Scarlet Descended – Ra Dragon

Definitely not going to farm this dungeon until I put together a team for it.


11 thoughts on “Scarlet Descended – Ra Dragon

  1. Shiva Dragon with Mamiya still has quite some orb troll risk, in particular with Kraken and Scarlet. But I suppose its the closesept you can get to a ‘farming team’.


  2. Gave this one shot with my standard Lakshmi team. Had 11K HP going into floor 2. Green demon one shot me as dealing 3.5MM damage with only one active is a bit of a pain when your entire team is level 20 XD

    I’m positive Lakshmi CAN beat this dungeon, just not with me at the wheel 😛

    And from what I’ve heard, farming is pretty much either Cloud system or Shivagon.


  3. I’ve been soft farming it with awoken ra with indra. Usually doable… but tbh dealing with DQ hera is what annoys me. taking 2 turns to kill scarlet/fire hera is fine in general


  4. Yeah, I was not very happy with the performance of any of my teams on that dungeon. I beat it with my Awoken Ra team, but my RaDra team had consistent problems. Not farming it any time soon.


  5. Thanks. I would still question the consistence of it being able to farm the dungeon. It also seems relatively slow but I acknowledge this is how descends nowadays work.
    I have recently seem a Mori Motonari team handling the dungeon quite well which may be an idea going forward: I cannot find the link anymore but I think subs were: 2 BOnias, A. I&I and Amon(?). Ninja Hattori should work as well for the 4th sub spot.


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