It Didn’t Stand a Chance


Ra Dragon is obviously strong enough to pierce a Py’s defense with a little luck, but it still feels good to do it; without elemental advantage, even.


13 thoughts on “It Didn’t Stand a Chance

    • Pretty consistent. I’d say without user error that the 80% clear rate number being thrown around is pretty close to the truth. The only real obstacles are bad skyfalls putting you in enrage range or on Sopdet and Kagutsuchi. Given a perfect player, they can probably exceed 80%.

      I started 1/10, but now that I’ve learned the dungeon and I’m more comfortable with rainbow teams, I’d say I have about a 40-50% clear rate. I don’t think I’ll ever reach 80%, but 60-70 is within reach.


  1. Definitely ridiculous damage. I’m building my RaDra team now, I’m going to have to use Fat Chocobo for the second DKali tho. I had to mortgage my box to buy RaDra but I’ve been wanting a strong color lead forever and now here he is. Shivagon and RaDra teams, both pretty close to perfect should be enough to clear anything I need to anyways


  2. Kudos, sir. I’m still struggling at 3/39. I get Sopdet a lot, and there’s way too much user error.

    I dream of hitting even 50% consistency, let alone 80. =/


    • Ouch. Sopdet is horrible, I probably clear her less than 25% of the time. Skyfalls wreck me all the time, although I’m getting better at managing it. I never thought’d I’d have to learn to minimize the chances of skyfall.


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