3x Normal +Egg Drops 11/6-11/15

Now that I have a decent team for it (Goemon / ROdin / ROdin / ROdin / Goemon / ROdin), I decided to finally try out Sky Dragons on 3x. 3x will (hopefully) soon be rendered obsolete by 10x, but I was still curious how this method compared to others.

Wood Sky Dragon (1.5x Drop/3x +Eggs)
Date Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
11/7/2015 191 5730 15 257 1.35 22.30
11/8/2015 243 7290 20 332 1.37 21.96
11/14/2015 309 9270 23 416 1.35 22.28
11/15/2015 149 4470 11 198 1.33 22.58
Total 892 26760 69 1203 1.35 22.24

Weekday 10-stamina T5s are about 40% more stamina efficient (15.86 stamina per +egg). OoH5 is about 60% more efficient (13.95 stamina per +egg). That means I’m spending 40-60% more stones to get the same amount of +eggs. That’s no small cost, even for a heavy spender.

However, the whole reason Sky Dragons is a thing isn’t the stamina efficiency, but the time efficiency. I don’t track time numbers (which would be difficult to do accurately), but I do take screenshots of when I start and stop farming runs so I can track the stones and stamina I’ve used. Using the timestamps to make some rudimentary time numbers, Sky Dragons can be about 50% more time efficient than any other 3x option (I want to stress that this is a really rough number). This type of time saving is huge, especially since it allows me to dedicate time to other things — like this event I had plenty of time to farm Final Fantasy on the weekends and didn’t have to spend time farming +eggs on the weekdays. Is it worth the trade-off? I guess. Here’s hoping we get 10x soon, which is both more time and stamina efficient than 3x, especially if we get the right dungeons.

Oh yeah, I also maxed skilled one of these:


Never thought that would happen. For those curious, the invade rate is about 5%. This should translate to the other dungeons, for those curious about Phoenix numbers for Awoken Shiva.


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  1. I have all mythical beasts max skilled. Cerberus the normal way. All the other ones via the guaranteed dupe skillup method. Useless long-term achievement though^^


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