Weekly Roundup 40


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 10 ranks – I guess the FF dungeon really is good exp.
  • I cleared the Arena 16 times getting 7 Flampys, 3 Bubpys, 2 Woodpys, 2 Shynpys, and 2 Badpys.

Elia Progress Tracker


None, of course. Here’s hoping for 10x + Elia + Goemon Descended next event.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Another ho-hum NA event continues. I was initially planning to farm some jewels, but after all the farming I did this weekend I’m going to take a break. The Arena is much more fun, anyways, so I’ll be dumping my stamina into that.
  • I guess the real question is if we’ll continue to get new uevos this week. NA’s been on a torrid pace for uevos lately and now we’re in line to get the big JP stream update which includes Awoken Sakuya, uevo Verdandi, the first two awoken Norse, and a few other goodies. If not this week, I’d expect it the next event. There’s also a chance they could break the update up among a few weeks.
  • JP finally finished off the awoken Norse with Loki so it should be interesting to see who will get the awoken honors next, if anything. If they go by the previous criteria of pantheons that (almost) all have split uevos, the only candidates are the Three Kingdoms and Greeks, not exactly great candidates. Expanding that to uuevos, there are more things like Japanese 2, but they’re also not great candidates. It’s more likely we’ll continue to get balance updates and regular uevos/splits/uuevos for other pantheons that need it. Although it’d really be nice if they decided to help out some GFEs like the Sonias and LMeta.
  • If any, the most likely uevo announcements this week are any of Nephthys, Rozuel and the remaining Archangels. The Archdemons would be the next logical choice should they venture into another pantheon. Some more balance changes could be in store, as well.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 40

          • I agree that Indra’s looking pretty good on Chicken Dragon teams, but Vritra doesn’t see use anywhere except farming, and even then only if you don’t have better options. I’d personally peg him even higher than the archdemons in terms of needing buffs, at least they have a useful active, if a bit of a long CD.

            As a point of reference, ALakshmi and AParvati came out on 3/14/15 according to your NA/JP update chart. That’s TWO HUNDRED & FORTY ONE DAYS. That’s a pretty long time for a pantheon to go uncompleted… just saying… almost 8 months…


            • Well, technically they got their split uevos a only month before that. It’s been a long time since the Archdemons had their first one, before I even started playing.


  1. I’m only interested in AIndra if they keep him God. He’s going to lose out on a lot if they take away that portion. He’d still be useful in my RaDra team, but losing out on the extra damage isn’t ideal if possible.


  2. I already spent way too much in order to get the REM only Ganesha and Amaterasu. No luck. Am I right thinking that the actural Heaven’s Gala is still the best way to get them or do you remember better opportunities in the past?


    • Galas are good if you need at least 1/3 of the featured monsters, as the gold rate is high enough that it rivals god fests. 2x featured cards is less than the 3x features for god fests, but if you need a color rather than a pantheon, it’s more efficient to roll in galas.

      However, in your case, only needing two out of… 40 possible rolls, odds aren’t that good. In a GF, the odds of getting a featured card are about 1/3. So ignoring GFEs, the odds are about 1/30 to get the featured card you want. In a carnival, you want two, but the rates are lower, and there’s 40 instead of 10 cards… Say 2/9 you’ll get a featured card in a gala. (2/3 the rate of GFs) you want 2/40 cards, or 1/20. Odds are about 1/90 you’ll come away smiling, or triple the rolls I estimated for a GFE.

      Now, that’s for a 1/10 shot in a GF, or a 2/40 for a Gala. The numbers sound grim, but each additional card you want increases the rate significantly. If you want every featured card from both pantheons, you’ll get one ~1/3 of the time. If you want every card in a Gala (you probably don’t though…) you end up rolling one every 4 ish rolls.

      Disclaimer: Actual GH ratios are kept secret. These are approximations based on user submitted data over the course of many months from a spreadsheet on PAD forums. Also, my math may be wrong 😛


  3. Thank you both for taking the time to enlight me. Especially eskimoofthenight for showing me the mechanic behing these odds. I will now be able to take rational decision myself the next time around. Happy PADing xxx


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