Journey to the West Mythical – Yomi Dragon

That was a lot easier than expected. I don’t know what I was expecting. This pretty much insures Indigo for our next event, though.


17 thoughts on “Journey to the West Mythical – Yomi Dragon

    • This is literally what I do:
      – “Edit” video
      – Look at duration
      – Sort music collection by time
      – Pick something with that duration that probably won’t get hit by YT copyright
      – Add song

      I’m glad you like the music, though!


  1. Love that last combo board set up.. your skills in just a few months have seen such significant improvements. its insane haha… man the MP dragons make everything trivial!


    • Not going to comment on Arena since I haven’t taken either into it. For other stuff, they’re pretty much the same, Shiva being a bit better for farming and Yomi being more consistent.


    • I find yomidragon quite a bit more consistent in Extreme endless, I haven’t invested the Dark Resists for the subs yet, so I use Dizanami, Haku, Akechi, Okuni. I haven’t run him in the arena yet though, as I don’t want to buy the DR latents right now, lol.

      Shivadragon suffers from not having an actual active skill, making it quite a bit harder to fit utility on his team. It’s much faster at farming however, because you need fewer orbs, and can reuse your orb changers more often.

      In videos, I see a lot more Yomidragon in challenge 9/10 than shivadragon.


  2. Hi Setsu,

    I know this post is old, but I finally bought Yomigon b4 the reset. So I looked up your clear and I noticed you changed up the board a bit on the last boss, can you explain how you came up with that board?
    I feel like I would have just have divided the dark orbs into two dark sections mixed with 3 heart orbs staggered with another 3 heart orbs for only a 4 combo, you were able to get a TPA in there.
    Is this just hours of playing a lot, or is there a link you can share?

    Also I am finding Shivagon kills things easier so for now I still don’t get Yomigon, it seems like I have to do more combos to get the damage output I would like. Am I wrong in this assessment?


  3. Thanks Setsu, since I just got it and my ideal subs aren’t all leveled yet, I might just be jumping to conclusions. I was running it through EEC 7×6 and im still not used to the playstyle.


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