Preparing for 10x Descendeds: Valkyrie Dry Runs

Holy Goddess - MythicalThis a follow up to my latent tama farming post and sort of one for my 10x Goemon dry run post. For 10x, Valkyrie is one of the better dungeons for speedfarming even though there’s no full push button team. I went over dealing with Jewel invades during Goemon (if JP is any indicator, 10x and jewels invades won’t overlap, but it was worth testing anyways) so I took this chance to see how latent invades can be dealt with in Valkyrie. It’s worth noting that Valkyrie will be in the next coin rotation, meaning if we get 10x next event that will likely be one of the prime farming targets so it was worth testing out some teams now. Due to laziness or whatever, I only recorded one team:

There’s still a lot of optimization that can be done, but I’m pretty satisfied with this. Angel/Reaper invades would obviously require a different team. I’m thinking just a pure Shiva Dragon team. Maybe my team for Goemon would work (Shiva Dragon / ROdin / ROdin / Goemon / Goemon / Shiva Dragon).

As for time efficiency, I’m not too worried about it like I would be for Goemon or Zeus since you’re going to have to make at least one non-swipe match anyways so it really comes down to what’s easiest and what will have the least amount of screw ups.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for 10x Descendeds: Valkyrie Dry Runs

  1. On the EU PaD Facebook page they strongly hinted that the EU would get 10x descends for the Christmas event (and thus sadly, presumably *not* next event). Lately the EU and NA have synchronised plus egg events, so maybe the same will be true for you guys too.


    • The only real trick to Hera-Ur is Ifrit and its status shield. This forces you to bring a true damage sub like Ra. I’d probably bring a Shiva Dragon team, something like: Shiva Dragon / Ra / Ares / Yamato / Uriel / Shiva Dragon. Maybe a second Ares instead of Uriel. Yomi Dragon is also a good option with something like Darkseid. Neither option should have trouble with a latent invade, but Yomi Dragon is better in that case for the elemental advantage.


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