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  • The NA event continues. Outside incidental Elia farming, there isn’t much for me to do. I really want to be excited about PAD, but the near future looks bleak. At least Ra Dragon and the Ultimate Arena are coming soon.
  • We’re finally getting the FF Collab, but since it’s so outdated I’m not going to do an REM review like I usually do. Instead I’ll probably do some speculation on future value. Even if I’m not excited for the rolls themselves, I’m glad that GungHo was able to bring such a high profile collab to NA. If anything, it should give us some hope for other IPs.
  • The Awoken Freyja art was just revealed. It looked great until I saw the feet. Then I saw how awkward her left leg looked. PAD art has come a long way, but there’s certainly much room for improvement. Art aside, hopefully she gets the Thor treatment with three rows. Wood TPA teams, a.k.a. Bastet teams, don’t really need a damage enhance, but Ishida would really love a partner in crime.
  • While we’re getting the fairly crappy FF collab, JP will be getting the Fist of the North Star Collab. It should be interesting to see what the uevos are like.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 38

  1. I’m anticipating a FF collab revival in JP eventually, where the leads get super buffed like they did with HxH. It’s such a cash cow that it would be stupid NOT to… Imagine a whole new generation of whales rolling for the cloud system 2.0, where cloud’s LS has a 6x multiplier when using a skill and each cloud has 3 TPAs…

    Also sephiroth takes his place in S tier with a 1.5x HP and ATK for attackers, 4x for four colors, 1.5x rcv when using a skill. Also he now has Kali’s AS, plus three turns haste. And … and… 4 TPAs with 4K atk… (lol, parody of the forums crying for buffs.)

    Either way, still just glad this is coming! Lot of things stood in the way, but today NA stands victorious! Sephiroth, please join me… I’m your biggest fan! (points at custom avatar)

    Wanna hear a joke? You know what needs a buff? A Freyja’s feet.

    Side note: If the rest of the 100 rebalances turn out to be as good as what they’ve shown so far, things are looking up! I&I makes me happy, as now I feel that her active is /almost/ competitive enough to justify using over an orb changer in some dungeons. Hoping Freyr gets the same. Heck, he and Thor had BETTER get the same 😛


    • Yeah, JP will eventually get improvements to FF whenever the collab comes back there, but as-is there’s little point in rolling on NA. Many will roll because it’s FF and whales are going to roll anyways, but I feel it may be smarter just to hold off and hoping we get it again after JP gets its buffs and possible additions to the REM. Maybe if you’re afraid of them adding more 6-stars then maybe you’ll have a better chance of getting dupe Clouds now.

      I thought Parvati’s helmet head was egregious, but Freyja’s feet are unacceptable. Adachi’s feet have always been bad. I’m not exactly a feet guy, but his look more like flippers than feet. I thought he got a little bit better with Awoken Lakshmi, but I guess I was wrong. He usually uses things like those magic swirls or POV to block his feet; he should’ve done that this time, too.

      And yes, I’m really looking forward to more buffs. The DMeta buffs already landed her on the Game8 leader list, so hopefully more good ones are on the way. That’s a lot of updates they have to get through, though, so with FotNS also on the plate, I wonder how they’re going to handle rolling everything out.

      My most wanted buff: Awoken Ceres. It’s sad that a silver like Thumbelina is now better in most situations. Ceres’s only real advantages are raw stats and the bind recovery awakening. Seeing as they’re addressing the problem of the stat boosting awakenings, here’s hoping Ceres gets some love too. Adding a haste to her active or lowering it a few turns, making the HP awakening better and dropping the auto-heal for an SBR would be pretty nice.


      • What do you think of LMetas buff though? I was expecting something along the lines of a reworked leader skill (higher HP buff maybe to match DMeta) but all we get is a cool down reduction….. Extremely disappointed. There’s only 2802948573 bund clearer in Puzzle and Dragons now and LMeta now has serious competition from Amaterasu. I wish they had buffed her more. She’s a GFE yet the Zhuge Liang and Guan You cards who were dropped got buffed more than she did.


        • Yeah, I’m not impressed. I don’t know what their aversion is to giving LMeta a substantial buff, she’s been stuck getting a string of irrelevant improvements. They need to give her a dimension that isn’t overshadowed by Awoken Amaterasu and makes her a desirable alternative instead.


  2. OK, first off: “My most wanted buff: Awoken Ceres. It’s sad that a silver like Thumbelina is now better in most situations.” Please elaborate. I have never heard this before. It’s interesting because I don’t have a Ceres, but I DO have a Thumbelina…

    Next up, “Maybe if you’re afraid of them adding more 6-stars then maybe you’ll have a better chance of getting dupe Clouds now” Had not considered them adding more characters, but again, it’s be stupid NOT to. 😛

    Still gonna roll every free stone I have and get between now and the arrival of the collab. Too much nostalgia to NOT roll. (I seem to capitalize every letter in NOT quite a bit… XD)

    The buffs are more exciting than new awokens to me. Awokens are all but guaranteed for every card we have right now, but buffs are not. Based on what we’ve seen so far with significant LS buffs, new and improved awakenings, and some SIGNIFICANT AS boosts, (I&I is still a bit iffy, but it’s almost valued correctly… almost.) this is a lot better than changing all the stat + awakenings like some speculated. These are buffs to make cards that two weeks ago were mostly irrelevant, quite a bit more relevant. (Irrelevant isn’t the right word, but you catch my drift. Perhaps underrated? IDK.)

    Personally, hoping for a Lakshmi AS buff. Or awakening buff. LS buff? (MAKE LAKSHMI S TIER AGAIN GH!!!) Real talk though, an AS buff would be kinda nice, as GH realy over-prices a drain on an active. Parvati got a 5 turn orb change AND enhance. Lakshmi got an 8 turn 3 hearts and drain… ripoff.

    Other cards I anticipate/hope end up getting buffed are: Bonia and Gonia. Now or never baby. GGY/RGY. They need it almost as much. Berry dragons get a stat boost? IDK. There’s a hundred more that “need” buffs, but someone speculated that an active change could count as a change for every card with that active. So if they end up buffing the Late Bloomer dragons, that’s 60ish cards buffed right there… Hope GH is feeling as generous for the remainder of the hundred as they were for the start!


    • Thumbelina was previously revealed to get an additional bind resist, making her 100%. So now she’s basically the same as Ceres now except her active is 1 turn quicker, she has an SBR and she has a TPA which is generally better for wood teams. Also, creating heart orbs is situationally better than a straight heal and is certainly better for Parvati. Her biggest weakness is about 1.4k less HP, which is huge, but for a silver vs. awoken uevo, Ceres is looking pretty bad.


  3. I hope all the cards they took out of GF (ggy, gzl, etc) get good buffs… There needs to be some justification for not sacrificing them to the altar of MP.

    EOTN – Sephiroth, yes, please. They need to make him at least as good as Levi. And add god type, because that’s what he would want.


  4. Fat Chocobo, Setsu!! Finally I can progress with my Sakuya team without constantly praying at the RNG gods for an LKali/DKali haha


    • Yes, Fat Chocobo is by far the best thing to come out of the FF Collab, at least for this iteration. The high HP and resists will make it a lot easier for players to survive DQ Hera’s preemptive, too.


  5. Feels like I’m forever waiting for a better collab to whale on…

    As for art, I’ll take some awkward feet over something like Greco-Roman 1.0 art any day of the week.

    My larger beef is with the artist who does Kali/Kanna, the illustrations are so sexually charged and densely packed that they seem almost out of place, in my opinion anyway. Sometimes less is more.


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