Final Fantasy Farming and Skill Ups

I guess I’m supposed to be thankful that there are skill ups at all?

Farming Numbers

Final Fantasy Legend – 2x Drops – 110 Runs
Weapon Drops Drop % Stam / Drop
Yuna 29 26.36% 170.69
Cloud 41 37.27% 120.73
Sephiroth 4 3.64% 1237.50
Squall 39 35.45% 125.92
Rinoa 37 33.64% 133.78
Tidus 28 25.45% 176.79
Zidane 37 33.64% 133.78

I ran Legend because it was the lowest difficulty that guaranteed a Cloud/Kefka drop, the only skill up I was interested in besides Yuna. I’m not sure if other difficulties are better or not, but I couldn’t find any good sources indicating otherwise. I encountered Gilgamesh 13 times, or 8.18% of my runs, for a total of four Masamunes. Meaning even if you’re farming to skill up an entire Cloud System, you probably won’t be able to skill up a Sephiroth in the same about of time. Pretty lame, in my opinion.

Skill Up Numbers

Monster Tries Success Rate
Yuna 20 5 25.00%
Cloud 40 5 12.50%
Squall 35 10 28.57%
Rinoa 37 9 24.32
Tidus 28 5 17.86%
Zidane 20 5 25.00%
Chaos 70 10 14.29%
Emperor of Palamecia 63 10 15.87%
Cloud of Darkness 46 10 21.74%
Zeromus 32 10 31.25%
Neo Exdeath 36 7 19.44%
Kefka 34 10 29.41%

All of my luck went into skilling up everything except the one thing I wanted: Cloud. I went 0-for-5 on him five times. Luckily I got two 2-for-5s, but it was still frustrating as fuck. This is what I get for trying on 2x instead of waiting for 2.5x, but I just wanted to get this out of the way. Hopefully we never get 2x again.


19 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Farming and Skill Ups

  1. Well, I’m at two golds for 4 rolls, so I really can’t complain TOO much…but they were both Rinoa, my least wanted gold. Honestly, I am more likely to use Tidus than I am her. And now I have 2… MP is MP I guess?

    I’ll probably hold onto one because buffs are inbound on JP, because let’s be honest, a buffed cloud system is something that will make GH a LOT of money, so the collab WILL be back, practically guaranteed.

    On the flipside of things, I’m working on max skilling Kefka. Which is one of the saddest things I’ve ever done in this game, seeing as I get a ton of useless skillups for a Cloud I will never have…

    Gonna try out that Kefka team I found some day. Looks like a fun way to kick back and play pretty mindlessly while watching a show. But honestly, I just consider it a vanity project 😛 Some people want hypermaxed scarlet systems? I want a hypermax Kefka team! I figure that with as much luck as it takes to get Scarlet through Arena, Kefka can do it just as well! 😛

    —Below here is a very long winded rabbit trail about Kafka in the arena. Feel free to skip, it was mostly for my benefit.—

    Theoretically, if you get a run without Hades on 8, Leviathan on 14, Kagu or Venus on 15, Threedia Defound OR Lifive on 18, and DQ Hera or Athena or beelze on 19, it SHOULD be possible…

    … except for the fact that you also have to work in a way to deal with extreme metal dragon (and if he’s a problem, same for Meimei)… Current thought is using the ult dark golem’s 75% def break, 5 turns of 20% shield, and obscene HP pool. Seriously, he brings 40K HP to the party by himself, and that’s not even plussed!

    Grisar has me stumped though. Assuming you kill floor 15 with both gravities and nukes active, you’re still left with 1.6 million damage, and I’m not fully convinced that a team with 4x attack can pull that off in… 5 turns.

    Still. I think that a big part of PAD is solving the puzzle of each dungeon, and while Arena is massively difficult, it’s still just a puzzle to be solved. One with many, many moving pieces, but still a puzzle 😛

    So far, with what I’ve mentioned, assuming that the team can successfully burst down Grizar and can pull off an extreme metal kill, I’m looking at a … ~6% clear rate. Well, technically 6% of the time you get a run where you don’t run into a GG boss and lose. And there’s more that I haven’t looked at yet 😛 (actual number is much less optimistic… XD)

    Still, 6% is significantly higher than I thought it would be. (I multiplied the percent chance of NOT running into each of the problem bosses together into one number.) Gonna do a full risks assessment later on. I’m just interested in how many things would have to go right before you get a run where you don’t die 😛

    (did a full risk analysis)

    A few that I just noticed: double yellow ninjas on floor 1 is GG, Liza on 2 is probably GG unless your 40% SLR kicks in, Amon is maybe a GG on 3, if either demon on 4 is yellow, GG, Griffon on 5 is very problematic, gonna say GG, floor 6 is too much math, but if a leader gets bound, or you get yomi tama, you’re very much in trouble. Hermes and artemis on 8 are problematic, but probably not GG. Ceres is probably GG though. Sopdet is either really easy or really hard… not sure which yet… Medjedra might be bad, not sure how devastating it would be…

    OK, so I went through, fixed all my errors, considered everything that could end a run, did the math, and the percentage of time you’d make it through without running into at least one of the problem spawns is…

    Might want to brace yourself a little…

    0.45% +/- .1%

    And that’s BEFORE user error. 😛 *cries*

    So, one in two hundred runs, you get a run without any of the problem spawns. Welp. Scarlet probably has it a LITTLE better than that 😛 (Also, no wonder the lack of Arena vids for Kefka…)

    One thing to note is that some of the problem floors are just my opinion. Several floors with below % die abilities are maybe killable if you line up the damage just right then pop 4 actives for the kill, but I counted them as death since I’m not lucky ;ike that …

    Unrelated tangent:

    BTW, I no longer quote percentages for arena teams. I overheard someone say that they didn’t want to hear percentages, they wanted to hear the top 5 problems an Arena team has, and how to fix them. I thought that that sounded fair, and it’s a much better than a number whose source is untraceable. I heard someone citing scarlet had a 90% arena rate, which they heard on reddit. Somebody apparently makes up percentage posts as a troll over there, so I wouldn’t trust any numbers you hear floating around without checking the biggest arena risks and how they overcome those risks, but you probably already knew that 😛


    • Arena teams should be rated on the Ra Dragon scale. If you’re about half as good as Ra Dragon you get a half a chicken rating. It’ll be rough for anything to approach a full chicken.


  2. Man, that’s dedication. I spent about a bar of stamina and didn’t get a single weapon drop (only tried easier difficulties because people on reddit said the 25 stamina version was fine), before giving up in annoyance. Looking at your stats, it was the right choice. Sorry Rinoa – if I ever want you to be more than a box cheerleader, you can have Bubpys.


    • I think some of the lower difficulties are probably fine since I was also getting guaranteed drops, just not for Kefka which is the only floor I cared about.


      • Hmm, maybe I just got unlucky then. I’ll try again next weekend, if I can pull myself away from pluses. Saturday I farmed plus eggs, and Sunday I tried farming dark jewels to skill up Haku. 5 jewels in 44 runs…it’s going to be a long road. Saving the jewels for 2.5x, but had a streak of 1/20 with Sandalphon so that was pretty painful. Seriously, please no more 2x skill ups ever again T_T


  3. setsu! do you know the best difficulty for farming Yuna skill ups? I’ve just been spamming int on 1.5x for 15 stamina and i’m unsure if staff drops are by difficulty.


    • I don’t know. I’ve heard they increase by difficulty, but haven’t seen any numbers. I think there was an official post to this end, but who knows if it refers to the normal drop rate per floor or if it actually increases the chance that a given drop is a weapon.


  4. Don’t know where else to put this, but here’s my data for Myth:

    Interesting points:
    30% weapon drop, 70% monster drop.
    Real non-boss drop rate is ~2/3:
    I got 65% drop at 1x. (35 runs)
    100% drop at 1.5x.
    ~16% Gil chance. (Compare to your 8% at Legend.)
    Meh +egg rate.
    1x: 3/103 non-weapon drops (~3%)
    1.5x: 11/181 (~6%)
    2x: 3/55 (~5.5%)


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