mfw NA Event Announcement


1000 hours in paint.


5 thoughts on “mfw NA Event Announcement

    • To make things worse it’s legend mode. Lv10 looks particularly difficult. Guess I’m using Ra Dragon again.

      Too bad we can’t choose which +eggs we get. It would’ve been nice for those that are behind on a particular egg type or those that want to +99 ATK a ROdin or something.


      • Lv10 looks miserable, wow. I didn’t want those HP eggs anyway <_< Picking would be nice, but I don't know how they'd do that. Maybe if it was a random 1 of 3 monsters that appeared, similar to the One-Shot Challenge in the last event?

        Apparently JP players revolted about the lack of piis though, so at least this is just a one-off change.


  1. Getting a stone per floor on One Shot Challenge was amazing so now I guess this time it’s balanced the other way with x5 tech dungeons that should be put in a museum already and weak-ass challenge rewards in super hard rogue mode… Holy cow what whiplash.


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