New 6-Star GFE Eschamali


All three of the new GFEs are nice — if a bit ridiculous — but Eschamali is my favorite by far. I already loved Zaerog∞ on my Yomi Dragon team for the skyfall buff, but she also gives you an orb change and gets the full ATK bonus as a god (that Liu Bei active is looking even more shit now). You can also loop the skyfall buff with a couple hastes which Yomi Dragon is more than happy to provide. After using Persephone to farm Noah, I can say that a double orb change is quite good on the team, too. Now I just need to roll two of them. I hate six-star GFEs. 4x GFEs when?

I may not always be a fan of his art, but they should just get Kazama Raita (Kali, etc.) to do all 6-stars; at the very least his drawings feel like they should be 6-stars. On the other hand, Kozaki Yuusuke (Sakuya) should be banned from 6-stars after Sylvie. I don’t think the poor man can handle PAD art, which is surprising considering his Fire Emblem work is pretty solid.

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  1. As a blue lover, WTF GH? I’m 100% OK with taking blue the TPA route, but Really? FIVE? They obliterated her ATK because of it, and she has shitty awakenings, since without 100% SLR a team is doomed to fail. And while blue has lots of SLR options… they’re ALL ROW CARDS.

    That said, the LS is pretty garbage as well, if my sources are correct, we’ve got a 1.5x rcv/atk, 2x atk at two water combos, 3xat 3. So 20.25x, with 2.25x rcv, and no SLRs on the leaders…

    The active is insanely good though, not gonna lie. I just want the meta to catch up with her so she can be good…

    Some math from the forums about her TPAs: Blue one at +99 attack goes up to 1148, and 1.5^5 * 1148 = 8718 attack from one TPA, passing Orochi’s 7568. Not too shabby.

    So she DOES have the most damage from TPAs, but ONLY when heavily plussed. Sigh.

    Also, did blue REALLY need ANOTHER 6* GFE? I don’t think so.

    Personally, triple TPA with a better attack stat, an SLR, and another SB, and we’re golden, but as is, I can’t see her getting used until the meta catches up… Sick art though.

    Also, green rows needed a leader, not another sub. Her LS is “machine atk/rcv 1.5, 3x for 6+ connected orbs” GG, now give us some good machines with rows… (throwback to when I said that Mari, the double row green card from Eva, would be a great sub on the right team)


    • Just wanted to point out that Alrescha isn’t really a row card and has two SLR so you could put her on the same team. Your point still stands though.


      • Very true, they’re so new that I tend to forget about them. Also machine, so that’s a plus. When I saw her (new blue GFE), I wanted her to be the a blue TPA machine lead that we’ve been leading up to, but 20.25x attack with 2.25x rcv won’t be doing any serious content in my opinion… (In before arena clear.)


  2. The artist who did Sylvie and also Fire Emblem just honestly surprised me with the lackluster Sylvie art. I’ve never seen anything but excellence from the majority of his work from both Awakening and Fates, and additionally Kirin. Light/Wood Kirin’s weird posing and bad composition aside, his shading and color choices have always been spot on and his knowledge of lighting is superb. Sylvie was a huge surprise, so much so that I wasn’t even disappointed, I was just shocked. Maybe he forgot his morning coffee, or maybe he was just going through a hard time, when he had to do that.

    If we go by his art for Awoken Kirin, however, I honestly wouldn’t mind PAD commissioning him again.

    The Kali artist is really great with detail, however, his faces all look. the. same. It’s incredibly bothersome. All of his female faces have the exact same shape and eyes and good lord he loves to up the rack size of them as well, to the point where it’s just stupid. His usage of color, however, is excellent.

    Just a design school student nerding about the art.


    • I don’t mind them using Kozaki, I’d just rather him not do 6-stars again until he “proves” he’s more consistent. Just a selfish desire of mine.

      I think Kazama is developing at a rapid rate if you consider where he started with the base forms of the Kalis. Sure, he suffers from sameface a bit and has a penchant for huge titties, but outside whether I actually like his art (most of them I actually don’t like), they do feel like they have the detail, colors and flashiness to be 6-stars. I think his work on the Marionettes shows that he can do some variation on eyes and facial expressions (just a bit). Aegir is also a thing 🙂

      If I had my way I’d just have Shinnosuke Hino and Suzuki Kaori do everything, but Kazama is growing on me over time.


      • Kaori yes please. Her art is universally adorable and she is an incredibly talented and skilled artist ❤

        I will agree, that the art has come a long way since the first Kalis which were just spine-snapped, amoeba-footed i-don't-even-know, compared to that even the ulti Kalis look okay (DKali's right thigh is like twice as long as her left thigh though *shudders*). And yes, I see what you mean by that artist's art being more suited for 6* GFEs, and the Marionettes were certainly a huge improvement. Not to try and pull the "oh my god as a girl i am offended" but I sometimes feel uncomfortable looking at the Kalis and their tits x_x

        Did Kozaku also do Ryune and Saori, or was that someone else? I wish PADX would update their illustrator's database so I could see exactly who did what!


  3. I honestly think yusuke’s problem is not with his skill or ability but the direction he’s being forced to follow from gungho. Let’s take a look at the style and details involved with his work in fire emblem and no more heroes. Now let’s look at pad. These are very different styles. There’s no way an artist of his ability would be toning down without directions in his job request.

    If you follow along with wizards on magic card designs, they will usually give the artist strict directions for the general concept and outline but let them handle the details. I feel like gungho is giving him strict directions on both. They aren’t allowing the artist to do his part.

    Yet for some reason it seems kazama had been given the right to do anything and everything.

    I think all 3 of these gfe are a little on the nutty side. They give you a reason to want a 2 sbr on the team to cover them. Which is nice because the other star gods just happen to have 2 sbr and oe.


    • I think he may just have trouble filling out the dimensions of a PAD card. Recent PAD art mostly favors strange action or sitting poses in order to fill out the horizontal space which he may not have much experience with nor have the talent to nail it every time. He could probably get better with more experience, but since he really only does Sakuya he’s hasn’t been given that opportunity. They should let him cut his teeth on other, non-6-star cards, but then again he may be too expensive for that. Skill obviously isn’t a problem considering his other works.

      As for art direction, I’m somewhat familiar with the WotC-Magic process, but I’d be surprised if GungHo put strangling limitations on a single artist since there doesn’t seem to be a problem for the rest (although Yosuke Adachi’s flipper feet are another issue that never seems to get addressed).


  4. Eschamali was definitely the most exciting card and I’m very interested in using her as a lead. While her sub-pool is tiny (hah, machines…) it seems easily as powerful as Yomidra as a lead already. What are your thoughts?


    (and of course, Mecha Hera when shes out like Stratios for Yomidra for arena!)

    Yeah those are 2 collabs, but I’m just asking about raw power/max potential.


    • If we’re talking about Arena here, the fact that NA is missing Levi’s full-board orb change really hurts. There is a glimmer of hope we’ll get that collab, but as usual I’m not getting my hopes up only to be disappointed.

      But yeah, the team seems fine, but it’s obviously not at Yomi Dragon levels yet. Perhaps all the team needs is one more superstar sub to make it big.


    • Wow, nice find, thanks for sharing. That’s pretty disgusting, kinda reminds me of how I felt when I first saw Juggler in action. Time to take out a mortgage when Eschamali comes out. I guess if I fail to roll two I’ll get the MP to buy Yomi Dragons #3 and 4.


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