Evangelion Farming and Skill Ups

This was much less painful than Final Fantasy.

Farming Numbers

I got a bit lazy and didn’t track detailed drop numbers for my farming runs so there’s no stats worth making tables for today. I only farmed Master and Expert, switching from Master to Expert after I had skilled up my School Isis and a single FA Luci (so many levels for him… hopefully only having one skilled up is good enough in the future). Here’s a quick rundown of the stats I did keep track of:

Master (2x Drops):

  • My team was Shiva Dragon / Dark Shiva / Yamato / ROdin / Ra / Shiva Dragon. Not the quickest team I could’ve come up with, but it worked fine. The turn order was:
    • Floor 1: Yamato -> Shiva Dragon -> Shiva -> Shiva Dragon -> match fire
    • Floor 2: Match fire
    • Floor 3: Match TPA
    • Floor 4: The only slow floor for me. Matching fire, dark and light will clear any Sixth Angel; have to match more for two.
    • Floor 5: Ra
    • Floor 6: ROdin poison
    • Floor 7: Yamato back online, make a row
  • Floor 3 (Isis, GOdin) is a guaranteed drop. My distribution was 25 Fourth and 24 Fifth
  • Floor 5 (FA Luci) is not a guaranteed drop. I went 44/49 (89.8%). 80% seems to be a number GungHo likes a lot so it’s probably closer to that, but who knows.
  • Floor 6 (Eva Tamas) is a guaranteed drop.
  • Floor 7 (Unit-13) is not guaranteed. My drop rate was 45/49 (91.8%), so maybe the rate really is closer to 90%?.  I got 34 Tenths and 11 Unit-13 Tamas (24.4% split). I’d farm Legend or Mythical if you wanted Unit-13 skill ups, but Master doesn’t appear to be a horrible rate.

Expert (2x Drops):

  • A bit different team: Dark Shiva / Yamato / Goemon / ROdin / ROdin / ROdin. Still have to match a floor, sadly.
    • Floor 1: Match
    • Floor 2: Shiva -> ROdin
    • Floors 3-4: ROdin
    • Floor 5: Goemon nuke
    • Floor 6: Swipe
    • Floor 7: Yamato, make a row
  • Floor 5 is an extremely low drop rate. I got two drops in about 50 runs.
  • Floor 6 is a guaranteed drop.
  • Floor 7 is also an extremely low drop rate.


  • I didn’t keep track of which Tamas dropped from which difficulty, but since both Master and Expert were 100% drops the overall distribution rate is probably the same.
    • Shinji: 27 (27%)
    • Misato: 38 (38%)
    • Asuka: 35 (35%)
  • I got three Ninth invades, two of which were from Expert of all things. There’s really no point in farming him, though. If you really want to skill him up, Cerberuses are easier.

Skill Up Numbers

Monster Tries Success Rate
Asuka 34 10 29.41%
Misato 38 7 18.42%
Shinji 28 7 25.00%
School Isis 19 4 21.05%
FA Luci 53 17 32.08%
GOdin 23 7 30.43%
Tenth Angel 35 10 28.57%
  • Skilling up Misato reminded me a lot of Cloud: everything else has good luck, but the only thing I really wanted to skill up had rather poor luck. 18.42% isn’t all that bad, multiple 0-for-5s always feel bad.
  • I actually evoed a few Sixths to finish off my Luci skill ups.
  • I guess I’m going to have a Tenth Angel taking up a box spot for no reason.
  • Speaking of worthless, this is my third max skill GOdin. It probably wasn’t even worth the gold or time.

12 thoughts on “Evangelion Farming and Skill Ups

      • Lol, and I’ve got 3… I had plans to skill two of them for a water tank team a-la Luci, but now I’ll be lucky to skill even the one seeing as I’m 1/15 on tama drops… 😦

        Honestly, even as a non IAP, I think I’m gonna have to forego PCGF to stone this one for skillups. It probably won’t be worth it in the end, but dammit I want U13 to be good, and by hook or by crook, I’M GONNA USE HIM. (and pray we get Mikasa at some point…)


        • I did mythical runs with all my natural stamina for the entire first week + 2 rank ups and only ended up with 7 U13 tamas, then I went 0/7 on skill ups. I really wanted to skill mine too but this isn’t worth the trouble, pain, and suffering. Maybe I’d still go for it if he only need 5 levels to max skill, but 10? Hell fucking no.


          • Well, at the same time, he DID get a 15 turn skill reduction, both max and min, so we can’t complain TOO much… But still, 10 levels is pretty BS. My goal is to get U13 at least half way so I can reasonably justify using piis. Some people might say that it’s not worth it to use piis, but for the number of stones it’ll take, it’s probably almost even on the math, and on top of that, I’ve been waiting for over a year to use this guy, and nothing is gonna stop me!

            Now, 10 piis? Ain’t gonna happen. Five? Five I could reasonably do. Anything less than that is a bonus. I’ve got 12 stones to burn on stamina during 2x, and I’m feeling lucky!


  1. The only card I wanted to skill was Misato; meanwhile, here are my stats:
    Unit-13: 6/19
    FA Lucifer: 13/70
    Odin: 8/19
    Shinji: 5/17
    Asuka: 10/29
    Misato: 4/37 WHYYYYYYYY

    Ran Master for most of the day, before saying f*ck it and switching over to Expert. If I ever need a Unit-13, I’ll just finish him off with those useless Bubpys clogging my box.
    Hopefully I can finish Misato off during the next 2x drop bonus…please T_T


  2. I rolled my Misato in 5 like you did, and I had no need for the u13 skill ups. I switched over to int to test the tama drop rates on 2x drops. I think if your only goal is Misato skill ups, int is the way to go.

    Int 2x 11 no drops 23 Asuka 18 Shinji 25 Misato 6+ eggs

    Assuming gungho loves 80%, that’s ~19 stamina a Tama egg compared to 25 for expert. Hope this helps someone next 2x day coming up.

    For me, Misato fits nicely in my Kiriko team. Kiriko Kiriko Misato Gigas/Mamiya/Goemon/soon to be Ares and Squall with Urd or awoken Shiva friends. It’s a fun team that I’ve used on middle level challenges and mythical descends. She also ends up being a farm team since a tpa with shiva kills most low tier dungeons.


    • I was considering adding a section about Int in the post, but just forgot to do it. Time is more valuable to me than stamina so I just stuck with Expert.


  3. DUDE I’m in LOVE with this game right now. What was the 1st monster that you started with? How evolved is it right now???


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