Farmable Monster Analysis: Indigo

2263 - Cruel Frozen Hell Demon, Indigo

Indigo is Scarlet’s counterpart for water, but is decidedly worse due to her being an evo material. Her quality is in line with recent evo material bosses, having a relevant active and awakenings, but generally being too weak to see regular use or justify the extreme skill up cost. Her active that creates locked orbs could be interesting in the future if any awakenings, leader or active skills reward you for utilizing them, but outside that Indigo will unfortunately only see use as Awoken Thor evo mats.

Uses as a Leader

2416 - 灼棘の星機神, Antares
Indigo has a mildly interesting leader skill that most resembles the awoken Greco-Romans, pairing elemental resists with a mediocre damage multiplier. She resists everything except fire and gives 3x ATK to devils. Damage reduction to four elements is quite strong, resulting in an effective boost to both HP and RCV against them. She shares the same resists as the new Constellation god, Antares, who has a fairly impressive Arena clear:

Indigo isn’t anywhere near as good a leader as Antares (9x ATK vs 16x, 36% resists vs. 44%, limited to devils, worse active), but from this perspective she actually has a fairly strong leader skill for an evo material. However, any potential it might have had is lowered by her limited sub pool. Here are some of the more notable water-devils:

2393 - Awoken Idunn&Idunna2010 - Awoken Isis1737 - Permafrost Queen, Hera-Is1534 - Awoken Neptune1258 - Chivalrous Demon Lord, Amon1192 - Blue Wind Ninja Princess, Hatsume

The state of water-devils is much better off than earlier this year (I was pondering what would go on a Hera-Is team), but nothing to get get excited for. I&I is probably the most important sub as the team will lean heavily on their damage enhance to reach respectable amounts of damage (sorry, Neptune). The team has access to decent orb changers like Amon, Hatsume and Beast Rider, but lacking access to a full-board or mass orb changer really hurts for a team with a low multiplier as they need the critical mass of orbs for their burst turns. The best options there are Summer Hellice or Sha Wujing, far from encouraging.

2296 - Blue Puppet Master of Rebirth, Charité Machina
Perhaps the ultimate nail in the coffin of any Indigo-lead dream is the lack of compatibility with Charité Machina. Stacking another damage enhance with I&I would likely allow the team to one-shot most things which may be powerful enough to ignore the fact that she isn’t a devil, but the fact that Indigo doesn’t resist fire means the team also misses on any potential defensive utility.

Uses as a Sub

Locked Orbs

2074 - Awoken Karin2391 - White Rainbow Ark, Noah
One of Indigo’s most unique qualities is her ability to lock orbs. Currently, there aren’t many useful ways to utilize this. The most basic use would be combining the locked orbs with a full-board orb change. You can first use Indigo to lock orbs then follow-up with Karin, the locked orbs hopefully resulting in a heavier water board. Indigo can also be used as a follow-up to Karin, replacing the wood orbs with water and dark. Another option is with a full-board water orb change like Zeus Mercury or Noah. The locked dark orbs will persist through the board change, enabling the player to make more than a single row. These are fairly boring interactions, though, so hopefully GungHo will make orb lock a more relevant mechanic in the future.

Double Orb Spawn Active

As with normal orb changes, orb spawners that create two types of orbs are generally worse than ones that create a single type. This is mainly true because the cost of making the off-color orbs is priced into the cooldown, but the additional effect is fairly useless. In this case, we have a pretty good base case to compare with. Kaguya spawns three wood orbs on a four-turn cooldown, meaning Indigo’s dark orbs come at the cost of an extra turn of cooldown (although who knows how the orb locked is costed). As with something like Ruel, the secondary orbs aren’t bad because they don’t replace any of the main element orbs and they make the board easier to combo, but generally having the main element accessible quicker is more valuable. Also, at five turns only creating three water orbs compares unfavorably to 1:1 orb changers like the Valks or Ninjas.

The Value of a Skill Bind Resist

Resistance-Skill Bind
One thing she does have over other similar evo material bosses is a skill bind resist. While SBRs are progressively becoming easier to obtain, especially in water, for newer players looking to clear things like Wednesday Mythical, Indigo is a decent farmable option.


2010 - Awoken Isis
She can cover dark on Isis teams and her orb spawn has a small chance of preventing leader skill activation. Outside that, there aren’t many great fits beyond “water teams that could use an orb spawner with decent awakenings”.


There’s not much surprise that an evo material boss lacks appeal. The difficulty of her dungeon will prevent those that could use her the most from obtaining her and even if they could, there’s not a lot of use for an orb spawner on a initial 15-turn cooldown. Outside those pursuing for the stone or Awoken Thor, the only players that will run the dungeon are completists and the average player should avoid it.

If I missed anything or you have suggestions to improve this post, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post.


6 thoughts on “Farmable Monster Analysis: Indigo

  1. Another use for locked orbs: use before a full board change to create a multi-color board, e.g.:

    Indigo + Leilan = five color board
    Indigo + Ilm = Kali-color board

    Most of these interactions seem not very good, but they’re passable for some teams if you don’t have anything better (e.g. non/light-IAP players). Indigo/Ilm in particular seems actually pretty good for a Kali team, since the resulting board is going to be heavy on light and fire, the easier to make Kali-friendly TPAs with, and of course Indigo covers the two colors Kali/Ilm don’t.


    • If you consider that an average board has 5 of each color, after an Indigo active you’ll have 8 each of water and dark, more than half the board. So following up with an off-color board change doesn’t really help. The Indigo-Ilm interaction for setting up a Kali board is interesting, but you’re not actually guaranteed to get an activatable board.


      • Are Leilan and Ilm not guaranteed to get you at least 3 of each color? I thought all the full board changers were.


        • No, only Kalis unless they retroactively changed it at some point, but that’s not the point. The point is even if they were guaranteed they could be blocked out by the locked orbs.


          • Hm. says they all are, but who knows whether that’s actually accurate.

            Anyway, Indigo/Ilm seems pretty close to guaranteed. Even if the board was 18 water/dark, the chance of not getting at least 3 of each color is just 4%, and that’s with an above-average water/dark board. I know you can’t always choose, but with the two Kali leads it seems like most of the time you could opt to use Kali, and save Indigo/Ilm for boards that don’t have very much water/dark to start with (perhaps to combat orb troll in those colors, even).


            • I’ve seen screenshots of unactivatable Chinese boards, but there’s a decent chance that they changed that when they changed the Kalis to guarantee orbs as well.

              Another downside to the locked orbs is if by some reason you don’t clear them all, have to use Kali next turn to activate, but the locked orbs prevent activation. I was playing around in Indigo a bit and one time I actually had all but one of my Yomi Dragon orbs blocked by locked orbs so you can easily get hosed. While the interaction is neat, it’s not worth the effort.


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