No 10x… Yet


I felt this would happen when coin Star Vault popped up on PDX, but really, 5x instead? Just fuck my shit up, GungHo.

There’s still hope that 10x will come in part 2 which would be particularly nice since PDX is reporting Goemon in the next coin rotation.


11 thoughts on “No 10x… Yet

        • If you’re saying that in comparison to 10x, that’s wrong. You get 1.5 +eggs per Star Vault run while you get 4 from the Thief Descended. Both are 5 floors and both can be done in comparable times with push button teams. Star Vault will net you about 120-130 +eggs per hour where Goemon can get you a 297 per hour. You’ll also run out of coins pretty fast doing coin Star Vault; I can currently run 200 hours of Goemon but only 6 of Star Vault.


  1. There was very little chance of getting 10x this event since we were due for jewel invades (something 10x never occurs alongside to my knowledge). I feel like part 2 has a good chance but that may be wishful thinking.


    • You’re correct that 10x and Jewels invades have never coincided on JP, but saying that Jewel invades were “due” is just wrong. JP has no set rotation for invades and the last time they occurred on JP was about 7 events ago. Even if that wasn’t the case, it’s reasonable to believe that they’d make an exception for a big holiday event.


      • now that we have jewel invades+ 5x tech, it seems more likely that 10x descends will be how i spend my Christmas =) I have complete, and skilled, 6 different teams for arena that just need plusses. (including Radra/dkali/dkali/indra/isis


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