pegged at A/A+ right now though, as cards with decent HP multipliers, and a decent ATK multiplier tend to land on the list. Looking at you Levi and Cloud, looking at you… Plus, she comes with HP, AND rcv. Although granted, 1.69x rcv isn’t THAT great, it’s still a decent boost to a hypermax team.

    All in all, she’s interesting. Not good, not bad, just… different.

    (And yet ANOTHER team that needs DKali to truly shine XD)


    • That’s a lot closer to the team I was imagining than what Sasuke ran, which was just a whale showboat team. But yeah, that ATK multiplier is just too low.


      • while I agree that halloween kali could definitely be stronger, I feel like either the team in the video above OR a team built more like a tanky osiris team is how halloween kali should be played.

        Yes, Osiris is kind of behind on the current meta, because when using him in the current meta, it’s all like “need to kill fast but bullet too slow”. But, even now I think he is still relevant for challenge 10s, at least.

        So maybe for extreme arena:

        ecchikali / kali / yami izanami / zeushera / (izanagi,ookuni,bind clearer,heart maker)

        For anything that isn’t extreme arena:

        Hkali / kali / izanami / (izanami, anubis) / (izanagi,ookuni, bind clearer, heart maker)

        The heart maker could be pandora.

        Honestly I’m trying to come up with good reasons as to why I should spend my 300k MP on halloween kali. I did 2 pulls on the halloween gacha and my first pull was halloween sonia… close, but not what I wanted…


  5. Jeeze that kid is annoying. Constant stream of verbal diarrhoea. Never looks at the camera. Dunno if it’s better that I don’t speak Japanese. Only way I can bear to watch is with the sound off.


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