Final Fantasy Collab Rolls 2015.11.02 – 21 Rolls

The dupes are never ending. I needed the MP for Yomi Dragon anyways. At least I got Yuna.


9 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Collab Rolls 2015.11.02 – 21 Rolls

  1. Hm. You can’t complain TOO much though, you DID end up with more Rinoas than you did Vivis…

    From what I’ve heard, the gold rats is allegedly 40%, or 8% each, with the 6* rate somewhere around 9%, or 3% each. Looks like you had more or less typical rolls I guess. Gonna keep rolling for the cloud system?


    • I may roll later for a Cloud, but probably only one. I already have two Leonises to fill out the system and since Shiva Dragon is good enough for farming difficult stuff, I’ll reserve Cloud for the easier stuff.


  2. OK, so I’ve got a question for ya. How do you feel about fat chicken on god chicken teams? (Fat chocobo on RaDra?) I mean, helooks really, REALLY good to me. Like, HP latent him up, he comes with 10% light AND dark resists, allowing for more flexibility on other team members’ latents. He has a LOT more HP than DKali. Only big issue I can see is that he doesn’t have a SBR, but for Arena do you really need one? You basically have a TON of tanking ability thanks to huge HP, and good rcv, plus if you’ve been setting up and clearing the board properly, you CAN activate without an active. You do lose out on the RCV and the RCV multiplier, but is losing 1/6 of the teams rcv that bad when you get another 1700+ HP (HP latents add ~380)? Maybe, IDK. I’m asking you.

    Pros vs DKali: FREE. 10% L/D resists built in. 1700-2000 more HP.

    Cons vs DKali: Not 100% SLR. Much lower damage potential with lack of TPAs and lower damage. Zero base Rcv and not affected by the multiplier. Longer CD AS. Affectable by binds, and not able to clear binds. No fingers. (basically it boils down to worse awakenings :P)

    All in all, if I roll a DKali, I’m buying RaDra and using fatty here as my second. I briefly debated running RaDra/Fatty/Indra/AIsis/flex and hoping to pull a DKali… not thinking it’s a good idea 😀

    So now I wait… either awoken I&I/ ryune gets here and I have a reason to buy Charite’, or I roll a DKali on free stones, and wait for the next time chicken dragon is in the shop. Alternately, I buy Christmas L/Dkali, and just play ARa. 😉

    While I’m at it, ARa/LKali/Fatty/AIsis/AYomi may be a team I build……If I learn how to actually combo and not just make sad little rows 😛


    • Yeah, Fat Chocobo is one of the better DKali replacements. Ra Dragon’s tankiness helps mitigate a lot of things, the lack of DKali board changes and 100% SBR being a few of them. You’re definitely lowering your percentages in a largely RNG dungeon, but a team with Fat Chocobo should be able to clear it at a good rate. I do worry about the damage, though, as the DKalis are often your biggest damage dealers, but the team does so much damage already that a hit shouldn’t matter too much.


    • I don’t have a second DKali, so I’ve been using RaDra/DKali/Fatty/Indra/AIsis and it works quite well. A second DKali would be better, but it fills the role of a second DKali. Also helps with the extra resist. I’m by no means the best puzzler, but you could beat arena with the team. Not being 100% SBR is a dice roll but the extra resists can be nice. I’m not sure how it would work without having a DKali at all. But if you get one Fatty can sub in for the second nicely.


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