Halloween Event Farming and Skill Up Roundup 10/23-11/3

This event was pretty boring for me as it was mainly composed of farming, mostly descendeds, for skill ups during the 2.5x event (which for some reason we aren’t getting for the next event even though it’s now standard for JP). The first set of monsters that needed skill ups were what I rolled from the Halloween REM. This event also premiered the Angel & Reaper invades, meaning it was a good time to start work on Elia while skilling up descended bosses that I had wanted to for a long time.

Elia Invades

Elia Invade Mythical Farming – No Bonuses
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Stones Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
10/23/2015 Takeminekata 20 1000 3 6 30.00% 166.67
10/25/2015 Izanami 75 3750 9 5 6.67% 750.00
10/30/2015 Grimoires 30 1500 4 2 6.67% 750.00
10/31/2015 Aamir 51 2550 6 5 9.80% 510.00
11/1/2015 Thoth & Sopdet 81 4050 10 10 12.35% 405.00
Total   257 12850 32 28 10.89% 458.93

So the assumed 10% invade rate appears to be correct, especially when backed up with the data of players that already max skilled their Elias. Pricing a max skilled Elia at about a pack seems about correct. Here are a few notes on the farming of each descended:

  • Takeminekata – I got unusually lucky here, getting a 30% invade rate. A nice way to start off my Elia, I suppose, but that would set me up for a letdown in subsequent farming sessions.
  • Izanami – I used a Shiva Dragon / Ares / Ares / Yamato / Goemon / Shiva Dragon team. Goemon was there for the last floor to get around DIza’s time reduction. I considered Horus, but Goemon was just easier.
  • Grimoires – I used a standard Shiva Dragon team here. This dungeon is about the same difficulty as Takeminekata, but since it’s two floors longer it was much more tedious to farm. I’m glad to be done with this boring dungeon. I have one skill up left on my Paulina, but I doubt I’ll get around to it anytime soon.
  • Aamir – I once again used a standard Shiva Dragon team. I hate all the dungeons I farmed this event, but this one takes the cake. Not only is it long, but all the stupid skills Aamir and his slutty carbuncles use seriously made me want to kill myself. Hopefully NA gets good dungeon selection for 10x because I want to avoid farming this again if at all possible.
  • Thoth & Sopdet – Team: Shiva Dragon / Ares / Ares / Ra / RSonia / Shiva Dragon. Dungeons with combo shields are always annoying to farm; luckily RSonia made that fairly trivial. Even though she’s not a god, the team did more than enough damage. Ra was on the team to deal with… Ra… but his light main attribute combined with Ares’s sub-attribute was surprisingly useful for clearing trash.

I think I’ve had enough descended farming for now. There are still some farmables I’d like to skill up, but I’ll probably wait for 10x before doing it again so I don’t burn myself out.

Halloween +Egg Farming

Much to my surprise, the Halloween +egg event was actually pretty good when stacked with 2x drops. The drop bonus gave Intermediate a 100% drop rate on the first three floors which meant +eggs dropped frequently. This allowed for extremely fast, push button +egg farming which also had acceptable stamina efficiency.

Halloween Dungeon
Date Diff. Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
11/1/2015 Expert 36 900 3 39 1.08 23.08
11/1/2015 Int 138 2070 5 101 0.73 20.50

I initially started farming expert for skill ups, but when I found that the +egg rate was pretty nice I did digging on the the usual PAD sites and found that Int. was even better. My egg rate wasn’t as good as some reported, but the speed couldn’t be denied. If anything, we should keep events like this in mind, at least until we get 10x. I wanted to farm more +eggs, but I needed to pace my stone spending a bit so I cut it short.

For posterity, the team I used for Int. was ROdin / ROdin / ROdin / Goemon / Vritra / ROdin.

Skill Up Numbers

Monster Tries Success Rate
Alraune 15 5 33.33%
Vampire 21 6 28.57%
Thoth & Sopdet 33 10 30.30%
Izanami 26 7 26.92%
Thoth 51 6 11.76%
Theurgia 13 4 30.77%
Paulina 13 4 30.77%
Armadel 9 5 55.56%
Aamir 51 10 19.61%

Overall pretty nice results, but the skill up process was a rollercoaster. I had so many 0-for-5s this event, but they were strangely offset with 3- and even a couple 4-for-5s. Thoth was particularly bad — I think I got four or five 0-for-5s on him — but my rage subsided when I realized he’s pretty much useless.


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    • I usually multitask by watching TV, anime, Twitch, etc while farming. These are things I’d be doing anyways so this makes the process much easier.


  1. I skilled up a Halloween Laila (questionable choices) by running Int, and then realized I had collected a ton of plus eggs in the process, so I guess it was worth the stones after all, haha. No idea when I’d ever use her though…


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