Evangelion Collab Rolls 2015.11.16 – 17 Rolls or Gold

I was expecting to get more MP.


6 thoughts on “Evangelion Collab Rolls 2015.11.16 – 17 Rolls or Gold

  1. Wow, you got pretty lucky. I was only missing Misato, and really wanted her, spent a full pack and a half getting her


  2. Congrats, I tried to get her last time and got back to back Shinji & Kaoru which pretty made me go mental break down and not want to roll for her anymore 😦 I think I’ll pass this time too sigh…


  3. Haha, rolled for Misato last time. 3 U 13s in two packs before she came. I would say worth it, but I’ve used her like, twice. So not really 😛

    I am planning on using her on A Shiva though. That sexy new unbindable, double TPA uvo and haste on the active makes it hard to resist 😛


    • I bought a $20 pack and told myself that would be it… A gold showed up quickly, super excited…U13. Aaaaaaah! But how hard could it be to get a second gold? Two more $20 packs later, and 20(ish?) silvers later, still no Misato. My impulse control is so bad.
      Waited a bit, got annoyed, bought a $40 pack, rolled her on the second try, and she even had a plus! Like you, I feel like..worth it? Maybe? But yeah, I’m planning on using her on A. Shiva too, so at least I’ve already got a home for her. I really need to be better about my “Roll one $20 pack and be done” strategy…sometimes it works, but a lot of times it doesn’t >_<


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