Ranking Dungeon With a Real Team


I never thought I’d use any of these cards again…

I needed a break from farming Star Vault so I decided to take my own advice and tried the ranking dungeon with a non-push button team. I don’t know where this score would put me currently, but I’d like to think it’d be top 20% if not 10%. There’s plenty of room for min-maxing, too. It’s unfortunate that the emphasis is put on time rather than combo count, but I guess that has its own problems with skyfall being a thing.


15 thoughts on “Ranking Dungeon With a Real Team

  1. puts you in the top 5% with that score. Used basically same thing for similar score (115.5k) and am currently 4.7%. I can’t not prioritize combos, feels so weird for a puzzle game to undervalue combos so hard.


    • Cool, thanks for the info. Yeah, I guess emphasizing time is a poor choice since it feels so backwards. Even if whales could stone for that miracle skyfall run, emphasizing combos would at least make it feel like some skill is involved.


  2. i used kirin/ra and scored 113.5 k. ra active penalty actually isnt even that bad, but im stressing cuz im in top 8.3% and i can see it slowly dropping


  3. So I want having any luck breaking 81k with Ra or Yomi thinking damage and combo were equally important. I saw this and needed to burn 30 to 50 stamina before bed. Setsu, you just pushed me from 31-34% to 8.7% without a hyper max.

    link by passing

    If I see you in real life, I’ll buy you a beer or something. Thanks for the piis!


    • WordPress is currently set to filter out comments with two or more links in it. I can approve them after the fact, but it’s probably easier to edit your comment to include actual links.


      • And thank you for the wonderful little team comp. I didn’t do my research on gaming the system this time around and just kind of accepted my fate at 33%. I’m glad I checked out your blog as a final thing before bed.


  4. I’m sitting at 25% and I think I’ll call that good for now. I realized “High MP Dragon” doesn’t translate to “the Neptune Dragon I’ve been dreaming of because I have 2 Hermes and a Karin” but instead “sells for 10,000 MP that I will never use anyways because I currently only have 80,000 MP” and so I’m done lol. RIP Bubpy but that’s about it.

    Later on when Shiva is ready I’m going to give him a spin, and also I might try using Urd since I now have Kagutsuchi.

    I hope that in the future GH freezes the time during the time that combos and skyfalls happen. That will really encourage players to shoot for high combos. And perhaps weight combos heavier, and penalize Ra/ROdin active skill usage more, to really showcase skill.

    Totally not coming from a salty nonIAPer 😛 in actuality I’m very mediocre at comboing though.


    • If you don’t mind me asking, what was your exact score and ranking, and how much was it to break top 20%? I’m curious what the cutoffs looked like.

      Also, you may be closer to that MP dragon than you think. I’m also non-IAP and at only 64k MP, but going through my box, if I sold everything that I’ve never used on a team (stuff I’m holding on to because maybe it’ll get an awoken or maybe I’ll roll a lead or maybe there’s a niche use), I’d be close to 400k. It’d be painful to part with a bunch of those things, but if you really really want a Nepdra, it might be worth going through that exercise to see how close you actually are.

      Here’s a spreadsheet I put together to make the calculation and sorting easier. You just fill in your current MP, how many stones you have, and then categorize any MP monsters you might consider selling into various categories, arranged left to right in order of how painful it would be to part with those monsters. At the bottom, it’ll tell you how much MP you’d end up with, and also how much box you’d save.



  5. Sitting at 8.8%, at 1:52 AM (Central, so minus 2 hours for pacific.) I’m thinking it’s gonna stick. Managed to get that perfect run with Lakshmi! Seems like the old gal isn’t done yet! 😛 Finished with 170 ish seconds left, and an average combo of… 5? 6? IDK, but I got exactly 30K points from it, which is pretty good for a row team hauling ass and finishing in just over 2 minutes. ARa for floor 2 though, because screw setting up a 2 row board on one active, and on top of that, the time lost would be MORE than 5K from the nuke. I’m all for screwing over push button teams for these, but if you’re gonna try to do that, you might as well actually TRY… Whatever, I’m getting 3 piis, so I’m fine with it!


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