Water Carnival Farming


I decided to finish skilling up a third Nut. I did the first one through Masks and severely regretted not finishing the rest as the DeviNyan drop rate from the Cat Dragons was so horrible I gave up skilling multiple Egypt 2s. Now I feel pretty stupid running the Cat Dragons because these Carnivals have an amazing drop rate. With guaranteed drops on floors 1-4 on Int with 2x drops, this took very little time and stamina. I’m sure many already knew this from previous carnivals, but this is the first one I farmed. I can’t wait for the Wood Carnival to finish off the rest of my Osirises.

Water Carnival Int – 15 Runs (300 Stamina)
Name Drops Drop % Stam / Drop
Blue DeviNyan 18 120.00% 16.67
Waron 13 86.67% 23.08
Neneko 14 93.33% 21.43
Ice Knight 15 100.00% 20.00

These results seem to make sense with each possible drop having about the same drop chance. Int has a horrible boss drop rate, as expected, so I’d probably stick to Master for those.