Weekly Roundup 43


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Overall clear rate: 51/94 (54.26%)
  • Weekly clear rate: 18/32 (56.25%)
  • Hurdle Stats:
    • Sopdet Kills: 7/8 (87.50%) – I’m getting a hang of minimizing skyfall chance
    • Kagutsuchi Kills: 2/2 (100.00%),
    • Kagutsuchi Clears: 0/2 (0.00%) – Damn skyfalls triggering his 99 turn skill delay
    • Parvati Kills: 14/14 (100.00%) – She may be time consuming, but she makes the run easier since you can refresh all your skills.
    • DQ Hera Kills: 2/3 (66.67%) – I’m getting better at remembering the shield, but skyfalls can kill her unexpectedly. It’s probably a better idea just to use a DKali to guarantee the kill.
  • Py distribution: 3 Flampy, 4 Bubpy, 3 Woodpy, 4 Shynpy, 4 Badpy
  • I’m going to start limiting myself to two clears per day. Whenever I try for more, I settle into autopilot mode and get myself killed. The marginally better clear rate is a reflection of me following this condition later in the week. I think I can get my average up to 60% if I keep to it.

Elia Progress Tracker


Elia is coming next event, but the descended selection is abysmal. Looks like I’m going to be hitting up Valkyrie in the coin dungeons as they should invade there if NA is like JP. I’m a bit reluctant to go all out since I’d also like to do it under 10x like the person in that link did, but I’ll definitely try for at least a few skill ups.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • NA is likely getting Awoken I&I next week along with Aegir to evo her. Considering all the awoken Norse need new descended evo mats, the next uevos they can reach for are the uuevo Archangels starting with Michael, the uevo Angels and uevo Hathor. I’m skeptical they’ll reach that far ahead in the schedule so we’ll likely only get I&I, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them by the end of the month.
  • I have two packs ready for Fist of the North Star. I’m anticipating tears, rage or both.
  • I’m a bit excited for JP announcements for the first time in a while with uevo BSonia and GSonia on their way (I have three each…).
  • The next likely uevo candidate is AA Lucifer followed by the rest of the Archdemon pantheon (it should be interesting to see if they awaken the ones without splits or give them uuevos). It’d be kinda cool if they released AA and FA Luci at the same time with some kind of juxtaposed art. Too bad they can’t do linked art like LLSIF.
  • I’m hoping they’ll also keep working on GFEs, particularly the GFE rejects RGY, GGY, LZL, GZL, and Apocalypse. I’d be more optimistic about a split/uuevo/awoken for GOdin if Odin Dragon didn’t exist, but I’m hoping it could happen for LMeta. As for the next pantheon to get worked on after the Archdemons, it’s hard to say. Finishing off Indian 1 awokens seems logical. The Heroes are probably next up for uuevos which sounds ridiculous, but Three Kingdoms getting awokens is even more so (although DQ and XQ being reunited in Awoken DQXQ is one of my dreams; I’d also like to use my starter again). That leaves Sengoku uevos which would almost certainly put then in the elite tier for leaders or subs, if not both. Since there’s really no great candidates, let’s hope they dedicate more time to balancing old and forgotten cards; maybe giving uevos to non-pantheon sets like the Wizards.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 43

  1. Your Verdandi Icon! :O Kaede new waifu?! 😛

    Are you spending your piis are more casually now that you are able to farm them in Arena?


    • It was time for a change. I was disappointed that she ditched her ponytail with her uevo 🙂

      Yeah, I’m a bit looser with my Pys now as witnessed with Ryune, but I’d still consider myself pretty stingy. I’m very tempted to feed some to Leonis and Markab to complete their systems, but as we’re likely to get skill up fodder for them in the next month or so I’m doing my best to hold off. Before the Arena, I wouldn’t have even considered that.


  2. Wizard or FRUIT DRAGON uevos would be fantabulous. Especially considering the wizards in particular aren’t even that bad when lacking some other luxury counterpart. I use Laila all the time for her free row.

    I hope they go back and revisit the Zhuge Liangs and Apocalypse. Especially Apocalypse who needs a better art job. But hahaha who am I kidding uevos for non-pantheons?!?!?! GH never gonna do that..

    I’m curious as to what they will do regarding the Archdemons considering some have two ults and some have one. Will they just skip on over to Awoken? To give Belial and new uevo that’s not awoken would be akin to flipping the bird IMO because he STILL has no skill ups and yeah like hell he’s worth 10 Pys. Honestly that pantheon is such a mess that skipping to awokens might be the best thing to do.


    • Yeah, Fruit Dragons would be great.

      Also, the Wizards are embarrassingly bad, really only useful for their SBR. They’re barely on the same level as many of the newer evo mat descended bosses. I’d rather use a farmable heartbreaker.


    • I used to be. Haven’t played in over half a year. I went all out on last Christmas’s Umi event and got plenty burned out.

      Here’s my URs:

      Perhaps the saddest thing is that I’m probably horrible at the game again after improving so much. Umi’s my favorite by a lot, then Maki. They all grew on me over time, though, especially Rin and Nozomi.


      • Ahh that puts my mind at ease, Umi and Maki also my favorites!! And Eli really, soldier game is great, but Umi’s singing voice is in a league of her own.

        Just started recently myself, I’m pretty terrible too but I’d work my butt off for an event Umi. My only real gripe is I’m not used to managing low amounts of stamina every few hours compared to 300+ in PAD, tempted to throw money at that problem until it goes away. At least it’s also a lot easier to amass free stones/gems.

        Thanks for digging those images up!


        • Glad to know there exists more gentlemen with refined taste.

          I started the game with 3 days left in then first Umi event. I woke up in the middle of the night in order to use my LP.


  3. Quick Questions: Are you a male or female? and Elia drops in Coin Dungeons? Thanks. I know they are kinda random.


    • I’m not sure if Elia invades coin dungeons. It did on JP, but that doesn’t mean NA is at that point yet. I’m hoping someone else will find that out and report on it so I don’t have to.


  4. what do you think is the best dungeon to farm elia? i did zeus vulcan today and got 2 out of 4 runs. as of right now im thinking of doing hera sowilo, since its 10 battles. not sure if a 10 battle dungeon will have a higher chance of invade or not.


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