Player’s Choice Godfest Rolls 2015.11.29 – 17 Rolls

I got the one thing I wanted. Besides MP, of course.


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  1. 19 rolls, started off great with DMeta, then had to battle through, among other things, Verdandi 6 &7, Yomi 4 & 5, I&I 1 & 2, Liu Bei 3 (funny how hard I had to whale for the first two, and now you show up so quickly…), before getting my first Bastet~ Then had to battle through a string of Chester, Sleeping Beauty, Rei Sirius, Dill Sirius (really???) before DKali showed up! :O And then right after her, Okuninushi! Pack it in, we’re done boys.
    There are still a lot of featured gods left that I’d love to roll, but now that I’ve got the team of Yomi Dragon / Haku / Akechi / Pandora / Okuni, I’m not sure if there’s that much point at the moment (and I had a pretty good run there – DMeta and DKali along with the exact single card I wanted most! – so why mess it up?).

    Glad you were able to get what you wanted as well! Although all those Sadalmeliks…ouch @_@


    • Congrats on the rolls! That’s a pretty nice haul and your featured god hit rate was pretty good. I think stopping where you did was the correct choice.

      I’m actually pretty happy getting any CyberBeast/Dragon as they could be useful in the future. At least more useful than any other dupe I could roll at this point.


      • Thanks! Yeah, after comparing with a few friends, I think I did really well on getting featured gods (And mostly dodging the water gala as well, even if the ghost of Director’s Carnival haunted me). I’m hoping to get Mamiya from FotNS, so hopefully my luck lasts a bit longer~

        That’s a good point about dupes of the Cyber-monsters; I briefly forgot they can all make systems.


  2. Hi!
    I have a question, whats your opinion on YomiDragon vs RaDragon Arena Team? I already have one Yomidragon, and wanted to buy a second one today. But now i rolled a second DKali and an Akechi. And I dont know what to do… Is a Second yomidragon worth it over a perfect RaDragon Team?


    • Couldn’t say as I haven’t taken the Yomi Dragon team into the Arena and won’t until we get farmable dark resist latents. I have no complaints about Ra Dragon, though, and I find it hard to believe any team can even come close to it, tier lists be damned.


  3. 27 rolls total.
    14 sold for 60K MP
    5 kept more on principle rather than value(Shaitan, Grimrock, Creuze, Shiva #2
    9 I’m actually happy with(Liu Bei, Amaterasu, Sarasvati #2, Vishnu, Femme, Ariel, Verdandi, Bastet, Mori).

    So, yeah, I suddenly have a Wood team. Didn’t see that coming. BTW, Game8’s party template for I&I/Ryune recommends Mori over Karin as a second board-changer but, I can’t see any reason he would be better. Am I missing something or is this just their usual ineptitude?


    • I don’t like Mori on the team. The main reason why I like the new Dragonbound-Norse tank teams is that I don’t have to have a 2-color board changer like I did with Beelzebub-RSonia. A 2-color board is so useless since it doesn’t produce enough damage on average. Mori does have the advantage of his haste, but I still probably wouldn’t run him. Until his uevo, Hermes is a better mass orb changer. I wouldn’t say Game8’s template team is inept, especially since I don’t know the ins and outs of the team, but I’d try to avoid running him personally.


    • “5 kept more on principle rather than value”

      I feel ya. I’ve got about 300 cards I’m sure I’ll use someday, but haven’t for over a year lol.

      As for Mori vs Karin, Karin all the way… combo’ed for a 2/3 board that is. The thing about rows, you want 3 of them, and only 3 board setups can give you 3 rows: 18, 19, and 20 water orbs. Getting 18-20 on a double board is much harder than on a triple board, as not only do you have to be significantly off the average number of orbs, you have to be significantly off, in the right direction.

      IE: 15/15 is an average board. I’ve seen data on board changes in the past, and while I don’t remember exact numbers, generally you end up in the 17/13 to the 13/17 range. Using a three orb board gives you more leniency, as you can go either more blues and less greens, or vice versa, and still end up with the right number of orbs.

      TLDR: Karin will give you triple rows more frequently than Mori, because math.


  4. Never thought I’d be wishing I’d rolled in a collab instead of PCGF but oof… I knew the dupes would be high but I was hoping for just 1 of the 10/30 that I didn’t have would show up, but no such luck with 2 packs. No 5* or 6* GFE either =/. Ended up selling the whole lot for just under 150k MP. Have one more pack but don’t think I can take more dupes so think I’ll pray for better luck in Xmas or FotNS collabs.


  5. 6/10 rolls were from the bullshit Water Gala. Gabriel #3, TWO Sharons, a Claymore, and Sadalmelik #2, Hermes #2. Most everyone sold for MP. However I pulled Shiva, and just as I was lamenting my lack of Hinokagu, guess who pops out! No Venus/Kirin/anything I actually needed, instead as usual the REM tosses me a whole NEW team I need to try and build from ground up but I’m not gonna complain. Plus a Satsuki, although she doesn’t really have a home with no Yomi to lead them and no Haku in my box either </3

    Guess I'll be waiting for Venus's return. Until that day! *gives REM a reluctant salute* Bye 50 nonIAP stones…

    Congratulations on your Ryune! You really hit the jackpot there! What a wonderful string of luck!


    • This is only the second time I’ve rolled in the normal REM since the renewal so it’s surprising to see how strong an influence the Gala has. Maybe this was always the case, but now that it’s giving gold eggs at a high rate it’s much more noticeable. Galas are now going to be a larger factor when I give rolling advice.

      Sucks about the water dupes and not hitting what you wanted. 2 Hermes is pretty solid, though.


  6. Grats on that Ryune! It’s always nice to get what you want! About getting what you want…

    I rolled hard for Indra. I decided to do 25 pulls which (predetermined) are to be the last of my whaling forever. My first ten pulls were pretty much all trash. First 10 pulls were mostly silvers (very irritating) and stuff I ended up selling. Then out popped Isis, Liu Bei, Satsuki, my first ever Bastet, two more Satsuki, Kagu, another Bastet, and two Ra in succession. Then, on pull #25, no joke, out pops Indra. I can’t make this stuff up!

    Anyways, I had a few questions regarding usefulness of these dupes/trips:
    1) Should I hang on to the second Bastet?
    2) Should I hang on to my third Ra?
    3) Should I hang on to my second Isis?

    Now off Hypermax Indra for Arena!


    • Congrats on the Indra and your other rolls!

      1) I’d always hold onto your first dupe of anything unless you’re starved for MP. In this case, it may take a year or two for that to bear fruit, but I’d probably still hold on to her if possible.

      2) Yeah, I’d try to hold on to at least 4 Ras since they’re good for push button farming. In most cases you won’t even have to skill them up for that purpose.

      3) Same reasoning as Bastet.


  7. Was surprised to get 25 stones since Director’s Carnival. Bought the $1 5 stones and just in time for 10 stones log-in bonus. Was hoping for Akechi, but I know the chances are slim. Got some last pieces for water and wood team instead that I can work on as long term projects.

    1) Kushinadahime
    2) Kraken Rider
    3) Water Wizard
    4) Mei Mei
    5) Idunna

    The Kraken Rider might be the last piece I need for a Laskhmi team. I don’t see any synergy for an Idunna team from what I see though she might actually be a better sub than Rider? This team gets 8 rows, full resist, 3K auto heal, full enhanced water orb. Is RCV low at 1.3k? (assuming max levels but no +egg)

    Lakshmi/Kraken Rider/Gabriel/Karin/Amber Jack

    I can now also make a solid TPA wood team.

    Bastet/GValk/Artemis/Meimei/Meimei + Kushi and Ceres bench


    • Those are fairly nice rolls, even better since you can use them.

      Kraken Rider is fine, but I think Ilsix is better in the orb spawning role. Both are equally hard to skill up, but Ilsix has the option of not using Pys and also spawns water orbs. I’d probably only use Kraken Rider if you needed the SBR or just didn’t want to put the effort into getting Ilsix (his dungeon is crap). I think Kraken Rider is a better Lakshmi sub than I&I. Assuming the team is at 1.3k RCV without your friend leader, that should be fine for most things.


      • Thanks for the info. Just checked Ilsix and he does have good skill especially when maxed…but that place looks like hell <.< Looks like there's no way to skill-up Kraken Rider right now either, but hopefully sometime in the future. I have no rush to make the green or water team, but it's definitely nice to finally have good teams on my two weakest colors.

        P.S. The 1.3K RCV is with a Lakshmi lead max level no +egg.


  8. Rolled something like 14 times, mostly golds! Meimei, Orochi #2, LKali, Amon, Karin, Susano, Liu Bei, I&I, Venus #2, Dino Rider, Lakshmi #3 (-_-). Overall I’m really happy with the rolls, I pretty much have a Bastet team AND a Sakuya team now…minus the Bastet and Sakya of course, but at least I have Shiva for now. Pretty good godfest overall I think.

    Now if this luck can keep going until FotNS, at least all I want from that is a silver.


  9. Managed to roll 1 more and got a f****** Ruka. My friend rolled seven and half of his rolls are water. I’m 4/6 on water. This Gala seems to have a much higher effect on the rolls than anticipated although my sample is small.


    • Yeah, I was dreading it when they announced the Water Gala — in typical GungHo fashion, offsetting something nice with something horrible — but I didn’t think it’d have this much of an effect. At least now I know.


      • Based on my rolls this PCGF, the Director’s Carnival before it, and Godfest rolls I did two years ago before I quit the game, the DC has been the most consistent in terms of actually dropping the ones with 3x bonuses and was a good MP fodder via frequent Valk drops. I heard there’s been changes with the REM, but not exactly sure what in terms of the %’s. My quick analysis would be:

        PCGF – Wide selection and the best way to expand overall collection, but be prepared to get quite a bit of rolls from the Gala. Bonus of level 50 drops.

        Godfest – GFE and two select pantheons. Can be trolled by Gala.

        Director’s Carnival – Best MP fodder, Valks, select pantheons, and select fillers (like wizards). Not affected by Gala because the DC itself is the Gala?

        Collabs – Worst MP fodder, but can contain really powerful and rare pulls (never know when a collab will return if at all)

        How would you compare them? Would be nice to read an article from you since you have the most experience using the REM. Maybe add it as a main category along with “Monster Ratings”, “My Teams”, etc? Then you can add your godfest analysis and update the tables there whenever you pull. I really like your “My Teams” page because it shows your old teams. Gives me a picture of how the meta has changed.

        Overall I’m very happy the REM has been cleaned up. The worst rolls I’ve gotten are fruit dragons. No more farmable 4 stars like white Valk, Siegfried, golems, knights. The MP system is great too. It’s been a good timing to have come back to play this game again.


        • Director’s Carnivals are actually relatively poor for MP since there’s no GFEs. Valks are bad for MP, 15k for a 6-star when a 6-star GFE is 50k.

          I don’t intend to make a history of my rolls. Too depressing.


          • totally understandable :p

            I rolled around ~10-12 the last DC and ~15 two DC’s ago. I really wanted dark valk, but she never showed 😦 I got 3 red valks and 4 green valks instead. Since we’re talking about MP fodder, I did get more MP on this PCGF than on the Carnivals. Though the two Kanna’s showed up in my last 10 rolls, whereas the Valks showed up more consistently. I rolled ~15 during a Godfest last month and only got Guan Yu as GFE. Again my sample size is small.

            So I have a confession… Out of control I did IAP today hence the Kanna’s <.< dammit there goes my shopping budget ! I finally got out of habit from online shopping, only to be replaced by PAD. I guess expense-wise it's break even since I only bought $20 for myself this holiday. LAST CASH IAP EVER OR I WILL CUT MY OWN HANDS

            Rolled 24. For GFE I got two Kannas and one Satsuki. Other notable rolls for me are Susano, Indra, Hermes, Haku dupe, Pandora dupe, Okuni dupe, Meimei dupe, Yomi x2 dupe, Fumiel, and finally an Akechi!

            I'm actually very happy with the Haku dupe because I don't want to Awoken a max-skilled Haku. Equally happy with a Pandora dupe since Awokens tend to have a different skill, hence resetting the skill-ups. I won't be surprised if that's the case with future Awoken Pandora. Susano and a 3rd MeiMei completes my Bastet team. Akechi completes my Yomi Dra team. Hermes fills the much needed orb changer I'm missing on water. I will make an Idunna/Hermes/Gabriel/Siren/Karin team. Similar to your I&I plan, but using Siren/Gabriel instead of Hatsume/Andromeda.


  10. Worst luck for me….. 19 rolls, water gala haunted me… I got 3 amons ffs! but I got Haku ❤ and I got Yomi, 2 nuts, an isis, and a sarasvati as my decent rolls. 12/19 were water gala…


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