Extremely Quick Thoughts on the Uevo Sonias and Uuevo Belial

I really should be heading to sleep, but I’ve just got to get my two cents in now. Apologies for any oversights because of it.


  • The new Sonia uevos aren’t bad, but they aren’t very exciting, either. Consider this: remove their three “worst” awakenings — OE, off-element row and bind recovery — and you’re basically left with an Ilm with better stats. Ilm is a great card, but after all this time I was expecting more. Once again, this could just be a sign that the power creep has finally plateaued and I’m perfectly fine with that.
  • Sonia boards are generally pretty bad for tank teams, the type of teams they’d obviously lead. Creating an average of 15 of each orb type means you’ll get a board with two or less rows more than one with three, making them unreliable for burst turns. This makes them inferior to the awoken Norse as tank leads, even ignoring their type restrictions. A tank team will always needs a damage enhancer, so having that active in your leader slot gives you the freedom to use whatever orb changers you want in the sub slots. However, if a Sonia is your lead, you basically wasted an active slot since there’s no realistic way to improve a Sonia board for rows.
  • 2.5x RCV is a very strong leader skill clause, so there’s always the potential for them to be very strong. I had low expectations and was disappointed anyways, but I still have hope because of this. Let’s pray that hope doesn’t take the form of another tailor made 6-star GFE complement. We also don’t know the exact value of their ATK boost kicker.
  • BSonia
    • I can’t see much changing for her. She’s more legit than GSonia as a leader and sub, but it’s not like people were chomping at the bit for a two-element board. I don’t think we’ll see the return of BSonia whale teams, either. I’m sure people will be more than willing to try so it should be interesting to see if they come up with anything.
    • I find her to be an interesting Lakshmi sub option as that team is starved for HP and skill boosts. Adding uuevo Gabe to the picture means you have another way of turning a Sonia board into an activatable one and he also provides RCV to offset BSonia’s zero.
  • GSonia 
    • She has stiff competition in Freyja and Summer GSonia for the roles she’d be competing for.
    • Balanced is probably the worst type in the game, if only from a stat distribution perspective. It’s almost always better to excel in one role than be mediocre in all of them. I don’t see much of a future for her.
    • Giving her a TPA rather than a row puts her in a strange spot as Summer GSonia already fills that space and has a much, much better active.
  • I have three of both, but after this reveal it looks like I’ll be able to safely sell one of each. I’ll definitely be holding on to them as long as possible just to be safe, but come Christmas with no improvements or unexpected uses, I won’t hesitate to cash them in for MP.


  • From the perspective of a sub, uuevo Belial makes Awoken Astaroth look silly for these simple reasons:
    • No active skill reset – For those that already skilled Belial, you won’t have to reskill (actually a detriment on NA). Poison and jammer conversion is legit, but not a huge advantage for Astaroth.
    • Extra awakening – Considering that time extends are one of the best awakenings in the game, this is no small advantage.
    • Triple typing – An extra type isn’t strictly better because of things like type-based binds, but in PAD it’s almost always an advantage, especially when it comes to team building.
    • Evo mats – Uuevos generally have much more forgiving evo mats.
  • Considering almost everything else is the same, here is yet another example of why Awoken Astaroth is disappointing. I was always under the impression that an awoken should be better than a uuevo, but with the recent uuevos that obviously isn’t the case anymore.
  • Oh yeah. Belial is pretty good. NA skill up problems be damned. That time extend makes a huge difference for me. Even his leader skill is pretty respectable. Bind immunity on an RCV booster is pretty solid. I’m also liking how the non-Scarlet Raoh team is shaping up.

21 thoughts on “Extremely Quick Thoughts on the Uevo Sonias and Uuevo Belial

  1. I held on to my Bsonia and Gsonia hoping for something, someday, to justify their 6 star GFE rating but this is just medicore. I don’t see how keeping them is worth giving up the 100k monster points, especially for a light iap-ers.


  2. I’m still frustrated that we haven’t seen any sight of Belial skill-ups. I most certainly don’t have 10 Pys to spare on him, I only have 4 Flampys from months and months of just storing and waiting and then using 4 on Awoken Leilan, and they’re going to my new Kagutsuchi no debate. I can’t reliably clear past Challenge 6 (although this should change with my newborn Awoken Shiva team) because up until this godfest I didn’t have any of the leaders capable of clearing it consistently. I’m hoping things will start looking up with my new Shiva and Bastet (although I don’t have Liu Bei, Vishnu, or Verdandi, hurting her somewhat in my box).

    I also pulled a ROdin yesterday morning. My first one…and will remain on the shelves as a trophy…not really so sure what to do with him :s


    • I think the only orb-changing Archdemon that has a non-collab skill up fodder is Baal. This means uuevo Amon will have a similar problem to Belial. Hopefully they see it fit to make new fodder for them to at least be on the level of Baal. Considering they made a new fodder for Raphael, there’s reason for optimism.

      I think you’re obligated to hold on to that ROdin unless you absolutely need the MP. But even if you get the second one to start thinking about push button teams, the stamina investment is pretty heavy.


      • I hold on to up to two dupes (meaning I sold my third Gabriel and third Belial e_e) nowadays, so if I pulled a third ROdin somehow I’m not really that interested in making a push-button team so I’d probably just sell it for the ever-precious MP as I only have 75,000 at the moment :s Most early descends aside from Hera-Ur I can farm with Awoken Amaterasu or some combination of AAma/LMeta/Venus anyways, and I don’t stone for Star Vault meaning timing my runs isn’t exactly important.

        Did they make new fodder for Raphael? That certainly bodes well as I really need to max skill mine but he’s been forgotten by the evo mat rotations…


  3. Hi Setsu, been enjoying your posts for awhile. After splurging on PCGF I’m kinda stuck at a crossroad and not sure where to go. I have ~400 plus eggs saved for a couple of potential teams.

    Selling my dupe Typhon and scrounging up the remaining 50k mp for Radragon seems the best, with Dkali, Chocobo, Indra and Isis. Also have a somewhat capable Yomi team (DIza, Z8, Haku, Satsuki), Bastet (Liu bei, Osiris, Susano, Verdandi), Sakuya (Lkali, Dkali, Yomi, Diza) and Sarasvati team that’s half-hypered already (Bvalk, Hatsume, Karin, Andromeda) which can be converted into I&I with Ryune . I haven’t really played with any combo gods so I’m not sure of the strength of Sakuya or Yomi, is investing in Ragon worth it if I’m not planning on IAPing to farm latents?

    PADherder if you need it: padherder.com/user/fishinsea/monsters/


    • If you just want the strongest lead, Ra Dragon is your best choice. Even if you don’t plan on getting latents for the Arena, it’s still the strongest team in the game even with Fat Chocobo instead of a DKali. There’s definitely an opportunity cost in waiting for it to rotate back, though. If you’re fine with waiting the 6 weeks or so, I’d do it. Your other teams have potential, but Ra Dragon should be an elite leader for a long time.


      • Thanks for confirming, time to start preparing for Ragon. 6 weeks is nothing since I’d still have to get evo mats and Tamas for the team and hopefully we get 10x soon 😀


  4. Agree with you about uuvo Belial; he seems pretty sweet, which makes Astaroth’s awoken even more disappointing 😦

    Re: Archdemon skill ups, at least Amon’s is in a collab that we’ve gotten before, so there’s that.

    Blonia uvo seems pretty good, Gronia uvo makes me no longer feel slightly bad about selling one to buy my Yomi Dragon. Blonia #2 and Gronia #2 are probably disappearing come Christmas, though.

    I could be wrong, since I don’t play JP, but I’m pretty sure that their damage boost uses the same phrasing that usually results in a 1.2x boost. Ronia’s damage boost is also 1.2x, so I’m confused why some people are expecting 1.5x? Either way, the fact that Gronia needs a second combo to trigger it, while Blonia’s is basically always “on”, is just another mark against her.


    • 1.2x is the most likely value, but they really need something to distinguish them from the Norse and justify the narrower sub pool so I think people are hoping for a higher multiplier.


  5. GSonia’s LS is now the same as BSonia, 1.5x ATK for 5+ orbs (a row basically). GSonia also dropped the TPA for a Wood Row like BSonia.

    Any updates on thoughts?


    • 3.75x ATK is fairly respectable for a tank lead and at least distinguishes them from the Norse (3.25x). That comes out to 12.19x vs 10.56x when paired with a Dragonbound which isn’t a huge boost in the land of 100x+, but any damage edge is pretty significant to a tank team. The kicker ATK bonus is also good for getting extra grind damage without needing to pop an active and is essentially free.

      I still think their actives hold them back a bit. If their leader skill ATK bonus gives them an edge, then a board that usually doesn’t give 3 rows is an equal demerit. Then considering their type restrictions, it’s hard to see them being much better than the Norse.

      A BSonia leader pair could be interesting, though. Almost 14k HP from just your leaders is huge for a lead with an RCV bonus. Then considering most of the subs are going to be physical the team can hit pretty ridiculous natural HP. Just throwing a team together (maybe sketchy math ahead): BSonia / BOdin / I&I / Karin / Amberjack / BSonia, that’s 5780 + 5780 + 4531 + 3915 + 3545 + 3370 = 26,921 base HP. Then with +eggs (990 * 6 = 5940) the team has 32,861 HP. The team would only need 16 dark resist latents to survive DQ Hera. Then the RCV is 548 + 219 + 284 + 76 = 1127 + (6 * 297) = 2909 * 6.25 = 18,181. Add 14x ATK and that’s a pretty formidable set of stats with 11 rows and 100% SBR. That’s with just some junky team I threw together without really thinking, things could get better if you start optimizing subs. There’s at least some potential here, but I don’t really see much for GSonia.


      • Great analysis! That’s basically the team I was looking at running, so it’s good to see that it can tank hera so “easily” lol.

        One thing that I’m most surprised at is how many great farmable options there are for Bonia now though. Like, Ilsix then Noah will give you a two row board if you have at least one heart before using ilsix. Amberjack is great, the new dog with LZL’s AS is pretty solid as well… It’s kinda funny how strictly whales only the teams used to be, and now rolling Bonia as a new player is probably better than rolling Ronia lol. As it should be 😛

        One thing I brought up on the forums is that Bonia can (probably) kill Kali much easier than one might think. Based on the AI&U/Ryune clears I’ve seen, which nearly one shot Kali with an I&I active, a marionette active, and a triple row board, the damage is there. Now, Marionettes effectively double the team’s base 6.25 to 12.5, and doubled by I&I for (effectively) 25x damage. Well, Bonia has a BASE of 14x, doubled by I&I for 28x, AND she has BOdin for a water enhance, and six OEs to back it up. So six enhanced orbs in a row, six awakenings, approximately 1.78x more for each row. All in all, should have an easier time than even AI&I in the Kali killing department.

        Now, as for traditional Arena threats, you mentioned the 16 latents to survive DQ Hera, so that’s good. She’s got enough base HP to survive Parvati’s rage hits, and enough to survive two normal hits meaning you can stall there infinitely no sweat, and low damage output coupled with Parv resisting you means you’re not gonna be healing her either. Sophdet is cake with a low multiplier.

        Only real threats I can see are Meimei and Threedia. Both have countdowns to death, meaning stalling won’t benefit you. Meimei has 1.55M defense, and she resists you, meaning you need to deal 3.1M damage on one card, meaning you need to blow your wad or you die. In my head, you use the I&I active, then the Karin/Amberjack, then BOdin, and hope you get a three row board lol. Then you (hopefully) kill grisar with two Bonia boards. Threedia though, requires more finesse. Stalling on 19 is not fun, as you’re at like, 1% health every turn, so you want to do it without messing up your combo of I&I/AKarin/Amberjack, so you have two Bonias and a Bodin (maybe only the one Bonia depending on how you cleared 17) to deal 12 Million damage, or 9M if you can get him below half without going over too far.

        IDK. I just want her to be good 😛


  6. I’d also like to see a return of Red Row Sonia, possibly pairing with Raoh. Subs include the ubiquitous Scarlet, Chiyome, Hera-Ur, and now Belial seems like a fairly good contender, if not the best.


  7. Looks like they are getting a buff/tweak. 1.5x when matching 5 or more orbs is the new boost and GSonia had that 2prong changed to another row enhance. 14x damage now if self paired, which combined with the rows available on subs will make for some very respectable damage for a rcv heavy team like that.


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