Weekly Roundup 41


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Clear rate: 18/34 (52.94%)
  • Sopdet deaths: 4/6 – Skyfalls continue to wreck me.
  • Kagutsuchi perseverance skill delay deaths: 2/7 – It’s really, really hard to come back from this. I’m getting a lot better at managing Kagu though, at least when compared to Sopdet.
  • Py distribution: 4 Flampy, 2 Bubpy, 4 Woodpy, 2 Shynpy, 6 Badpy.
  • “Haste makes waste” pretty much summarizes my downfall in the Arena. I’ve died more than a handful of times by not remembering to put up damage shields. I’m no longer running the Arena right before bed as I seem most prone to this mistake at that time. I think 60% or greater clear rate is more than attainable if I can fix this.

Elia Progress Tracker



I have a feeling the next event will be latent invades, but one can hope for more Elia invades. As I get better at the Arena, using Shynpys on her is becoming a more enticing option.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • We didn’t get Awoken I&I or Thor last week since we’ve yet to get their respective evo mats in Aegir or Indigo. I think this almost guarantees Indigo for our next event as she’s much older than Aegir. Thor is a lot less exciting than I&I for me, but I guess neither really matter until we get Ryuune and Saria. Speaking of which, I’m expecting them to be released mid-January. This will be the finishing blow after GungHo drains us of our souls with the PCGF, Christmas REM and New Year’s godfest.
  • Eva Collab is coming, which means I can finally skill up my School Isis. Amazing. It’ll be good to skill up Lucifer too as Dub-myths are valuable and I fully expect the Archdemons to get upgrades in the near future. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle Astaroth and Lucifer already having split uevos (although they’re fairly useless ones).
  • JP uevo announcement candidates are basically the same as last week: Nephthys, Rozuel and the remaining Archangels. What is taking Nephthys so long?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 41

    • Probably, but during the week they revealed FotNS they also revealed the Angels et al so it’s not like there’s no chance of regular uevo announcements. Granted, there’s no stream so it’s very unlikely, but I’ve been waiting for Nephthys so long that I wish they’d release her ASAP.


      • Nephthys is kind of boned because awoken loki now exists. Awoken Loki has overall better stats, awakenings, active skill, and leader pairing. It’s hard to see how gungho can make her different enough to be seen as something other than a weaker version of awoken loki.

        Her active really needs a cooldown reduction to 9 turns or so. But gungho will probably just slap 3 tpas on her and call it a day.


  1. My theory is they’re having trouble with the art for Nepnep. Even when Egeypt 2 was first released 3.5X wasn’t getting anyone excited and her cooldown was too long, but people still love her because of the 11/10 waifu factor. If the art isn’t at least a sidegrade there will be riots. (bet shes getting 3 tpas too)


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