Hypermax Yomi


I’m surprised we got, uh, her… so fast. 53 days is pretty sweet. I’m hoping they can eventually get the delay to within a month.

I did my first 7×6 EEC run with her (I’m just going to go with that) and one-shot it. Granted, 7×6 isn’t the greatest way to evaluate a lead, but I did find out I have a long ways to go as far as figuring out how to fit that enhanced-five into my board. The playstyle is enough different from Bastet to make comboing interesting again; not to insinuate that I’m any good, but playing the same lead for months does get boring.


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  1. Hoping 5 orbs is fun in practice, at least you get a mountain of time extends to play with.

    With this coming sooner than expected I’m on the brink of feeding away my +297 Haku/Hanzo… I got spares and it doesn’t seem like they’re pushing dark rows anytime soon.


  2. how well does A.Yomi burst ? I haven’t watched any vids on the team wondering how worth the investment it is seems interesting just not sure about it.


    • Incredibly well, right up there with any of the other top tier leads in the game. Consider the minimum possible full activation:

      5 dark orbs, with 1 enhanced (in practice you’ll probably get 3+, but worst case)
      6 other combos, with none dark

      That’s a 56.25x from leader skills alone, another 1.5x from match-5, 1.06*1.3x from orb enhances just on the two leads, and 2.5x for combos. 56.25*1.5*1.06*1.3*2.5 = 290x.

      That’s without considering your sub pool. Satsuki sits at 1700 base atk and 3 TPAs. If just one of those 7 combos is a dark TPA, a 297 Satsuki alone will do:

      (56.25*1.5*1.06*1.3*2.5 * 2198) + (56.25*1.25*2.5 * 2.5^3 * 2198) = ~2m

      I believe there are videos of AYomi teams with a single Satsuki kicking out 3.5m damage before type advantage, which is easily believable (match 5 and 2 TPAs will do it no problem).

      I’m not looking forward to the learning curve that comes with trying to kick out a match-5, TPA, and 5 other combos consistently, but something like a match 5, 6 combo with one other dark is still going to do in the neighborhood of 4m total damage for a 297 team, and that’s without having to use an active skill.


  3. Still waiting for descend carnival to get my Tengu and Xuanxangs. Really don’t want to develop a low cost team when I need to focus on RaDra.


    • I used dual ~lv30 Red Chesters with a bunch of cheap orb changers, and once I got the hang of the dungeon, it was a consistent clear of the Master Tengu level. It might take a few tries, but I’d rather spend 90 stamina on multiple Master clears than spend the time developing a team that could consistently beat Legend.


    • For Tengu:

      Guan Yiping
      Fire Sprite, Parrot
      Ice Samurai Ogre
      Guan Yiping

      All are pretty easily farmable when their dungeons come around, and none of mine are skilled (well, Gigas, but it’s trivial to skill him), and you can level them all to 50 or so just using the leftover fodder you get from farming kotg on weekends during 3x.


    • I just realized Yomi doesn’t enhance off colour attacks of dark attribute cards so I’m replacing my blue Odin with another typhon.


      • I’m bewildered how you can have 3 6-stars and not have better subs than this. I think you need to start working on a DIza and Zaerog.

        Also I don’t understand what you mean by enhancing off-color attacks. If you match 5 of your off-color they will get the ATK bonus.


        • Here’s my padherder – feast your eyes on what 100+ godfest REM rolls will get you!


          Leveling and max skilling a DIza and Zaerog are on my to do list, hopefully Zaerog will be back soon…

          The Yomi leaderskill takes some getting used to, from what I can see the 2x for 6 combos, 2.5x for 7 combos applies to all cards on your team(all colours). The 3x only applies to the colour you match the 5orb combo in(with the 1+ enhanced orb). So you end up with some cards having differing damage multipiers on one of their attacks. This makes having several main attack types problematic since matching more than one 5orb combo makes getting 7 total combos much more difficult.

          I had originally thought that a 5orb combo and 7 total combo’s simply made everyone hit at 56x (all attack types)…


    • I don’t plan on it. Team building posts take a lot of time and usually for FotM teams there’s plenty of other resources that cover it.

      I haven’t had much time to play with her yet, but the little of what I have I’ve enjoyed running two Zaerogs and a DIza. I’ve grown addicted to haste and this allows DIza to be up most of the time, helping to mitigate Yomi’s biggest weakness in low RCV. The skyfall buff ensures there are enough dark orbs to active. The second Zaerog isn’t a necessity. For the remaining slots on the team I’d run some kind of combination of Haku and Pandora. I don’t think Satsuki has a regular place on the team unless you’re simply going for big dick damage.


      • Yea that team I previously mentioned was able to do over 19 million damage which is just plain silly.

        Sadly I don’t have either of those cards 😦

        Well I’ll definitely be adding a Zaerog and DIza but not sure what to put in the other two sub slots.


  4. I’ve been having trouble sorting the board to fit the 5 enhanced orbs. I always try to stack it along the left or right edge since it just seems to fit so well there, but have often times discovered i screwed up the 7th combo because I didn’t plan well. 😦


  5. I know a lot of people have discussed this before, but do you think it’s worth it to use Piis on Z8, or just suck it up and farm his dungeon? I am considering the team of Yomi / D/D Haku / Halloween Izanami / Z8 / Pandora / Yomi. I have a fair number of Badpys saved up, so I’ll give those to Yomi first. I’m using D/D Haku because I max skilled her (so painful) and then never used her…so I’ll make A. Haku if I ever roll a second one.
    For reference, this is my box: https://www.padherder.com/user/alphafirestar/monsters/
    (levels and stuff are pretty out of date though)
    Also, curious on your opinion of HIza vs DIza for Yomi?


    • I wouldn’t use Pys on something that has a halfway reasonable skill up fodder already released (fuck you, Yatagarasu). I understand there’s a temptation to do so for some players, especially when they don’t have any other immediate use for them, but since they’re so scarce and the game is always changing, I couldn’t recommend taking that risk. Hold on to them for as long as you can or they decide to make them easier to get.

      I think DIza is significantly better. HIza is better offensively, but you don’t really need that for Yomi. DIza has better uptime which helps mitigate Yomi’s biggest weakness in low RCV.


      • …But HIza is so much prettier! I know you’re right, but I don’t want you to be 😦
        Out of curiosity though, when would you use HIza over DIza? In your review, you said she was “arguably the best roll in the REM”, and “those OEs will be put to good use on teams like Zaerog, Yomi and Yomi Dragon”. Did you change your mind about that specifically in regards to A Yomi, or do you just feel that she’s a fine sub for A Yomi, but that DIza is better?

        Yeah, that’s a good point about the Pys; I’ll resist temptation.

        At least I didn’t waste any on the Beelzebub that I ultimate never even bothered to give tamas to, so there’s that!


        • I still feel the same, but you have to adjust your expectations for a silver egg. HIza was in a precarious situation to begin with since DIza is just better in most situations. However, her offensive capabilities paired with her shield and resists make her an invaluable role player. Who knows when those light resists will be valuable, but when they are you won’t be able to replace then with anything even close to HIza. She’s fine on Yomi, but she’s better on Zaerog and Yomi Dragon since they have so many hastes on their teams and the extra damage is put to better use. That irreplaceable value is why I thought she was arguably the best roll.


        • >…But HIza is so much prettier! I know you’re right, but I don’t want you to be 😦

          Same. I’ll probably be skilling up DIza and HIza simultaneously, whomever hits max first gets used first! 😀

          In your review, you said she was “arguably the best roll in the REM”

          Honestly, she kinda is 😛 Kali is nice, but aside form that, every other card is situational at best, but HIza will likely see the most use out of the entire REM.


          • The funny thing is, I spent a good chunk of time last weekend skilling DIza in case the next event didn’t have 2.5x skill up bonus, and I managed to max her. Then I rolled HIza and immediately wanted to replace her ^^;
            Although to be fair, I’d probably use DIza in non-Yomi teams (and definitely for A. Shiva, since I don’t have a Phoenix Rider…so sad…)

            It’s too bad HIza didn’t get a skill up in the dungeon though…I’d rather have that than those Quintons…

            HIza has a lot of hype, so it’ll be interesting to see if all of these predictions of her greatness pan out 😛


  6. Hey setsu, just started looking at this website. I really like it and appreciate the work and thing you put in it. Any thoughts on awoken Yomi as a sub? Is that a thing?


    • I don’t think she’s really ideal for any team, but she’s certainly a good sub. She covers wood for dark Sakuya teams, if you believe that’s a thing.


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