It’s Time…




11 thoughts on “It’s Time…

  1. would you recommend stocking up on the specific resist latents or should we just farm the one we need. I guess Im asking because I’ve seen the rare 100% resist teams and then yomi drag use about 30 dark resists, and ra drag has its own specific “build” but I rarely see any other ones used outside of these niche’s


    • I’m personally going to stock up because who knows if NA is going to make these dungeons available regularly. I’m going to farm the hell out of dark resists for Yomi Dragon and the Shiva Dragon Scarlet farming team. I’ll probably stock up on about 10 each of the other ones depending on the drop rate.


  2. So, I’m actually going to be kinda sad if dark resists happen by like x-mas. #MPregrets, but so super excited about farmable latents coming to NA that I can’t really complain, tbh.

    I really need to get back into the arena, been farming plus eggs and ignoring it lol.


      • yeah, I don’t think so either. I would be happy enough to have farmable ones, that it would probably offset the regret of not having the patience, and just buying them lol. Whatever, it’s a couple extra months of farming arena at least 😀


  3. If there are dark elemental resists anytime I’m going to farm the hell out of it, I need a few so that my Amaterasu team can take on Dragon Rush.


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