New Wood 6-Star GFE: Sylvie


I didn’t think I’d ever laugh uncontrollably while facepalming at the same time. What an update to wake up to.

Here I was looking forward to making a post on possible wood row teams now that we have a few options and GungHo pretty much ruins that by making the Ryune equivalent for wood. This not only narrows possible leader selection (mainly Freyja-Sylvie), but also narrows the sub selection since there are no type constraints like there would be for Ishida or Astaroth. Basically just throw on another Sylvie and an Artemis or Michael or two and you’re basically done. Need a shield (for some reason)? Susano. Binds? Thumbelina (RIP Ceres).

It’s nice that both Artemis and Michael interact nicely with Sylvie, but it’s unfortunate that Astaroth doesn’t. If they wanted to buff Astaroth without actually changing the card, they missed the opportunity to do so. Then again, she’d be too much like Verdandi if that was the case.

Sadly, the art is pretty meh.


7 thoughts on “New Wood 6-Star GFE: Sylvie

  1. It is kind of nice that non-whales can scrape up an awoken norse team and then BF someone with their dragonbound of choice to have access to a decent endgame team, even if rolling for the new dragonbounds themselves is god-awful. Can’t really do the same with MP dragons.


  2. From PADX:
    “Gungbot 1-Hey guys, people are actually considering using A. Astaroth with A. Freyja.

    Gungbot 2-Oh no, we can’t have that.

    Gungbot 3-Release the Dragonbound!”

    Personally, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, green rows live, on the other, I’m not a hige fan of cookie cutter leaders. As I mentioned when A Freya was announced, I really wished that they did SOMETHING different with SOME of A Norse, had they, we wouldn’t be in this situation with only A I&I and Thor pairing with the two dragonbounds and calling it good, but nope. Here we are.

    On the one hand, this all but eliminates Astaroth as a potential leader. On the other, was Astaroth REALLY good enough to lead? I wanted her to be, but GH really had it in for her, so it’s hard to even argue her case. With a few tweaks, maybe, but as is, just… sigh.

    Here’s hoping that row teams get better options than just tanking sometime in the future, but for now, tanks are pretty much the best bet for true endgame content. I guess Nepdra counts, but other than that, I’ll just be patiently waiting for eventual Hero buffs.


  3. I wonder how the newly announced uevo Gonia will stack up against this girl. Maybe since she didn’t win a survey they’ll actually make it a significant upgrade.


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