Weekly Roundup 44


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Overall clear rate: 66/117 (56.41%)
  • Weekly clear rate: 15/23 (65.22%)
  • Hurdle Stats:
    • Sopdet Kills: 2/5 (40.00%) – Even if you minimize skyfall combo chances, it’s still up to RNG.
    • Kagutsuchi Kills: 4/5 (80.00%) – Whoops.
    • Kagutsuchi Clears: 3/5 (60.00%) – Finishing the run after the skill delay takes a lot of luck, but isn’t impossible.
    • Parvati Kills: 3/3(100.00%) – I think I’m going to stop keeping track of this.
    • DQ Hera Kills: 2/4 (50.00%) – One failure was to not healing enough after Lifive, the other to forgetting the shield.
  • Py distribution: 4 Flampy, 3 Bubpy, 4 Woodpy, 2 Shynpy, 2 Badpy
  • I’m slowly becoming convinced that Osiris is the second or third worst spawn for Ra Dragon in the entire dungeon (after Sopdet and maybe Kagutsuchi). The increased wood and dark skyfalls just put so much pressure on your DKali usage which only gets more strained if you get Drall, Meimei, Lifive, or Beelzebub spawns. Other skyfall debuffs aren’t nearly as bad because they happen earlier in the dungeon where things are easy or later where you’d use your DKalis anyways.

Elia Progress Tracker


I’m pretty happy with three skill ups from five feeds. It feels like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping for a future event with better conditions to finish skilling her.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • PDX is reporting Hera-Ur 5×4 starting this week which would kick off the farmable resist latent rotation for us. I’m hoping it’s true; farmable dark resists can’t get here fast enough.
  • I’m somewhat disappointed that there was no new NA collab announcement as there was theoretically enough time for another two week collab before the presumed Christmas event. If we weren’t getting another collab, it would’ve been nice if they extended FotNS even if JP only got one week, but I guess that’s just how things were negotiated. Nothing new means more money to pour into the Christmas REM, I guess.
  • We should be getting Surtr next event for Awoken Freyr. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Deus Ex Machina for Leonis and Markab skill ups.
  • The expected JP uevo announcements are pretty much the same with AA Lucifer and the rest of the Archdemons being the most eligible candidates. I’d love to see something on the levels of the Sonias again this week, though. Uuevo Heroes would make me very happy, especially since the recent Valk upgrades make them look pretty bad.
  • JP getting DC again with no uevos is quite disappointing. It’s only lasting a single week, meaning the Christmas event will likely start when it ends. It’ll be interesting to see how they update the REM as it will set a precedent for their other special REMs. A new MP card is a given. Upgrades or a uevo for Sakuya seems likely. I’d also expect another 6- and/or 7-star to be added to the machine. The chibis will likely return, but hopefully they don’t add any new ones or other chaff to dilute the machine further.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 44

    • I don’t either. You’d think they would implement it as soon as possible to get whales spending money to stone it non stop.

      Actually, having said that, I think I figured it out.GH makes more money by having whales stone the less efficient plus egg farming methods. 3x normals took so long because they wanted to milk the 5x techs as long as possible. 10x has taken so long because the more stamina efficient the farming, the less stamina it takes to reach your goal, and the less you have to stone to reach that goal. (be that 100 eggs or a thousand, or ten thousand… whatever the individual’s goal is.) Less stones used = less stones bought = less money for GH.

      That’s why we’re late to the party, GH NA is greedy. 😛


      • It’s also possible that they’re worried about people hitting their goals too fast and then getting bored. IIRC, they’ve said some things in the past about not releasing certain things until the NA playerbase is more mature, which might be what they’re referring to.


        • So you instead make players bored by not releasing the content they actually care about?

          The comment on the maturity of the playerbase was more in reference to why we get endgame content slower. They’ve been addressing the issue by (relatively) expediting the uevo schedule. NA Challenge Dungeons are basically a joke compared to how difficult they were on JP.


      • Since you limited it to whales, your reasoning is wrong. Whales are most constrained by time, not stones, and you can spend way more stones per hour on 10x.


        • Agreed. also most of the descends are actually less stamina efficient than OOH5.

          10x certainly is better for gungho, because it gets whales to spend absurd numbers of stones hypering out teams that they use less, it’s like luxury pluses. I have finished shivadragon, bastet, and yomidragon, I want to plus out nepdra, Thor/saria, and random corner case subs, like Mamiya, and ThothDet.

          Really, I think the reason it’s taking so long is that they wanted something “special” like x-mas to release it :-/


          • Pretty much. Christmas works for me since I’ll be off work and would be willing to dump multiple packs to finally hyper all the stupid teams I’ve been wanting to for a while. I’m definitely going to hyper both Mamiya and Thoth & Sopdet 🙂


  1. Man the rest of the Archdemons + Lucifer can’t arrive fast enough. I hope they don’t royally fuck up Awoken FA Lucifer but I have this sinking feeling they will make it basically the dark version of Astaroth which would just be a shame. I hope I’m wrong though!

    DC collab to me has become the butt of many jokes, I mean seriously, no new uevos, yet it comes on a much more rapid cycle and like what? I guess I don’t mind too much because I need to skill up Leeza but still, come on.


  2. do you know if Elia invades in alerts when the event is happening? Did you ever find out if it invades in coin dungeons?


  3. Noticed Gamewith updated their tier list to reflect essentially what you have proposed. Ra Dragon in a tier by himself. Yomidragon, Awoken Ra and Shivadragon in a S tier. All the other good leaders in the A tier.


    • The GameWith list is much better than it was a month or so ago, but I don’t know if it’s worth keeping up with them. I noticed a week or so ago the page had a user poll for what looked like the best leader in the game which was somewhat interesting.


  4. i yolo-ed ultimate arena cuz i had stamina to waste. i ended up clearing it with a lot of skydrop luck with my kirin team (lkali, susano, dkali, yomi). not even a lot of pluses, only kirin hypermaxed, dkali at 240, lkali at 260-ish, susano at 10, yomi at 10. but then again i had pretty nice spawns.


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