Christmas Farming and Stuff

I got my Christmas farming done while on the journey to visit family (I hate traveling, but PAD made it go by a lot quicker). I didn’t really keep track of farming numbers like I usually do, so instead you’ll have to settle for some anecdotal musings.

I started on Int which had a 100% trash floor drop rate, but after a few runs I found that it was a wasteland of unevolved Pengdras. I moved up to Expert which had a much better appearance and drop rate for the Christmas fodder, so I finished off my first Liu Bei through there. For the second Liu Bei, I moved up again to Master because I wanted to snag a few Dub-rubylits. Once again the fodder appearance and drop rates seemed to improve. On top of that I got quite a few of the Dub-rubylits I was chasing, a fair amount of Santa Heras and best of all the Pengdras were evolved. While I can’t say anything definite about the drop and stamina rates, I can say for sure that Master was much more time efficient and the added perks are nice. If I had to do it over again I’d do it all on Master on 2x. It really pissed me off that the Treants dropped way more than the Minotaurs.

The team I used for Master was Yamato / ROdin / ROdin / Goemon / Goemon / ROdin. Use Yamato if necessary for the first floor. ROdin for floors 2 through 4. Goemon nuke for 5, swipe for 6, then Goemon swipe for Hera. I used Yamato as a lead instead of Goemon to get around the Paulina 100% heal. +297 ROdins are necessary for the Treants, but no plusses are needed for the Dublits. ROdin can’t button the Minotaurs, but you can use the column of fire they make to kill them. The Treant binds are no problem since all the preemptives in the dungeon clear them for you. I used two uevo Goemons in case one got bound I could still use the other on floor 5. The other would then be unbound for Hera.


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