Angel/Reaper Invade Farming 12/3

I decided to farm five Elia’s then call it an event. I have no pressing need for her and I’m hoping for better farming conditions in the future (10x + Elia pls gungho).

Elia Invade Mythical Farming – No Bonuses
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Stones Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
10/23/2015 Takeminekata 20 1000 3 6 30.00% 166.67
10/25/2015 Izanami 75 3750 9 5 6.67% 750.00
10/30/2015 Grimoires 30 1500 4 2 6.67% 750.00
10/31/2015 Aamir 51 2550 6 5 9.80% 510.00
11/1/2015 Thoth & Sopdet 81 4050 10 10 12.35% 405.00
12/3/2015 Noah 37 1850 5 5 13.51% 370.00
Total 294 14700 37 33 11.22% 445.45

A pretty nice invade rate. That luck was then extended into my skill ups, going 3/5:


Only six more to go… I also want to finish skilling up a Noah, but I’ll do that when we get her 5×4 dungeon (we are getting it, right, GungHo?).

In other news, I used the following team to farm Noah: Yomi Dragon / DValk / Persephone / Haku / Akechi / Yomi Dragon. I only had 80% dark OE, but it worked out better than expected. I also came to have an appreciation for Persphone and DValk on the team. The heart enhance + heartbreaker combo surprised me with how relevant it was. The awakening is also relevant by giving a Haku board a higher enhanced dark orb hit rate. DValk giving a quick orb changer to work in conjunction with Yomi Dragon’s haste was also nice. I can’t imagine heartbreakers being very good outside of farming, though.

4 thoughts on “Angel/Reaper Invade Farming 12/3

  1. Hey Setsu, a little off topic but regarding using DValk on Yomi Dragon team. Do you foresee Beach Valk Claire getting buffs similar to the other Valks, specifically triple typing, before next year’s summer event? Would be nice if she got some more love and God typing so she would be more effective on Yomi Dragon team even if just for farming.


    • I’m not sure they’ve ever made upgrades to something that was from a special or collab REM until that machine was made available again. A few exceptions would be things that are a part of sweeping changes because they have the same/similar active or leader skills. I do recall some PAD Academy buffs recently, but they also did make that REM available again. In short, I wouldn’t get your hopes up before next summer.


  2. Got a question about who should I plus egg. I use a ton of teams since I enjoy changing up the play style, so I know the answer isn’t the team you enjoy the most.

    Right now, I can grab ~270k MP without feeling like I lost something big and important. I held off on Yomi Dragon just in case the Christmas REM brings something amazing. I think I’m only going to have one MP choice, so I want to make sure it’s something I’ll enjoy. With that in mind, I’ve kind of been working on my new Haku since I finished Beach Pandora. The current team options look like:

    *Yomi and Yomi Dragon pool* Haku *+65*/Okun/Akechi/Yomi*+38* possible Batman, Satsuki, and Izanami *I like Halloween more to be honest*,
    *Ra pool* Lkali/Lkali/Batman/Isis possible Yomi and Fat Chocobo.
    *Sakuya pool* Lkali/Lkali/Valkyrie *+162 as my starter* possible Yuna, Elia, and Yomi. *Work got in the way of letting me awoken her today T.T*
    *Green pool* GZL *+184 as first descend leader*, Mei Mei 2x/Liu Bei,/Artemis/Verdandi 3x/Kaede who got that new buff allowing her to be a 4.5x leader with a built in shielding option.
    *Screw it, be that guy pool* Kiriko 2x/Misato/Ares/Mamiya possible Cao Cao and Hino or go I&I/Hermes/Karin/Mori/Tidus/Skuld/Isis

    Beach Pandora and Athena are +297. Ronia is +72

    I’m currently having a hard time on Legend+ stages since I haven’t run too many “Don’t make a mistake” dungeons lately and I’m not max skilled on any full team, yet. I did beat True Dragon Realm first try ever on a Legend+ on the Dragon Challenges last week. All the other special and Legend+ are kicking my butt though.

    Thanks and PS, as a double Belial NA owner, without a skill up dungeon, I would have preferred an awoken. Active skills matter too much, and 17 turns is not really possible to use. I just hope they treat my Baals well in the following weeks since one was painfully skilled up.


    • Even if you enjoy changing things up, you should still focus on a main team so you can progress. Yomi Dragon is your best bet for the future, especially since you already have Summer Pandora plussed. This would also allow you to feed away Athena since Yomi Dragon is a better farming lead. Since it sounds like you didn’t pull the trigger, you can just go ahead and use the subs on Awoken Yomi since there’s a lot of overlap. This also helps addresses your desire to switch up play styles; while they both have the match-five mechanic, they play very differently. A lot can change in a couple months, though.

      If advancing is a big issue for you, in all seriousness, just plus whatever you feel like at the time.


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