Weekly Roundup 45


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Overall clear rate:80/134 (59.70%)
  • Weekly clear rate: 14/17 (82.35%)
  • Hurdle Stats:
    • Sopdet Kills: 4/5 (80.00%)
    • Kagutsuchi Clears: 2/3 (66.67%)
    • DQ Hera Kills: 4/4 (100.00%)
  • Py distribution: 2 Flampy, 3 Bubpy, 3 Woodpy, 3 Shynpy, 3 Badpy
  • I was on point this week. Granted, I didn’t attempt as many runs because I was fairly busy. I also don’t really need the Pys, but that may change when 10x hits (if it ever does).

Elia Progress Tracker


I have my hopes pinned on part 2 of the Christmas event having 10x. It’d also be nice to get Elia invades, but it seems that latents are more likely.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • I’m ready to get destroyed by the Christmas REM.
  • There really isn’t much for me to do this next week since I already got my 5×4 and coin Star Vault runs in. I need to start farming the materials for the Scarlet System so I’ll probably farm a few Red Jewels from Hera-Is on Wednesday. Since I’m on break, I’m going to use my free time to write a floor-by-floor Ra Dragon Arena guide. I’m also looking into making some speedfarming videos too.
  • I don’t really know what to expect out of JP this week. With the Archangels done, the only incomplete pantheons are Archdemons and Indian 1. The Archdemons will likely be more of the same, but awoken Indra and Vritra would be interesting. I’m anticipating uuevo Heroes. More upgrades would be nice, too.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 45

  1. Hey Setsu,

    Taking your advice and plus egging my team really made a difference in the amount of stuff I could clear. However, the past few godfest, I am still unable to roll an Lkali or Dkali.

    So I just decided to work on a few teams… Today is Athena with Sakuya Invade… I ran it like 20 times for 2 invades so far.. is it really worth it for a non IAP to stone to get those skill ups.. I was tempted to use my Pys on her but I pulled an Awoken Ra( I like his active), I was planning to use stones for stamina for Haku tomorrow too… but in general, is it wise to use Pys on those awokens or should I continue farming for jewels? I should have enough pys from all those descend challenges/challenge dungeons to py everyone.. but is it wise to do that? Then again, as a non IAP, I don’t think I will get that many new awokens anyhow lol… what do you think?


    Also..After farming Z8, I realized my Z8 has strong potential too with:
    Z8, A.Haku, Satsuki, Satsuki, Diza/OKun/Panda

    and I pulled a bestcat:

    So Bestcat, Verdi/Liu Bei, LIu Bei, Gvalk

    So yeah… are those 3 teams (Sakuya, Z8, and Bestcat/Verdi) what I should continue to work on?

    Sorry for the long winded post…

    tldr; Continue working on Sakuya/z8/Bestcat? and Is it wise to farm jewels as a non iap or use my stash of pys from all those challenges.

    Oh and for progression.. I’ve done basically everything besides Arena and C10/C9(sometimes C9 is harder lol)


    • I don’t think farming Jewel skill ups is a great idea for non-IAP. The stamina commitment is just too large and you’re prone to two layers of RNG in invade rate then skill up rate. With NA getting regular Challenge Dungeons and hopefully more Py freebies in the future, I think people can be more free in how they use their Pys. Haku is definitely worth it. I don’t know how many Shynpys you have, but if you’re thinking you want to take Sakuya to the next level, it might be wise to save them and eventually feed them to an Elia. Although I’m sure someone more well versed in Sakuya teams could give you better advice along those lines.

      As for what team to go forward with, it’s not an easy choice since you don’t have the killer subs for any of the teams. Your current Bastet team is probably better than your current Sakuya team, but Sakuya has much more potential in the endgame; you just need that first LKali to put Sakuya over Bastet, I think. I don’t particularly like Zaerog compared to either lead, but you do have a better sub selection for him. Perhaps his best upside is that you can easily convert the team into a Yomi or Yomi Dragon team. It does seem like you have the most +eggs invested in Sakuya, so that’s also a strong point in her favor.


      • Thank you setsu! I you saved me from stoning more 3 stones so far lol =( I was about to cry with that drop rate. When I thought about it.. it would have been wiser to use those stones to attempt more challenges for that guaranteed skill up.

        Yeah I have most of my plus eggs in Sakuya/Healer leads because you suggested that, and it has paid off a lot. So Thank you for that. I have like 6-8 of each color py I think.. so I will definitely be using them as I don’t think I will get that many more new awokens…

        I figured my Sakuya is my best team/end game potential and Bastet/Zaerog were S rankers about a few weeks ago, so it looks like I am set for some end game leads. now I just need to roll my subs.

        The only reason I was asking about Zaerog was because I can farm him/he gives great exp.. and I saw that I had the “Ideal” team with Z8, Satsuki, Satsuki, Diza, and Haku… Although I think a 2nd Haku is just as valuable. I saw his gameplay and it was pretty cool to see constant skyfall activation and stuff.. but just like what you said in a diff post, his playstyle can be challenging/RNG.. but it does seem fun..figured I could use him for some other dungeons that might be difficult for Bastet/Sakuya…aka Nordis

        So in general, as non IAP.. I should only stone for stamina on like the friday/thursday dungeons or Zaerog/where I get a certain drop?… I am tempted to do it for the shadow sprite but it may be wiser to wait until it rotates again in the special dungeon rather than coins as I saw your old post of the cost of pandora.

        Thanks again, Setsu

        (sorry for my long posts)

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        • As non-IAP, if your goal is to eventually be able to clear all the content, stones are by far your most valuable resource, at least until you’ve rolled all the subs you need for at least one endgame team (and you probably want two, in case there is a dungeon mechanic that your preferred team cannot deal with).

          Therefore, I strongly recommend that you almost never spend stones on continues or for stamina. The only exceptions would be if something with a non-100% drop rate has already dropped and makes a difference to you right now (e.g. jewel invade that is your last mat for an awoken, thoth/sopdet drop when you need to awaken ra, etc.), or there is limited time content that you will otherwise miss out on.

          Everything else you can work around by planning ahead and/or being patient and prioritizing. Most of the time I find that once I think about it, I’ll realize that waiting another 1-2 weeks to complete whatever I’m working on doesn’t prevent me from doing any of the available content in the meantime, and if that saves me 2-3 stones, by the time a good godfest rolls around that adds up to another 2-3 rolls.


          • Thank you mischiefy1,

            I finally opened a lot of my inbox and have like 40 pys stored up… I figured its kind of waste just letting it sit there and so I might as well decide to use it lol. Like Setsu said, they have been giving freebies more often and I figured it would be silly not to use them. I guess stoning once in awhile during rotations for those weekday mythicals might be useful for skill ups too.. only if there’s nothing else haha!

            thanks for the tips!


        • You can! Just enter any valid team ID (169101, for instance) to get to the next screen. On that screen, every field that’s underlined with the light dashed line is editable. Just double-click on the field and the text will turn into a textbox. In this way, you can manually enter ID, level, +, and awokens for all six monsters, allowing you to enter a team without having it in padherder.

          Give it a try and let me know if that works for you.


          • Oh, nice. I’ll have to check it out later.

            That interface is really unintuitive, though. Like, not the calculator part which seems to be good, but just getting to it. It’d be cool if you could add a button to get there with a blank team or at least outline that workaround in the directions.

            Are there any plans to support latents, or did I miss that too? Unlike Arkaether’s spreadsheet you don’t have the option of going above 99 +eggs to kinda simulate that effect, either. Although I must say being able to specify the number of enhanced orbs in each combo is very nice.


          • The original implementation is designed to work with PadHerder (editable fields only came much later), but putting a button for empty teams on the front page and updating the help text is a fine idea.

            As for latents, I never thought of it since I don’t have any (aside: is there any use at all for autoheal latents? Even sticking 5 on something with 1k rcv is only 150 autoheal which is basically worthless). I’m not quite sure what the best way is to implement editing them, but I’ll take a stab at it.


            • Yeah, I figured that was the case. It’s great that you can edit the fields now.

              Yup, auto-heals are pretty much worthless. The reason I’d want latents to be included is for determining damage output for push button farming teams where every point of ATK can matter, especially when planning a team for 10x speedfarming. I can see it being a good amount of work to implement, though, and I can’t imagine a lot of people absolutely needing it.


          • Latents are in, and I also added a calculator for surviving Arena Hera’s preemptive. It’s hidden by default to reduce clutter, but you can show it by clicking on the HP total.

            Sadly, PadHerder doesn’t support latents, so you’ll have to enter them manually every time. If there are common patterns that you’ll use, I can implement shortcuts for those (e.g. 30 dark resists, 30 atk, whatever).


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