Learning a New Lead Is Hard


My first impression is that Yomi is significantly more difficult to use than Bastet. A lot of it is just my unfamiliarity with the lead, but fitting five connected orbs on the board is incredibly awkward, making it even more difficult to fit the requisite seven combos on the board (in general, six isn’t enough for Lv10). Compounding the issue is the team’s horrible RCV, making flubbed combos difficult to recover from; not that that’s ever easy to recover from in Lv10s, but teams with good RCV certainly make it easier. I’m definitely intrigued by the playstyle, though, so I’ll likely put in the effort to learn it.

This Lv10 was particularly unfriendly for Yomi because of the consecutive preemptives, but I found that enhancing hearts with Yomi’s active was a nice panic button for emergency healing. Pandora was almost a requirement for healing, her normal form being preferred to the summer version for the extra skill boost which allows Haku to be ready on time for Beelzebub.


4 thoughts on “Learning a New Lead Is Hard

  1. I struggled on this C10 Setsu. I tried Yomi 5 times (my Yomi team is not hypered) and was unable to consistently put 7 combos on the board. The 5 linked orbs is very challenging. There were occasions where I even linked the 5 orbs, hit 7 combos and still didnt do enough damage. I’ll chalk that up to not being hypered, but this was depressing as I was really looking forward to Yomi.

    Interestingly enough, i’ve found that time has not been the issue with Yomi (thanks to a gazillion extends). Rather, it is board organization and squeezing 7 combos onto the board that I seem to struggle with even in a simulator. It’s crazy that the one orb difference between a TPA and 5 linked orbs creates such a huge headache for that 7th combo. Conversely, when I switched back to Shiva I one shotted the C10 (they are hypered though).

    I’m certainly intrigued by this playstyle as well and feel like Yomi is actually making me better at solving boards more efficiently. I used to be able to get away with a stray orb here or there, but now i feel like i have to pack them all super tight to guarantee the 7th combo.


  2. I figured the same thing when I first saw Awoken Yomi – not just a little harder than ABastet, a lot harder. Considering I’m totally inconsistent with the cat, no regrets selling Yomi for Shiva Dragon.


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