Aegir Mythical – Thoth & Sopdet + Awoken Anubis

Time for Angel skill ups.


2 thoughts on “Aegir Mythical – Thoth & Sopdet + Awoken Anubis

  1. So I was on another site saying players who can ‘sweep’ this dungeon, aren’t really going to be needing the evo material (other than doing this dungeon for a trophy monster and/or a stone for completion). Although, I am waiting to see if A I&I replaces subs on any top teams; I know she can be a formidable lead. This dungeon was fine with my A Yomi and my Bastet teams, and I see videos and posts of other high power teams beating it, not so many 3x ATK type teams.

    But I also said the people who really need the A I&I as a lead for their best team, probably won’t have a team which can just sweep this dungeon, and will have a difficult time beating it. Just in terms of power-creep (to make the dungeon hard enough to beat for end-game players) versus the reward, this dungeon was a bit tough, especially once you get to Valkyrie. (My friend has been trying all his teams since the dungeon opened, but just keeps dying. I just joke and tell him he’s not good at orb matching.) But I may be thinking this way because Descended Carnival made access to Awoken gods a bit easier. On the other hand, I think about the dungeons we saw last December and this year, and they really pushed the bar higher in terms of difficulty since they’ve made so many powerful leads.


    • If a player is having trouble doing 3-4 million a turn on a 7×6 board, their problem runs a lot deeper than power creep. These 7×6 dungeons have been quite easy. Things like Scarlet are more indicative of power creep affecting descendeds.

      I&I is quite good as both a leader and a sub and is likely the best option for the Arena for most players that have her.
      If your leader options are poor to the point that you can’t easily clear the dungeon, using a few stones on continues is also a good idea.


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