Weekly Roundup 42


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Overall clear rate: 35/67 (52.24%)
  • Weekly clear rate: 17/33 (51.5%)
  • Sopdet deaths: 5/8
  • Kagutsuchi perseverance skill delay deaths: 0/4 – I’m starting to get a lot better at this floor.
  • Py distribution: 5 Flampy, 6 Bubpy, 0 Woodpy, 3 Shynpy, 3 Badpy – Py distribution is inversely proportional to how much I need them.
  • Don’t think I’m going to get much above 50% clear rate. I die so much to stupidity, but I don’t see that changing since I enjoy playing while watching Twitch and get distracted too often.

Elia Progress Tracker


I’ll be very happy if Elia invades and 10x are in the next event.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • The next uevos in store for NA are I&I and Freyr, but we won’t get them both since they require descended uevo mats we don’t have yet. I doubt they’ll reach further down the uevo schedule so it’s likely we’ll get nothing this week and I&I next event. I’d be happy to be wrong, though, because that’d mean they were either (finally) pushing the descended schedule or really expediting the uevo schedule (Angels, Archangels and Hathor).
  • Fist of the North Star was teased on the stream and might hit NA next Monday. I’d love a Yuria, but it likely won’t happen since I don’t have the MP. I’m conflicted on how much I want to roll since I’m trying to conserve for Christmas. I’m also looking forward to finally skilling up a Goetia for no reason.
  • The most likely JP uevo candidates are Nephthys and Lucifer. There’s a chance they could move to another pantheon with the Archdemons being the most likely candidate. Uuevo Heroes sounds kinda nice, too.

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