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  1. Aaah, gotta hurry and get my Goemon ready :O Only two skill ups so far 😦

    For farming, how well does Chibi Rodin work as a replacement for normal Rodin? I assume significantly worse/unusable (worse stats, less SB, no rows), but I want to believe that my two chibis have some redeeming value…


    • You probably have another 2-4 weeks to get ready, but maybe NA will surprise us and we’ll get it earlier? The real question is if we’ll get a good dungeon to go along with it and whether Elia will invade.

      Yeah, Mini ROdin is pretty garbage. The skill boosts are more important than the nuke, as evidenced by how important Tengu is. I do remember seeing him on a Shiva Dragon-Markab system for clearing out high-defense monsters.


  2. Ah well, gg Mini Rodin, and push-button dreams 😦 I guess I’ll end up doing things the hard way until I can get one of those, and also roll at least one real Rodin. Which probably means either Verdandi or an Urd(Yamato?)/Shiva Dragon hybrid team… Still, even hardmode 10x descends is pretty great 😀 I’ll be hoping for jewel invades personally, since I have some Chinese girls that need skill ups..


      • Friday 25 cost dungeon is the best place to farm them. I tried farming them in Hemera during x5 techs and also the normal dungeons during x3 but both had shoddy results (like 1 every 250-300 stamina). You can grab 12 dub rubies in a relatively short amount of time dumping stamina into the 25 friday.


        • I had pretty good results with the 3x Normals I think, but it can be pretty hit or miss. Last week I was trying to collect dub-rubies and my box filled up quickly with not-rubies, so I was hoping there was a better option, but I guess not 😦


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