Latent Tama Farming 11/24-11/25

My goal this event was to farm 10 ATK and HP latents each. If only Elia had these drop rates:

Mythical Latent Tamadra Farming
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Type Drops Drop % Stam / Drop
9/25/2015 Kanetsugu 17 850 HP 5 29.41% 170.00
9/30/2015 Zeus-Dios 42 2100 ATK 5 11.90% 420.00
11/24/2015 Hera-Is 48 2400 HP 10 20.83% 240.00
11/25/2015 Valkyrie 35 1750 ATK 10 28.57% 175.00
Total 142 7100 30 21.13% 236.67

The sample size is small, but the rate appears to be significantly better than both Jewel and Angel/Reaper invades. I’ve heard claims that the rate is as high as 25% (I was skeptical at first, but after this week’s runs I’m not so much anymore) so there really shouldn’t be any need to ever buy these farmable latents from the shop. On that note, farmable resist latents when?

The team I used to farm Valkyrie was Yamato Takeru / ROdin / ROdin / Goemon / Goemon / Shiva Dragon. I’ll be making a follow up post on that soon. I used Yomi Dragon for Hera-Is if only because it felt wrong to take Shiva Dragon into a water dungeon.


7 thoughts on “Latent Tama Farming 11/24-11/25

  1. I did 8 runs of Hera-Is for HP Latents and got nothing. So annoyed. I’m going to have to farm Hera-Ur or Dragon Zombie later for more.

    Since Dragon Zombie has Master/Legend instead of Legend/Mythical, will Latent TAMDRA invade? PADX says it does. If it does will the invade rate be lower? If so I’ll farm Hera-Ur (she’s more difficult than Dragon Zombie which I can just Apocalypse my way through).

    Thanks in advance.


    • I know latents invade Legend, but I’m not sure about Master. For what it’s worth, PDX doesn’t not list the invade for Master. I’m also not sure about the invade rates per difficulty, but I’d assume it’s lower for Legend.


      • Ah…guess I’ll farm Hera-Ur just to be safe. Although considering how Hera-Is went, I doubt I’ll get anything from another 8 runs. It’s still worth a shot though. It’d be much easier for me to get dark elemental resists instead of having to try to boost my team’s HP but it appears they aren’t ever invading and I don’t have much MP at all.

        Thanks for the response 🙂


        • Hopefully the the 5×4 coin dungeons where they invade will make it to us in the next couple of months. There’s really no excuse for stalling it this long.


  2. It took me 16 times to to get my first invade. I max skilled my Chibi valk from those 16 runs. So Skill up rates were great but invade was terrible so I’m not sure if I should feel good about it or not.


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