Hypermax Ryune


My most wanted roll came within the first pack. I celebrated my extreme luck by immediately hypermaxing her. My luck has been strong ever since I rolled Kaede with minimal rolls: light Batman within a pack, two DKalis and two ROdins during 4x, all FF rolls within two packs, and Misato within a pack. I’m not looking forward to the day it runs out; I’m hoping it’s not tomorrow during FotNS, but it probably will be.

With Awoken I&I likely coming next week, I’ll finally be able to relive my Beelzebub days and roll with a tank team. I’m reluctant to purchase Charité for the team, but I’ll probably go through with it eventually.


12 thoughts on “Hypermax Ryune

  1. I rolled her too! What is her ideal team? I think the only subs I have for her are BValk and Nut and Skuld is passable?

    Also is there a special reason you preferred her to Saria? Just curious 🙂


    • I’m going to make the I&I-Ryune team for the hell of it, so I’m glad I got the harder half to obtain. It’s also now possible for me to run 2 Ryunes on the team.

      I don’t think there’s an undisputed ideal team for her as most of the YouTube clears have different subs. The team I’m thinking about for the Arena is Charite, Hermes, Andromeda, and Hatsume. I’d really have to think about it some more, though.


      • Hi Setsu,

        34 rolls. All dupes, mostly from the water gala, EXCEPT…..Ryune. The only 6 star I rolled. It’s bitter sweet. Was hoping to grab a second vishnu and a kaede along the way. Think it’s worth me blowing another pack?


    • I love how the fourth DKali is kinda like “meh” when I would’ve killed for the first one a couple month ago. At least you got a Saria, but I’m optimistic I’ll get one when the Constellations are released.


      • I’m honestly wondering if even the third one is worth keeping. But yeah, #4 popped out and all I could think was, “Bitch, you’re not DMeta; give me MP.”

        I don’t know if I’m going to work on Saria. I’ve got all of her subs AFAIK (chibivalk, Kanna, Raphael, Indra, Wukong, DQ, Apoc, dupe Saria, blah blah blah) but I’m once again running into the problem of “I already have Ra and Shiva Dragons, and enough MP to get two YomiDra of Xmas REM/MP is a bust.” Even more now that I’m over 50-60% Arena clear rate (6 wins in my last 9 runs). And I’ve got HKali for tanky team, though her burst is leaving much to be desired (I keep tanking on EKMD in Arena).

        What’re you going to do about Kali for your Ryune team? Saria has Nordis.

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        • So far I’ve been able to resist selling most of my 6-stars. I have 3 each of BSonia and GSonia, so I’m hoping their uevos are good. I’ll probably keep all 4 of my DKalis forever.

          Ryune uses Charite to deal with the Kalis. I think Raphael is a better option for Saria.


  2. Congrats! Your luck is over the roof. Tried getting myself a Kaede but NOPE. No MeiMei either. My wood Kingdom is missing some assets :/ Guess I will wait and try again and again. I do have an I&I to go with your Ryune though albeit not hypermaxed haha. Are you planning on using Ryune often or is it just a fun side project? 🙂


  3. Congrats on the Ryune! I had some extreme luck myself, thought I was getting water gala’d at first but ended up pulling a bastet followed by a vishnu then a meimei. I guess GungHo wants me to try a green team out.


  4. I managed to roll Ryune for my first roll and then proceeded to get Satsuki in the next. Then I decided to roll four more times and pulled Mori, Ruel, Muse, and the Blue Wizard. Only kept the first two and Mori.


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