Uevo Nephthys and Awoken Astaroth Art


It’s hard to beat the original toast art, but this is right up there. I don’t anticipate any non-toast complaints. Socks are an interesting addition.


Thankfully, it looks like they’re jumping to awokens for the Archdemons. Suzuki Kaori once again demonstrates why she’s my favorite PAD artist. Not quite as good as her dark version, but I’m pretty happy with it.

Now the question is if they’ll give awokens to the Archdemons that don’t have splits. I’d like to believe they will since it makes little sense to keep the pantheon fragmented. It’s not like the Astaroth and Lucifer splits are all that unique from each other so it’s almost like the pantheon has no splits to begin with. Belial is the most pertinent for NA as it may finally be worth using Pys on him. Well, it’s not like uuevos are a terrible thing.


10 thoughts on “Uevo Nephthys and Awoken Astaroth Art

  1. I LOVE Astaroth’s artwork. But where is Nephthys’s toast??

    I guess they’re skipping over AA Lucifer. Makes me sad (since I have one) but at the same time, I can’t say I’m surprised and I’m not going to bitch too much about it simply because he won a uevo survey and so, like Kirin, will have to wait if he wins again for another one. It explains why Lu Bu only has one uevo instead of two, and also why Kirin had to wait so long. But at least Kirin was popular…I guess Lucifer is just going to have to bite the dust for good.

    It’s about time they buffed the Archdemons though, I have TWO FA Lucifer, TWO Belial, and an Astaroth. They are numerically my most common pantheon in my box which out of all the pantheons to pick, just had to be that one.


  2. My prediction is that the other archdemons (Baal, belial, Amon) will get a sub-focused split ult evo w/ 7 awakenings, and then GD astaroth and DD luci will get a buff with 3 more. Then they will make awokens.
    Hopefully awoken FA luci is awesome, since I hypered mine like a year ago, and haven’t used him at all for like 9 months. It would be nice to have him be relevant again. As for the others I really hope their actives are more aggressively designed. 8 turns for an orb change with a pretty much useless effect tacked on is pretty awful. Imagine how much more use they would have gotten without the stupid counterattack if it was at 5 or 6 turn cooldown. Not to mention skill level 10.
    I think gung-ho knows they suck and will likely give them nice awoken forms to make up for their uselessness ATM.


    • It’s more likely they’ll follow the Archangels and give the other Archdemons uuevos. Unlike the Greeks, if they leave the actives alone three awakenings won’t really be enough to make the Archdemons relevant even if they were all rows.

      Your wording is ambiguous, but if you were implying they would both make splits and awokens for the other Archdemons at the same time, that’s unlikely if only for the art.

      I could see awokens for all of them if only because their actives need reworking more than anything else. If they go awoken for all of them they can address them all at once and not have to rebalance the old versions or go through the trouble of first making splits. Who knows, though. We’ll find out in a few weeks at most.


      • “I could see awokens for all of them if only because their actives need reworking more than anything else”
        This, 100 times this. Their actives are so bad… I’d have no problem feeding Belial some Py’s as a Raoh sub if he got a 7 turn Wood->Red, Haste1, minor counter attack (or no counterattack, but I think they’ll keep it, TBH.) I just hope we get haste, instead of “Large counterattack” like anubis :-/.

        AA Luci… I have no idea what they could do to make him good enough.. but they found a way with Raphael so I have hope.


        • I can’t even speculate on what reworked Archdemon actives would look like after they decided to keep the counterattack on Anubis. Haste would be amazing, of course, but I’d also like something unique for them, especially if they’re awoken. Giving them Satsuki’s active would make then instantly relevant and it’s easy to change to a known quantity, so I could totally see it happening.


  3. A. Astaroth? YES PLEASE!

    Funny how most awoken gods turned into devils and A. Astaroth looks like she’s going to get a god-typing. Hopefully they don’t pull the pre-buff A. Norses on them. Changing that counter-attack to something like a small shield would be nice. I’m too exicted right now that my Astaroth and Beliah are going to be useful once again.


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