Are You Ready For Elia?


I haven’t used a Shynpy since they day they were released, the only type I’ve never used. I was actually considering using them on Izanagi. This was back in the time when it was almost justified since Athena was still good and he didn’t have skill up fodder, but thank god I didn’t go through with it. It’s things like this that you sit on Pys for.

I do plan on skilling an Elia, but I’d like to minimize the amount of Pys used. Luckily, this event has some nice dungeons to farm. First, Izanami and Thoth & Sopdet are around to skill up those Halloween silvers (I’m glad my laziness paid off and I didn’t farm Sopdets in the Descended Challenge). Even better, they are both on Sundays meaning I can get in as much farming in as my sanity will allow. After that, I’m looking at Grimoires, Aamir and Zhang Fei to add to my farmable roster. Unfortunately, there’s nothing easy like Goemon, but we can’t have everything, I guess. I expect there will be much frustration in my future, but there isn’t any huge rush. My Kanna team still needs a ton of +eggs and Awoken Sakuya is still a month or so out.


5 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Elia?

  1. I’m waiting for a 10x descended with Elia active. Seems like that would be the best of both worlds, you can farm skillups and even if you don’t get an invade, you get the plus eggs


    • I think this is what kumomo did? IIRC it took about a pack to max skill an Elia. A shitload of +eggs and a max skill Elia seems like a reasonable use for a pack.


  2. I plan on taking the long route with skilling her up. Only gonna do a few skill-ups per event. I don’t have any pressing need for her but you never know when she might make a few future team OP.


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