8.4.1 Update


The favorite button is probably one of my most anticipated GUI changes in a while. No longer will I have to switch to Monster Box mode to favorite or unfavorite monsters and have to redo my sorting and filtering settings. Of course, there are a ton of other features that could severely improve QoL — like box tabs, the ability to drag select multiple monsters for selling and a better way to control what shows up in your friend slots — but for such a minor change, this is quite welcome.

Also, I don’t understand why they ever took the ability to switch between dungeon types away. It’ll be a bit more annoying to cycle through everything once ranking and multiplayer dungeons are implemented, but the option should’ve never been taken away.


2 thoughts on “8.4.1 Update

  1. I checked the Reddit version history comparison between JP and NA, and in JP 8.4.1 iOS multiplayer was released. Was disappointed that it wasn’t also released in this corresponding NA update (but should’ve saw that it wouldn’t have because the stream didn’t mention it).


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