Nordis Descended – Awoken Yomi

Still struggling to get a hang of Awoken Yomi. Luckily, skyfall is a thing and most of the enemies are light.


10 thoughts on “Nordis Descended – Awoken Yomi

    • No, I still intend to use Bastet as my main. I think Yomi really needs Yomi Dragon to reach her full potential, but even then I think Bastet is still stronger. That could just be my wood bias speaking, though. I’ll keep working on improving with Yomi and maybe my mind will change.


  1. Nice team, halloween alraune is a really nice bind clear utility for dark. Now that you are enjoying yomi. I just started enjoying my meimei system with zuoh. Turns out putting odin dragon help a lot with the team survivability and viability for most situation. Cleared nordis with the system, meimei is just strong with 36x n tpas

    I am going to build my yomi with another zaerog after z8 descend comes around again soon. That skyfall play on ur vid was sweet. Perhaps later with yomi dragon or a yomi dragon friend for bind clearing utility and survivability, the team will be stronger at a little cost of multiplier. But we can put izanami in for shield looping, and get rcv bonus from yomi dragon.


    • Congrats on your Meimei System. Geez, I didn’t even consider Odin Dragon on the team. That’s a really great idea. Now it makes me want one. I was already tempted to buy one, but now there’s actually a decent reason. I’ll probably have to pass until it rotates back, though.

      Yes, I really think Yomi needs Yomi Dragon as a sub to reach her full potential. I had to sub in Pandora to beat this Lv10, but Yomi Dragon would be so much better. And like you said, the haste allows DIza looping.


  2. Interesting. Even though I wish I hadn’t fed away my Yomi, this makes me a little less sad about it – my Kite team does similar damage output with higher HP and worse puzzling (nice job, btw), so he’s probably a better fit for my box.


    • Yeah, in most situations matching 4 colors is easier than 7 combos. I knew it would be harder, but it wasn’t until I actually used Yomi that I found out how much.


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