Ra Chicken Team Complete

Now to git gud.


15 thoughts on “Ra Chicken Team Complete

    • It’s amazing how good Ra Dragon is. You won’t be disappointed in the investment. It’s such a relief to not have to farm coin dungeons for Pys anymore and being able to spend them a bit more freely.

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  1. I don’t have any Dkali’s. I’ve got two HKali’s and two WKali’s. Do you think it’s worth it to buy lazer chicken? Or should I wait for YomiDragon, who I’ve got a good team for.


    • It depends what you’re trying to do. If you want an Arena farming team, I think you need at least one DKali. Or you can risk the Arena without 100% SBR, but that’s pretty risky and will get pretty frustrating after a while. Outside Arena, Fat Chocobo or whatever replacement should work fine.

      I think Yomi Dragon will be a fine Arena clearing team. Obviously not as good a Ra Dragon, but better than an incomplete Ra Dragon team.


  2. It’d be great if you made other team options for people who don’t have all the monsters for the Ra Dragon team! I have Ra dragon and a DKALI but sadly no Isis and my sun Quan just won’t cut it I think… Any other subs you can recommend?


  3. Grats on the team and arena clear.
    I don’t have Indra or Kanna (sadly, spent 3.5 packs rolling already this event), any recommendations for that spot? Muse or A.Susano?


    • Probably Muse since you need a way to deal with the Kalis, but neither are very good options. Izanagi is probably the next best damage enhancer after Kanna and also comes with a SBR. You can use PAD Bear if you’re really desperate, but the only real upside is coming with 2 SBRs.


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